House Plays With Fire | House M.D.

Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
Check out House's Bartending skills at work as he accidentally sets a patient on fire. It work out for chases bachelor party.
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  • To Be honest if Chase didn't have one more drink he wouldn't of been sent to the hospital as a patient

  • That fire effect lol

  • Look at taub go

  • "Wait was is that taste? Is that strawberry" Chase faintest. #putmetoyourear

  • Why did I think an actual house was playing with fire

  • I ship chase and the kangaroo 😂

  • Thirteen is sooo hot!

  • Holy shit, how long has this girl been house?


  • Let me just add chemical burns to this guys cause of death 🤣

  • Hold up I don't remember watching this and I finished all seasons last year. Which season and episode???

  • All the girls are huge!? Maybe the doctors are just short...

  • should’ve made the fire have more opacity so it looks more realistic

  • Was this really the scene they had to go full CGI on?

  • "By the power of Grayskull" **Casually becomes She-Ra**

  • If only kutner is here


  • I love these special effects

  • Why is House hallucinating about the crazy bitch ?

  • Taub : *awkward dancing*

  • Gaurentee they all went back to the crib with the bluest balls


  • Music: Jada - American Cowboy

  • That ended rather abruptly.

  • how to throw a party but you cant find a place to: throw it at a friends house that said they wont come

  • So is this after Amber died

  • This is all really gross

  • That fire looks beautiful

  • Can I ask what season and episode is this

    • @Call me Anny You're welcome :)

    • Wobby 1 thank you

    • Season 5, Episode 22, "House Divided."

  • Is that... strawberry? *THUMP*

  • 0:00

  • Is it bad she’s the only female character I liked on the show? Cameron was always trying to fix what house did which was ironically enough the wrong thing to do. Then- wait i actually like cuddy and thirteen 😐

  • season 5 episode 22

  • House the mad lad

  • Does anyone know what episode this is?

    • Season 5, Episode 22, "House Divided."

  • That's some REAL bad particle effects.

  • _I paid fifty bucks for this :D_

  • Wait what happens during the rest of the episode? How does it all turn out?

  • 4:09 *Eh I kinda like it in here*

  • wasnt that seven seas of rhye in the background