How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Prime Day, Amazon's biggest shopping event, is here, and now one-day shipping is the norm for tens of millions of items available during Amazon's Prime Day event, which runs from July 15 to July 16. To succeed at this rapid delivery, Amazon spends tens of billions of dollars every year and employs 250,000 workers in its U.S. warehouses. The process is an incredible challenge, and Amazon has faced criticism about working conditions at every step of the process. Watch the video to see what happens when you buy a Prime-eligible item on
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How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping


  • Wait Amazon been around from 99 to 2019 found Amazon in 2011..when I was growing up been using Ebay

  • One day shipping only available for prime if u dont have prime u have pay extra for 1 day shipping

  • Ppl who want to help out works theres a simple solution. Dont buy prime and dont get rushed shipping when you buy stuff online

  • Most companies who say they care about their employees are lying. They don't. They only care about the bottom line: money. I worked in a different warehouse (not amazon) and they always push numbers. You have to meet the unrealistic goals they set for you, or you'll be fired/written up. It's ridiculous.

  • I work in Amazon India And we deal with assigning delivery trucks in US using some software tools.

  • Me: watching this while my amazon package has been late by two days 😐 Don't really care if it's late. I just kinda wish that there's a confirmation that it's on its way and not lost 😐😐

  • Amazon in 5 years. Me: Looks on my door. Me: Finds package on my door Me: Opens it Me: wtf I didn't order a new watch Me: what time is it? Me: looks at watch Watch: broken Me: wah... Amazon: Review your new watch...

  • These guys got planes and a bloody airport, next they will have a spacestation that *dropships* your item via space drones.


  • Amazon introduced sweatshops back into the first world.

  • Paid ads disguised as news.....sellouts that is what MSM is.

  • I agree with the worker's protests against Amazon. I also agree with Amazon, their jobs are not designed for them, those workers are merely test subjects for robots.

  • Google will tell me where to buy merchandise not have to buy from Amazon. I do not need Prime

  • Work at the newest place in Arizona and it is insanely demanding but pretty cool. This place is MASSIVE.

  • #Yang2020 🇺🇸 🦅

  • lol delivering packet in th US is fuckign dangerour never thought about that.

  • so cnbc is a advertisement company employed by amazon?

  • If you don’t like your working conditions, don’t work for Amazon. You have a job paying over the federal min wage with benefits and opportunities to advance. Why are you complaining? “ mean glares”. If you can’t walk or left then your job Will be taken over by a Robot.

  • Dude in England I can order before 11pm and get it the next day

  • Don't work for Amazon! Don't use them.They abuse their employees.

  • Do you know that 1million hours of training is 114 years!!!! Either your lieing or they are.

  • Can I use my non-covered pick-up? It'd be good for fridges or grills. "More than double." 7.25+7.25=14.50, Amazon's new minimum $15, it's only 50 cents. The inflection sounds like they're making huge bit over double.

  • Around here if we see someone on our driveway during daylight hours we go out and say hello. Sad that there are places where people are suspicious of others.

  • Easy...they get suckers to use their own vehicles and gas and pay them literally pennies per package. A package that would cost 5-6 bucks through the post office costs them 30 cents through a poor unsuspecting sucker. The poor citizen thinks he is making money due to poor math skills and business knowledge. When the driver finally finds out he isn't winning and quits...Amazon just moves on to the next dummy.

  • People - Complains when they are told to worl fast Company - Makes everything automated People - Surprised Pikachu Face

  • making sure the customers are happy but who give a damn about the employees?

  • When an international company spends 55mil on "safety improvements" how much of that is just regular upkeep?

  • Yo I really feel bad for the people back then fr I can't wait long for a package

  • As for the working conditions, if you are not already aware (which means you are probably one of them) at least 20% of the general working-age population is pretty much useless due to being just stupid, lazy or have mental and health issues that make them functionally incapable of being competent employees. Fortunately for this incompetent 20% group, a large percentage are able to eventually find employment in Federal, state and local government.

  • Amazon in 2035 Me:Orders 2 minutes later Package arrives

    • Amazon now owns everything and has replaced everyone with robots.

  • Safety Safety Safety. That is all companies in warehouse jobs say. I work in a company that is owned by foreigners. The company smells when you walk in. Trash is everywhere. Fork life drivers don't care. Stock items are everywhere in the walk ways. All they care about is faster and faster production and sales. NOT EMPLOYEES. It's like the Industrial Ages of 1890's and Early 1900's.

  • Lol it’s messed up how 1 day shipping is like $45 tho😂

    • We have free same day delivery for prime numbers where I live outside Seattle. They were talking about free same-day/1-day shipping.

  • The guy talking about going to the bathroom bugged me the way he said "go to bathroom" and he basically said wahh I'm expected to work wahh

  • This works because is truckers drive and wait around for loads 24/7 365 and drive way over our legal hours limits! Even tho Amazon will say we dont want you driving over your hours lol yeah right that's why they hire independents to do the trucking because when something happens the small company takes all the liability

  • Apply to QVC Ontario!

  • Fast delivery is the number one reason I use Amazon. I have had over 300 deliveries and only 5 have resulted in returns.

  • Amazon Flex: Package Uber.

  • not a Prime member, but I got my order free shipping and next day

  • What that means is they going put U.P.S. and Fed Ex in a crippled state

  • Amazon has NEVER gotten a shipment to me in one day.

    • I’ve had packages delivered to me the same day. Like, 5 or 6 hours after I placed the order. Then again, I’m outside Seattle.

    • Maybe because you never bought a 1 day eligible item.

  • Easy. It DOESN'T work. Got a guaranteed one day shipping date. Package is now two days late. Sure the refund is nice, but nicer would be a system that works.

  • USPS is complaining about how people don't send letters anymore but how much are they making on packages???????

  • This world runs on numbers, keep up

  • The last half of the video was about working conditions, not one day shipping.

  • Amazon biggest polluters

  • Most Canadians are patient and willing to wait a few extra days. The infrastructure and extra work required for same day or next day hotshot deliver is not really economical nor will it ever be. Someone or something has to pay extra for such rushed delivery service. Extra environmental costs, unpaid employee overtime, over work and higher chances of mistakes. Only people who seem to want everything yesterday are the super rich.

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  • imagine doing the one-day delivery on death stranding

  • For international items (items coming from China for example), how do they handle the customs so fast? Doesn't each and every item get inspected by the customs authority at the airport? That should be time consuming.

  • do some research before you spill your fake news. amazon advertises 2 day shipping but on average takes 4 to 7 days. I odere from them all the time in fact I have a 2 day package that is coming to day that I ordered 7 days ago. and as far as guaranty 2 day that is all it is that guaranty 2 days will go buy and the package will be marked as shipped on their site and not realy have shipped.

  • I'm starting a small business on Amazon next year (and don't worry I'm NOT sourcing from Asia). I would love to know how people already working with amazon feel about doing business with them please. Any advise is appreciated

  • Walmart definitely needs to fire lazy people more often like amazon

  • its because humans are lazy and complain where a robot never complains and does its job properly and doesnt half ass it

  • 5:32 LAMO u work that slow, weLL you might as well pack your own staff too BECAUSE YOU ARE ON 98.99% SPEED THEREFORE YOU ARE TERMINATED

  • 9:11. Oooookaaaayyyy :) bet it’s going swimmingly

  • Ordered a hydro flask on amazon cant wait

  • Next one Walmart

  • cnbc is such a crap nws source, I was interested in the subject but you messed it all up.

  • Amazon closing malls and store fronts around the country. Yang2020

  • One-day shipping. Yet one more reason why it's a waste of time trying to stop climate change. Our lifestyles will never go backwards. Every new concept involves more eWaste, more moving parts, more complication, more energy consumption and more C02.