How AI will completely change video games

Pubblicato il 6 mar 2019
AI in video games is very different than the AI in self-driving cars, smart home devices, and natural language algorithms. That’s because game developers have been sticking to the basics, but all that is starting to change. Researchers today are incorporating more cutting-edge AI advancements into games. In the future, these tools could result in games designing themselves with characters that can learn and adapt to the player.
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  • Has anything weird or unexpected happened to you while playing a video game?

    • Horses rolling down a mountain in Skyrim, or a dragon attacking a seemingly immortal bear

    • A guy jump off a building in my game

  • jgnhikoogdådxxd

  • Stadia developer kit might lead the AI way forward ... at least thats my bet.

  • I wonder why a company don't just create a good AI (for each type of games) that they would then sell to studios rather than game's studios creating a small AI that they don't have the time to polish each time that they make a game... Or BIG AAA companies could develop a very sophisticated AI that they would use for several games, especially since they like to milk their big licenses.

  • It could also design a games story just for you, and basically make an entire 80 hour or more story with dialogue, characters and plot twists. Especially if it read thousands of books to reference from

  • The more AI progress in our games, the more i think our reality is also a simulation.

  • Achei que era o izzynobre

  • procedural generated? You mean dwarf fortress?

  • Slow day at The Verge...

  • AI usually cheats in RTS/4x strategy games

  • No man sky 💀

  • That time you lose and push the reset button. Improving yourself over time.

  • Imagine a game that doesn't have any levels or a scripted storyline. Instead the AI makes up the story in advance or even as you play and creates every level to advance the story. If it's well done, it would be incredible. You could even tell it what type of game you want it to create, be as general or specific as you want and display it as graph. Try multiple iterations until the AI creates something that looks worth playing.

    • This is a very awesome idea but would most likely only be created if a company found a way to create a revenue stream from it. Because based on them being profit focused they'd want to ensure users would still want to eventually buy other games and not just continue using one that resembles having a new game each time you play it. :-) guess is they'd probably turn it into some kind of gaming service platform with a monthly subscription.

  • that lip sync...

  • sophisticated ai will peplace the designer

  • Dwarf fortress? Rimworld?

  • I was writing on forums for a good ten years that the real “next gen” would arrive when a leap in game AI would happen, not graphics and teraflops

    • I've done a series of videos on AI in a classic game and most people say I'm just imagining things or reading a lot of stuff into it that's not there.

    • did you loose hope of that?

  • Would be worth mentioning that big game companies use AI *right now* to soak mobile users when they're the most emotionally vulnerable

  • "procedural generation, recently popularized by No Man's Sky" Minecraft: am I a joke to you?

  • Skynet

  • I thought I heard my keys fall at the end of the video

  • AI is secretly only used for sex slave robots, the rest is just a decoy

  • Just as i saw the title i remembered the game from “her”.

  • First time i've heard someone comparing balloons attached to a boat to an AI.

  • The soviet russia game

  • Huh just a random nobody here but I thought I was the only one who imagined games this way XD

  • It would be nice if the next Diablo game has deep learning AI monsters - which means they adapt to your strategy and come up with counters.

  • Damn, what happens when AI becomes close enough to people that you genuinely start caring for them on a personal level? Like you can speak to them via microphone and they really interact with what you say and develop a relationship with you. I’d feel hella weird being that attached to a virtual character but just like in the movie Her where will the line stop?

    • It won't, you'll stay in your room as much as possible. It's.. interesting

  • I'd love to see the full Warner Brothers video. Mind posting the link to it?

  • why does julian sound like joakim broden

  • What if wr make ai that would animate manga

  • AI could replace polygons in rendering

  • we should have AI develop a game for one individual seeing what that individual likes and doesnt like then let everyone play "john appleseeds game made for him" just to see what that person likes idk it sounds cool in my head

  • well, we have already Starcraft 2 using this learning AI and it is much more fun than the predictable AI we were used to....also Learning ai can be controlled, just using it in parts of a game, leaving the rest to the control of a game I don't see the problem at all..I would like to see warcraft 2 using the same AI, all the old strategy games, like UFO Enemy unknown, etc....Dos Doom, it would be cool to apply Ai to the enemies, or just a few of them...I don't need to talk with them, just Ai that can challenge the player unpredictably...but even this can be limited by the could for example be applied to how the enemies are using their weapons, or the path they choose...many many examples of Ai that can be limited by choice by the we really welcome this new way to play against the computer, we are sick tired of multiplayer games....well I don't like them at all.

  • I'd be happy with npcs that don't say the same goddam thing every time I see them....

    • Unfortunately, that will be the hardest thing to change with AI (ala the movie "Her")

  • This is So Wrong. We Already have better than the best AI you could invent - it's called Multiplayer.

  • if you see anime sword art online new season, you can see in that anime, they building a full world that can simulate real world, its mean, they took ai and they generate world its self, with people, rules, make their existence real...

  • So, we want to be Gods, in the end, making intelligent characters and then control them.

  • Westworld

  • When A.I wants to leave the video game..!!!

  • Ai is what you call a non human that is a program. So vaan balthier and Fran were all AI programs? Hmmmm

  • I don't know what you mean when you compare the AI of NPCs to AI in terms of neural networks. The NPCs are hardcoded to do things written by the developer so it isn't intelligent as it does not learn its just a computer that takes input and spits out an output. AI is when the developer creates a type of network which lets the computer code itself, which creates an improving computer at whatever task. It can improve so much that its strategies are beyond human comprehension due to its networks. I also have no idea how the randomness of birds getting shot has anything to do with AI since that's just a physics system. Who in the world said AI is about making games real, sure that's how it can be used but that's not what AI really is.

  • I want see a game in you must cooperate with a intelligent ia to win together That could be great I think

  • You're not going to tell me life isn't a simulation after watching this

    • Israelite ambassador And yet on my channel exploring video game AI, people think say I am imagining things or reading a lot of stuff into it that's not there.

  • gta AI edition? yes please

  • It will eventually make them exactly like reality. I've watched the whole video and now even our reality seems very suspicious.

    • Lavalambtron I made a channel simply exploring video game AI and most people say I'm just imagining things or reading a lot of stuff into it that's not there!

  • I want a deep learning AI control enemies in some games. Fighting against an enemy who has a predictable pattern gets boring too soon.

  • i think AI can also drastically decrease AAA games cost

    • Aram Alatrash You would save money because you wouldn't need to buy as many games. You could play individual games longer.

    • @Dream yup thats exactly what i meant

    • Production cost , not consumer cost

  • So In the future, the game will play me.

    • @AmazingArends Look at Diablo III where ai took over most of the players, or play for them while they sleep :) AI for sure gonna change the future of grinding games.

    • They already do!

  • Many of the examples given here have nothing to do with AI but ok..

  • If the game built on real AI then no one will beat it!!!

  • Wow imagine Rockstar using AI to map cities like Chicago or Miami streets to make gta 6 and we get an almost realistic map of vice city or Las Venturas or even San ferrio. My God... I'm super psyched for that. I hope one day they use it to make a remake of True crime streets of L.A. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FUTURE OF OPEN WORLD GAMES WITH HUGE MAPS.

  • They at least could make partially neural network trained AI for bots to teach them to avoid going into walls and obvious stupid things. Lets be honest, single player games are lacking AI that could show some common sence and could surprise a player.

    • Common sense it's really a hard thing to teach. There is no AI in the world that has it, and this is because it's a skill that flourishes in a complex multisensorial environment. And it needs A LOT of experience, humans struggle with common sense too.

  • You know which game will benefit from AI? Civilization!

    • hope so!

    • doubt it, it would get to the point where the other civilizations would just roundhouse kick you out of the plain of existence

  • Analytics isn’t boring, you take it back!

  • So the future where a world like Aincrad and ALO, where the quests are infinitely, endlessly generated and managed by the world game system itself, is maybe not that far ahead Ps: oh but it seems we still need to wait quiet a long time for yui to be created

    • Asuna!!

  • Does anyone know how to get involved in this? I would love to tinker with video game creating AI

    • @Erudite thank you!

    • Yeah, just tinker. Make a game and look up any number of open source AI sdks to use in that game.

  • scripts or algos are not AI not AI not AI, there is no AI yet. Machine learning at best.

  • Surprised he didn't take about Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War. Pretty cool enemy AI in that game

  • I have a story about AI and Machine Learning from the developers at Sony's Bend Studio. They've never talked about it to journalists, I merely heard it because I'm a family friend of the lead developer. This may or may not be true, but I heard during their development for Day's Gone, the AI NPCs were learning how to do things they were not programmed to be able to do. They were literally scaling walls and entering areas that they should have been incapable of traversing. It actually freaked the team out. It's almost as if the characters were programming themselves. I can imagine in the future how this could happen in real time after market., creating completely unique experiences per player. Perhaps singularity will even originate from within a game.

    • The thought of that kind of AI seems to creep people out! Even the simple game AI I cover on my channel. People want to believe I'm just imagining things or reading something into it that's not there.