HONDA V-Tec Operation

Pubblicato il 13 giu 2010
HONDA V-Tec Operation
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Describes the operation of the HONDA V-Tec variable valve timing system. Like never seen before, this animation goes into details on the mechanical principle of the V-Tec system. The Honda V-Tec system is a dual setting variable valve timing system. It is meant to give high efficiency and low power at lower RPM and high power and low efficiency at higher RPMs. There have been a few incarnations of V-Tec, which came out in the late 80's, but their principle is the same. See it all here with high quality visual details.
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  • These robo sounds...

  • Will vtec ever happen for a cbr 1000

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  • VTEC just kicked in yo?

  • why not weld the red bolt and have vtec activated permanently. who cares about fuel economy.

  • Thanks I have known something

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  • Gracias desde argentina, es muy util el video

  • ใครก็ได้แปลไทยให้หน่อย

    • Vtec ทำงานง่ายๆ(ดูภาพตามด้วย) 1.ถ้าขับช้าไอ้ตัวหมุนๆ(cam)ตัวเล็กจะเปิดวาล์ว(แท่งที่ติดสปริง)แค่นิดเดียว(Cam ตัวใหญ่ยังไม่ทำงาน)เพื่อให้น้ำมันและอากาศเข้ามาผสมได้น้อยทำให้รถประหยัดน้ำมันสุดๆแต่จะขับได้ช้าหน่อย 2.แต่เมื่อเริ่มเร่งเครื่อง(รถฮอนด้าแต่ละคันจะมีรอบที่ไม่เท่ากันที่จะทำให้ V-Tec ทำงานแต่ส่วนใหญ่จะประมาณ 3000-3500 รอบ)ระบบจะเชื่อม Cam ตัวเล็กและตัวใหญ่เข้าด้วยกันเพื่อให้วาว์ลเปิดได้มากให้นำ้มันและอากาศเข้ามาได้มากทำให้รถมีแรงม้าสูงมากจากการระเบิดที่มากขึ้น (Vtec Kicked In Yo ที่ฝรั่งเค้าพูดกันนะ)

  • Bmw came out with it first

  • Glad to hear Steven Hawkins again.

  • Everything about the production of this video makes me nostalgic, lmao

  • Very good video (might be great to reduce the interruptions)

  • Nice!!

  • get all the crap off the screen, so we can see the video

  • There seem to be something missing in the diagram of the pin that locks the rocker arms together for high output operation. It shows one movable locking pin. I think there is actually two locking pins. The way this is shown only two of the three rocker arms are locked together. This would prevent the remaining rocker arm from opening one of the valves as the middle high lift lobe would "outlift" and "out-duration" the smaller ouboard lobe. I think the second movable locking pin goes from the larger middle lobe into the remaining end lobe. I also don't understand how the movable pin ends don't get shear wear as they engage with moving rocker arms.

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  • Best animation n explanation ever seen, by many...

  • Extremely informative, n awesome animation...Vtec technology gives more induction of fuel n exhaust at higher Rpm which produces good power output..tys

  • excelente explicasion con detalles, ahor si me ha quedado claro como funciona un motor vtec

  • I have a huge problem with my Honda Accord 1.8i LS 1999 with F18b2 Engine. My Vtec doesnt work anymore.. I have no idea why. I've cleaned the solenoid and tested the solenoid, changed oil and oil filter and spark plugs, checked oil pan, no CEL also changed Thermostat (was broken), Speedo is working and all gauges are fine, Engine is warm as it should. I've done pretty much EVERYTHING but Vtec is gone :S there is no different in sound anymore as I hit 4000RPM like it used to before :S What could the problem be???... Please help me some Honda experts.. with tips.. I miss the baaaaaWHAAAAAA so much

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  • So vtec was created for fuel efficiency hmmmmm

  • Do I understand correctly, that the syncronizer pin just links the three rocker arms together?

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  • Thinking about getting a honda vtec for my next car. I will only have 1 year of no claims bonus so insurance is still expensive as fuck and turbos add 20% more price or more. So VTEC is a good option for me. Can anyone suggest the cheapest honda vtec with the best performance that I can buy?

    • I own a Honda civic EF, with a B16b Vtec engine, its a 1.6 liter engine, But i'm from EU so I don't know if those are available in America..

  • is dont broke pin, I dont like this system which on or off. we require gradual incrase valve timing not on-off

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  • Thanks for teaching me how V-TEC works Moonman.

  • Stop with all the pop-ups!!!!!!!

  • thumbs down cuz of all those fucking annoying pop ups. couldnt read shit

  • so can you change it and have vtec kick in at a lower RPM??

  • What causes the Vtec not to kick in?

  • Horrible video. So many ads (click thumbs up!, etc) I couldn't see what was going on. Pathetic.

  • I would give thumbs up if there wasnt like 15 different pop ups while trying to educate myself.... please reference here to kiss my ass for this. sadly enough im too drunk and too lazy to find another reference. plus the voice sounds like im having a stroke.....

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  • F23A1 FAR WIN

  • Activates at higher rpm but what is "higher rpm" 2500 or 6000 rpm?!

  • Id love to watch the video without having to constantly close annotations that aren't related to the video. Are you trying to make watching your videos as hard as possible?

  • Very Smart and Clever, Honda.

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  • Stephen Hawking knows everything!

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  • Oskar if you'r so obsessed with the vanos you should stay their dude The vtec puts out more hp an torque that makes a v4 vtec stronger than a regular vanos v6 (all tested on dyno and track in middle east) #soproudofvtec

    • ADPTraining. Computer generated voice! Turned of immediately.

    • V4 wtf? You mean I4? Lol

    • @Felysz Elias Thanks for sharing...

  • how is this system changing the valve timing? it is just increasing the lift of the valves plz explain if i missed something

    • they should named it valve lift technology not valve timing electronic control.

    • when you open your valve longer you're increasing the power per stroke of the engine because you're letting more air and gas in

    • +Pratham Singh It doesn't change the valve timing. The original name (Variable Timing Electronic Control) by Honda is just wrong. :)

    • Here's the book on it...

    • +Pratham Singh It takes more time to lift it higher, that is how the valve timing to be changed.

  • VTEC is kinder garden compare to VANOS , Vtec works from stage. While Vanos got 3 diff stages , Idle-Intake , MidRPM and then the Same stage as Vtec 4500 RPM and up. Plus Vanos is hydralic


    • Tell me again about how reliable and cheap vanos is?

    • VANOS us good for the first 60-70k miles ,dont want to have VANOS after that.

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  • VTEC just kicked in yo!

  • Yeah well my h22a4 makes 552 to the wheels on pump gas.

  • this one actually made me get what VTEC was for something, thanks

  • That 1.8 piece off shit won't kill my H22A4 Honda DOHC VTEC.That's a 2.2 son. All aluminum. Toyota is just a Chinese imitation of a Honda engineering marvel.


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    • @Brandon White 4cyl vs 6cyl. Real classy, ace.

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    • Toyota is Japanese and ill see your H22A4 and raise you a 2JZ-GTE

  • Steven Hawkings is also a Honda fan.