How Can Ben Askren Recover From The Jorge Masvidal Loss?

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
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  • Askren will avenge his recent losses by quitting

  • Guess he never recovered from that ko

  • dudde this channel loves this why

  • Hey yo cjuedo 😂😂

  • He recovers well. LOL idiot

  • The bum is retired. Lmao

  • He retired Lol 😂

  • Seems he wasn't able to recover. He retired earlier today.

  • I like Ben Askren he has great poise!!!!

  • He sure got knocked out like a white kid with love handles from the suburbs.

  • Ha! KOed stiff and then beat on the ground, beat at his own game what a failure.

  • ...get choked out by Demian Maia it seems

  • He did put up 315 in that video though. Impressive for someone his size...

  • Out of respect for the sport and the fans Askren should retire, It's not like he got embarrassed by a top elite or champion, He lost to masvidal who was never a top opponent plus askrens first 2 fights made him look BAD even though he won, Wrestling can only get you so far especially in the UFC

  • And he went to sleep again 😴

  • He will recover by getting slept by damien maia.

  • Good recovery 😂😂😂

  • He can't

  • Ben askren is absolutely shit at the fight game , 1 trick pony and I hope he'll get knocked the fuck out again

  • One FC ring girls are major boner inducers for me.

  • It's over now mate

  • Tapped like chicken.

  • 19 and 2 now....

  • Here after Maia fight

  • Retire you racist little prick

  • pure chicken 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:02 "what if it happens in the third round of a fight he is dominating" Damn that is some scary foreshadowing considering Ben lost to maia in the third, while not "dominating", i would say he was doing well points wise with the 4 take downs.

    • I would even say he outstriked Damien in one round (too lazy to remember which). He definitely worked on his striking you can tell but when he actually managed to *take down* Damien, for an olympic wrestler, he had absolutely nothing. Watching him made you think he wasn't even a grappler. Damien almost got a submission every single time they went on the ground.

  • He loss again lol

  • hype train derailed. if he looses to damian he will have a long road ahead to ever hold a ufc belt.

    • @Heavy Rain • 5 years ago I like the guy and think he would beat Til, Cowboy, Diaz and a lot of other big names but I see Woodley being a hard fight and a Robbie re match would be hard also. Masvidal already has his number to. Maybe he should try cut to 155 haha

    • :(

  • Ask R.E.M. Would of had a chance if he could avoided the knee

  • He won’t. He’s as bad as Rouse!

  • How do you recover? Become an mma fighter and not just a wrestler, if he actually did anything except wrestle he might not be predictable enough to hit with flying knee 5 sec into a fight.

  • Ben Suckren

  • It’s over for him.

  • Just take an askren

  • Anyone can get caught!!! Time to just move on and keep trying.

  • I know its an old video, but George? Its jorge

  • Who’s ur favorite fighter

  • Forgive my language, but Ronda’s the biggest bitch next to mcgregor to enter the octagon.

  • He cant, he shouldnt, he should move to another country & forget about UFC. I would if I was him

  • I know it makes no sense but you can tell who is a true champion by how they lose. Guys like Fedor, cro cop, who just accept it and keep training. It's admirable. Hi 77

  • flukey win

  • It’s simple, he can’t. He’s always been a shit striker so aweful that it’s unfathomable he’s in UFC. At the same time tho like his previous establishment must have been super trash

  • “Thanks for watching so much” lmao I do that too sometimes where I mix my words up. Just funny they the editor didn’t catch it either when exiting the video

  • Askren didn’t get beat to a pulp for 5 rounds. Run it back, girls.

  • One loss isn't a career ender for most. I don't like Askren but I gained a lot of respect for him for doing an interview a day after his loss and owning it with no excuses. Do I think he'll hold a belt in UFC? No. But he could still have a respectable career in the UFC. He's one dimensional to be sure, but the same can be said for plenty of fighters who've had good careers.

  • Ben askren is shit no striking at all at I’ll

  • How can u like him he’s so annoying always got sum corny ass shit to say jus to get the last word like a lil kid

  • Askren look like the bully you don't wish to meet after class and who is waiting for you, near the Lockers. Masvidal is like the other dude, just as strong as the bully, mind his business selling dope,play football but can knock the bully if he get his way

  • Askren gunna get hammered again.

  • Well as long as he looses 3 or 4 more fights, who cares, Colby called him ben asscream in another interview.

  • I don’t think he bounces all the way back from this. The ghost of loosing without putting up a fight in highlight real fashion is huge. But as you suggested because he’s Ben and he’s a genuine good natured guy he will carve himself out a nice little after life in this sport much like Chael has. Both men can open up a restaurant together and serve tacos de rodilla . It will be a big hit and they will put you to sleep.

  • By getting a haircut

  • Askren is the douchebag

  • Never, he got his ass handed to him

  • Why is a cat meowing in the background ?

  • Just a totally lucky situation. Not saying Askren would have won but if they fought 99 more times it will never happen. All credit to Masvidal but I don’t think either fighter can be fairly evaluated from that fight

  • fuck him

  • Can’t stand Ben Askrin!!! I didn’t like him before the flying knee heard around the world, and I definitely didn’t like him after the flying knee heard around the world!!!-lol He’s just too smug and talks way too much smack without being able to back any of it up. The Lawler fight was a fluke. It was a bad decision but I can understand why old Herb Dean called when he did. Still, I don’t think Ben won that fight at all. Lawler is such a better, well rounded, seasoned fighter. Ben is one of those fly-by-night UFC stars that was huge in the world of college wrestling but if they aren’t able to grow as a martial artist and evolve into a well-rounded fighter that doesn’t solely rely on their wrestling skills then they only go so far in the sport of mixed martial arts. Ben Askrin just isn’t capable of moving past his wrestling base style. His 15 minutes of UFC fame is well over. The flying knee heard around the world put an end to it all!!!

  • The man is 0-2 in the UFC... We learned from CM Punk, 2 fights per freak show is enough.