Hong Kong Police Officer Shoots Protester At Close Range | NBC News

Pubblicato il 11 nov 2019
A Hong Kong anti-government protester was shot by police Monday in a dramatic scene caught on video.
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Hong Kong Police Officer Shoots Protester At Close Range | NBC News


  • Shame on you NBC

  • Hold a public inquiry to hear both sides of the story. Is it an over reaction on the part of the armed Policeman.Could he not warded off the intruder without use of a gun since he had marshal arts training?

  • Poor masked protesters just wanted to have a brawl with the evil police and got shot. Intresting how the media turn this into police violence, its not the police who set half of a street or even people on fire, imagine you are a police officer in such a violent and extreme surrounding. What we see is an attack on the police, at least heavy resistance against them. The "student" attacks him even though the officer points the weapon at him, get closer and closer, no time for a warning shot. Whats wrong with the USA nowadays to turn it into a report of "evil government forces". That communist china uses propaganda is normal, but now we have it on our side in a very frightening form.

  • why do you stop the video at 0:09? why don't you show the gangster charged towards the police officer and tried to grab the police officer's gun? why don't you show the whole video clip? why don't tell the whole story? why do you try to twist the truth? you, nbc? oh, to be fair, all your western media clowns? why do you all stop the view clip at the time the thug in black started jumping towards the police officer? what do you want to hide? why don't you tell the real story? how about that man who was set on fire by those hongkong thugs, just for expressing different opinion?

  • Does NBC stands for "Not Broadcasting Completely"?!

  • Very obvious this video was EDITED!! ORIGINAL FULL VERSION here it-tvs.com/tv/video-N-zINR8YZHo.html

  • 0:08, Kid if you do this in the states, you will get a full round of shot into your chest, no joke. You should be glad you are against HK police not the NY police.

  • why don't use the real bullet!

  • It's important to show the entire video rather than making cops looking like demons. Just sayin

  • EDITED and removed the other assailants attacking the officer! Screw you NBC!


  • Gooooood, noway , this moron tried catch the police gun , he deserve to be shot. Impossible in my country, police will fire too. FULL SUPPORT FOR CHINA AND CHINESE PEOPLE, they need quickly know who is the dad and who had the stick, chinese army waiting since 5 months in shenzhen, i still dont understand why they dont intervene and also put a curfew . From a french married to a chinese girl and i speak chinese . LOVE CHINA

  • So many tankies here

  • the protestors were not trying to grab the gun from the police. if you're reading this i hope you can spend a minute or two to google about the protest that has been going on since June. We're seeking support internationally 😢🙏🏼

  • the protestors were not trying to grab the gun from the police. if you're reading this i hope you can spend a minute or two on the protest that has been going on since June. We're seeking support internationally 😢🙏🏼

  • good editing,just half the content is missing

  • Can't believe it.

  • good shot. support police!

  • never ever trying to grab the gun from police officer

  • Awww... Just Like America😜

  • That kid ran like a b*tch when he hear shots are being fired.

  • Fake news and cut the video.

  • Please report this as fake news, they don't want to run the whole story then it's fake news. If you get time watch the whole video the police officer was in the right to shot these fools, these fools wanted to take the officer gun from him. Who walks at a person holding a gun at them little, alone try and take it from a police officer. Act dumb win a bullet.

  • #METOO ?????? 60Minutes Australia did a powerful episode on Ebstein, it-tvs.com/tv/video-VQOOxOl9l80.html Sad we need the Aussies to actually report on this.

  • The recent violent incidents are orchestrated by CCP for one purpose, to cancel the District Council election; the pro-Beijing candidates are worrying election result will be a landslide victory for the democratic candidates in the up coming District Council election in two weeks. CCP has never intended to resolve this political crisis, but to response people’s Five requests with batons and bullets. The tyranny had shut down people from expressing their opinions in a peaceful manner, because they don't know how to govern a city with freedom in a civilized way!

  • It was about time that those pu88y cops shot one of those dump thugs. Try this craps in Chicago, or LA those thugs would be dead long time ago. These riots would not go more than a week.

  • This is much more than what you thought. it's not well know in English media because Western Journalist always tell half truth. The whole process is a coordinated attack. Please check carefully: 1.How the guy in white use his hand to cover the eyes of police. This action doesn't make sense if it's not coordinated but only useful for others to grab the gun 2.How the shot guy tried to grab the guy before being shot 3.How the guy in white cloths escape when the plan failed.. Why he escape so quickly I found NBC version is already cut to hide the critical part of the coordination to tell half truth. See complete process: it-tvs.com/tv/video-Ms-H3oFkApg.html www.backchina.com/news/2019/11/12/655773.html

    • They are paid rioters! They were not serious for the real democracy, as democracy will allow to hear peacefully what other people say even diffrently with theirs.

  • "second time wounded in five months". Way to understate. No one in Hong Kong has been wounded by police other than that? We didn't see the train beating? We didn't see the triads beating people in the streets?

  • Grab a gun from a police? try this in US!

  • NBC news,biased news

  • How many violent people were shot by American police last week? Where's that report?

    • Sigh Kronmiller America and hongkong is different . In America even protesters comes out with guns because there are lots of gun owned by the general public and there are many incidents where the police are being shot by the snipers and rioters . Lucky that there is no such incident happen till now . If that happens then HK police will have to become American police and shoot down rioters which they have already started

  • That guy tried to grab the gun

  • Where is the footage of the man being set on fire by your peaceful protestors? So basically our western media support HK Antifa who set civilians on fire and attack armed police, then condemn the police for defending themselves. Yet refuse to cover the French yellow vest movement???? HK is a turf war between Chinese communists and the internationalists AKA communists Zionists. Pick which one you think is worst. it-tvs.com/tv/video-e42RUcHqDXo.html

  • ​China is collapsing. That red capitalist cesspool "country " has no future.

  • why you edit the video NBC??? the gunshot rioter stand up and try to escape in the next second! FAKE NEWS EDITOR!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!

  • More of Americans snatching guns from police should be encouraged and enacted in the USA! We would love to see how NBC News will report the "truth". Can believe that NBC News is so biased and tried to con American viewers with their biased reports in Hong Kong.

  • I am all for protesting if you want, but can't feel sorry for someone getting shot thinking someone with a gun won't shoot them if they try to approach them...with a mask...and try to take his gun.

  • NBC shame on you . Bloomberg TicToc have more detail on the shooting. IT IS ROBBER BULLET . You guy are fake news.

  • Feel so bad for all the people of Hong-Kong...dealing with the CORRUPTION OF THE GOVERNMENT AND POLICE!! AS ALWAYS MONEY HUNGRY PIGS!!👹

  • Anti communist protesters