Hong Kong Knockoff Market Bonanza!

Pubblicato il 23 giu 2018
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Today, we run around Hong Kong discovering all the hidden (and unhidden) markets. We bargain for the best products such as Burberry, Hermes, Supreme, Louis Vuitton, JBL Audio and much more! So come along!
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  • It made me happy that he didn’t try to haggle the watchmaker guy.

    • David Mason David.... get a life, stop fucking commenting. 50% are from people who are responding to the main comment, another 50% is u fucking answering these responders. You’re such a caring man. I adore you so much wowwwww

    • Same here. It makes sense for him to bargain with the people who make knock offs, but that guy was making his own watches making an honest living. Made me smile

    • David Mason lmao dude these people need to step off of you. They gotta respect peoples opinions abt things. If you think he doesnt hand make them then fine. Idk why someone went and called u a “tight cunt” for it :/

    • pepepepe pussy

    • @David Mason I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as you are :)

  • Is that everywhere u go just go to those market to buy fake things? I’m out of here, sick of it

  • Where is the watch shop I really want to buy one

  • In 10:50 i have the same wallet my x girlfriend (bitch) gifted me. I don't need it anymore... I can gift it to you...

  • Seller: ok thats about $350 Collin: how about 70?

  • Bro teach me

  • 8:28 she dont use bra

  • Dam it dude , I’ve would’ve gotten her number...

  • You Gary Busey's brother?!. You look and sound like him!!.

  • Bruh I need Bluetooth speaker

  • Got sent by Simon Wilson channel and I haven’t left the way you two are with your subs is amazing! Love it how you just said wanna come and shop with me he was legit so happy top dude! 👌🏻

  • They seem friendly af over there💙

  • Abot ang Ice Candy sa HKG ah. Mabuhay!! Hahaha

  • 3:04 real Gucci store spotted 👀

  • If u ever go back there get a whole bunch of those watches and make a give away!

  • ur videos are deadly mate. lots.of love from ireland

  • Collin, you let blue top slip away and she was into you. She would have been great for the vlog.

  • i see you putting the moves on the ladies haha

  • Hi Colin 1L!

  • gahdam thumbnail girl fine as HELL!

  • I watch these videos for the hot,sweet asian girls...I dont even care about the haggling

  • 8:44 she was wet with you. look at the boobs.

  • Those thumbnail tits 😘

  • I live in hong kong

  • Wow, would love to know what "Fjällräven" costs over there, or how its spelled! XD 12:04 ,Those backpacks with red foxes. Expensive quality Swedish brand.

  • Hey Collin, do you actually wear those shirt and pants that you bargained for?

  • Perfect thumbnail, it must have been pretty cold!

  • 08:36 what a body...;)

  • 04:51 The sign the watchmaker is holding reads " I just scammed this idiot" Its like the 90's craze of getting tattoos of chinese characters , my mate got one that said "Stand Strong" and showed it to the manager of the restaurant/pub where we played darts who said that it actually said "Stupid C**t" LOL

  • Get braces if you wanna be complete

  • What does he do with the items 😂🤔

  • wonder how many yellow vaginas he wrecked

  • Thumbnail: 8:45

  • 2:40 i thought she said "i scam these"

  • Philipines dey lubb to pukkkk lol

  • Bro those watches were fire

  • Wha do u do with all of these things you buy?

  • Ice candy hahaha lol pilipino😂😂

  • Mitch hedberg was on the david letterman show twice. He said about 4 million people watch that show and i dont know where the hell they are.

  • That watch guy must have made a killing after this video. 2.8 million people saw his dope watches. I would have paid $100 for a handmade wooden watch.

  • damn those hanmade watches are sick

  • Too many pinay 😂

  • 8:45 someone hook me up with an Insta @ please

  • U kept it real with the watch maker that’s what’s up he deserves it nice watch

  • You should call your livestream channel Acollin broadcast

  • 8:37

  • I want that clock.

  • This foo a clown 🤡 😂😂 he’s funny asf

  • I would not bargain for hand made items That guys seemed very nice

  • 3:17 This guy says "life has purpose"! Nice as peppers lol

  • i llike when he asks "can you put this into my backpack" sounds like a kid talking to his mum. haha

  • You should go to Barcelona and look at the fakes (top manta)

  • That Thumbnail tho 😏

  • love from Pakistan 💕

  • When are you in hong kong next?.

  • I been in hongkong in July , Damn was very hot I standing out on the street in 5 min My whole damn body sweety. ^^

  • You video Editing is wonderful

  • I have happy when I'm there

  • yan yung nasa hello love goodbyeee yung unag place na vinlog nyaa

  • what do you do with all the tshirts. I only ever see you wear plain stuff ???