Honda 50 and Honda Super Cub - Jay Leno’s Garage

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Jay reminisces about the beloved Honda 50 and gets an inside look at the new Honda Super Cub!
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Honda 50 and Honda Super Cub - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage


  • I bet Jay is dying to hop back on to his jet bike.

  • 100 million motorbikes, that is more than 4,800 a day for 57 years!

  • Takes me back to my first bike in the '60s, a parallel 100cc 2-stroke Yamaha Twin Jet, aka the "Tin Twin." My dad hated it and my mom never said a thing. Maybe cause I was her first-born on her birthday, I dunno but you could cut yourself on her tongue if she had a mind to. I rode the hell out of that bike on and off-road and it never let me down.

  • My family all had desert trail bikes to ride East of San Diego Slit Mountain Anza Borrego and Glamis Dunes. My mom rode a Super Cub and for a time I had a 50 Mini Trail with the same engine. That mini bike made it through the untold abuse of three brothers and countless beer runs for 20 plus years, and still runs like a champ to this day.

  • You should set up a race between a Honda 50 and a Harley-Davidson Model 125. The speedometer goes up to 50MPH, pretty fast for 1948. These were built by H-D, BSA and some Russian company. Harley built them from 1948-1962 (I think).

  • No Motorcycle has this sweet sound as Honda 50

  • Hey Jay, It would be great if you could do a continuation video on the Honda monkey bike, The new Monkey 125 and a Z50 perhaps? It will be pretty cool and haha you will be able to define the monkey bike properly!!!

  • When I got mine it had already been through the mill and I rode it back through it 2 more times. They are bullet proof, in the end they will be cockroaches, twinkies and a 50.

  • I first saw a Honda 50cc on the racetrack, before these road bikes were available in the UK. They could do over 100mph and when a gaggle of these was coming down the back straight at Croft Circuit it sounded like the attack of the killer-bees! I think some of those had engines with two cylinders, not the same as the 50cc road bike!

  • had a honda 50 as my first ever petrol driven vehicle.

  • The CIAO Piaggio is king of mopeds

  • Is Jay actually funny to you in the USA? He’s great when he’s being serious but his ‘funny’ bits are just pathetic.

  • Back in 1972 I got my drivers license, and I went back to the DMV the same day to get my cycle license so I could drive my Honda 50. Not the parents car!

  • "Little Honda" GO! I'm gonna wake you up early Cause I'm gonna take a ride with you We're going down to the Honda shop I'll tell you what we're gonna do Put on a ragged sweatshirt I'll take you anywhere you want me to First gear (Honda Honda) it's alright (faster faster) Second gear (little Honda Honda) I lean right (faster faster) Third gear (Honda Honda) hang on tight (faster faster) Faster it's alright It's not a big motorcycle Just a groovy little motorbike It's more fun that a barrel of monkeys That two wheel bike We'll ride on out of the town To any place I know you like First gear (Honda Honda) it's alright (faster faster) Second gear (little Honda Honda) I lean right (faster faster) Third gear (Honda Honda) hang on tight (faster faster) Faster it's alright It climbs the hills like a matchless Cause my Honda's built really light When I go into the turns Lean [Tilt] with me and hang on tight I better turn on the lights So we can ride my Honda tonight First gear (Honda Honda) it's alright (faster faster) Second gear (little Honda Honda) I lean right (faster faster) Third gear (Honda Honda) hang on tight (faster faster) Faster it's alright First gear (Honda Honda) it's alright (faster faster) Second gear (little Honda Honda) I lean right (faster faster) Third gear (Honda Honda) hang on tight (faster faster) Faster it's alright

  • JAY ... Hows about a video in minibikes??

  • Great machine, I had mates who rode these bike I never had one my bikes were always bigger in the day mainly 250cc two stokes in the sixties , but I remember a mate of mine who worked with me on the railway as relief Signalmen, he had one for work and he used it everyday from Liverpool to Ellesmere Port area in all weathers and it never let him down the only time it let him down was when he got a puncture, and looking back I wished I'd have bought one and kept it, the prices are now getting silly on the classic scene. I still ride but it's a B M W K75c.

  • I got the new Monkey because it is very much like my first Honda. The 1968 Honda Scrambler 90. I've had lots of much larger motorcycles but the 90 was the most FUN. Monkey is a perfect update. People who see it love it. They come up to you like you are in a Ferrari to ask about it.

  • If they had a classic version in white with wire wheels, the cool front fender, a double seat and 125cc, I'd buy. They must still have the dies. The overall look of the new one is just meh.

  • I thought you was about 54!

  • Great little bike, i always had one as back up, never any problem

  • The Step-thru 50 was the first REAL motorcycle I ever rode alone. It started a life long love affair with the freedom provided by motorcycles. One of the differences back in the mid-60’s with today is that no one made fun of you. Most expressed envy. I still love the small bikes I got to ride back then and wish today’s youth had the chance to ride them. Yep, this old guy still rides...Victory Cross Country Tour with the trunk in the garage. Two wheels set you free!!! There are many pictures of the little Honda’s with whole families or crates of chickens or other cargo. When you see the crappy little Chinese bikes today most have an exact copy least we’re not the only ones that have our intellectual property stolen.

  • Great video. Back in the day I had a Honda S90 when I was a teenager. Yep, years later I had a Honda 750. Nowadays I ride a Chinese bike;

  • In Vietnam Im pretty sure they will modified in to 3 seater from that single seat.

  • They're out there... I don't know how many 195X's are available, but a Craigslist search turns up several in any given area. I bought a '68 CT90 (the on road/off road version) for $75 with a stuck engine. I've seen Cubs in good condition going for $1,500.

  • If you like the Honda 50 can I suggest having a look at c90adventures on youtube. He rode a Honda C90 from Malaysia to the UK and more recently Alaska to Argentina.

  • In Vietnam, people use this like a bicycle

  • I don’t think Jay can just jump onto the jet bike after riding that thing. Baby steps back up.

  • Hello - I have been experimenting with gasoline motors. I have a 2000 Honda Insight.I am getting 150 mpg at 50 to 55 mph. It is not a hybrid anymore . It is gasoline only. Would like to demonstrate on your show...I have serval different versions of my modification. I have a cold gasoline type and a heated gasoline . I have talked to Honda world corporation they don't seem to have any interest. Or do not believe me. Give me an opportunity. Put me on your show I won 't embarrass you.

  • Anyone explain what the gear pattern is for the Honda C90 Super Cub??

  • I was surprised and disappointed to hear from my Honda dealer that the Supercub is not available in Ontario Canada. Why not? I lived in Malaysia for 6 months, rode one every day. Loved it!

  • In the UK we had the C50, C70 and C90 and they all had dual seats.

  • Wow! The best Vintage cars.. from Vintage Jay 😊. Don't Blame Conan.

  • why don't modern bikes have closed, oil bathed chains? seems like a good way to lower chain maintenance, and there aren't any real disadvantages I can tell besides being a bit harder to work on...

  • made in thailand and others in china!

  • With all my respect I see you recognize Europe England but when you refer to United states of America you said america.. america is the continent unless you dont care of the rest of the country's in america or you are so kind that you believe all the Americans are one from the Patagonia to Alaska your country is the only country with out name is called USA or United states of America not.. America

  • Jay said dead reliable thought only we English said that

  • At the end of the video I was waiting for Jay Leno to do a burn out.

  • Of all the videos I’ve seen of Jay Leno taking a vehicle or motorcycle for a ride, this is the slowest I’ve ever seen him go.

  • 23:30 I thought the top of helmets said anal.

  • Ireland's contribution to the Honda 50 legacy from the great Christy Moore

  • Really cool, it would be really nice to have something like this now but really cheap and reliable, probably not gonna happen considering how much harder the safety regulations are now.

  • I bought a brand new Honda 50 in 1965. It wasn't a step-through, like this, but most things were the same... My Honda had a clutch and the gears were "one down- three up". I drove that Honda everywhere! In 1966 a woman pulled out in front of me--- broke my leg, but worst of all, it broke my Honda and my heart! I'll never forget that sweet little bike.

  • Jay: "Lets bring in the Honda guys in to talk about the new Cub" Continues to talk about the 50 for 10 minutes. Honda Guys visibly annoyed.

  • Brilliant I had about 4 or five of them we had a Honda fifty gang my brother in law Jim Gorman was a manager of Honda in Dublin he got me my first Honda 50

  • I can't relate to the nostalgia of the cub since I am too young, but in 20 years or so I will feel the same nostalgia for the honda grom.

  • I've watched Jay ride many bikes but I've not seen him have more fun than this.

  • 3500 USD ? lol good luck

  • I have one Its my favourite bike that Ive ever owned .

  • I have one and it runs perfectly, I didn't start it for 2 years, and went out and it started right up. Great bike... The postmen here in Japan still deliver mail on them, including the harsh winters here in Hokkaido!

  • This is what made Honda very popular.

  • 3500 wtf

  • Do the GDR scooter SCHWALBE: The Simson "Schwalbe" is a moped of the GDR, which was manufactured by Simson in Suhl. The first series designation of the swallow from 1964 is KR51 (KR stands for small scooter, the 5 for the nominal stroke of 50 cc, the 1 is the distinction to its predecessor, the KR50). The swallow was the first model of the then new bird series by Simson. Altogether there were three series with altogether nine models of the Schwalbe. In 1986 she was replaced by the newly designed small scooter SR50. With 1,058,300 vehicles produced [1], it was extremely widespread in the GDR and is still part of the street scene today. Numerous Schwalbe components can be found in the three-wheeled Krause duo. The Schwalbe can be driven in Germany according to a derogation despite the maximum speed of 60 km / h as a moped with an insurance license registration (driving license class AM). Since summer 2017, the Munich-based manufacturer GOVECS sells under the same name Schwalbe an electric scooter, which was originally developed at the former Simson Suhl site of the efw Suhl GmbH and its design is based on the Simson Schwalbe. The Schwalbe lettering and the luggage carrier were adopted as well as the concept of a scooter with comparatively large wheels of the Simson Schwalbe, apart from that, however, the vehicles have little technical similarities. 958, with the appearance of the KR50, began work on a two-seat successor model according to the international trend. Leading designer was Erhard Werner, who had been employed by Simson since 1949. However, the swallow was developed collectively with Karl-Heinz Walther and Georg Schübel. Soon it became apparent that a much stronger engine was needed for the two-person operation. In 1960, the testing of four prototypes was begun, which were partially painted two-tone. According to the specifications of 1962, the KR 51 was designed as a moped with no speed limit and designed for a top speed of 68 km / h. This was - following the comparison of world standards at the time - a competitive even in the West moped to be created. After negotiations with the relevant ministries, however, the speed was limited to 60 km / h in 1963. For this, the translation was changed in third gear. In the technical conception of the type series advanced ways were taken. In addition to interchangeable wheels, flashing lights, stop lights, parking lights and a DC horn were installed for the first time in this vehicle class, using a lead-acid battery as energy storage. A solid luggage rack with adjustable strap was part of the basic equipment. Although the KR51 was designed as a small scooter with good weather protection, but the arrangement of the engine, construction and handling characteristics show that it was less a scooter than a sheet-metal Mokick acted. For the design of the KR51, the designers first had to put up with some criticism. The trade press criticized it as not thought out and full of compromises. If one compares with the predecessor KR50, an inconsistent further development of the form is noticeable. Even Karl-Heinz Walther, one of the designers, says: Anyone who has a sense of aesthetics can hardly describe the swallow as beautiful. [4] The new engine should no longer be built in Sömmerda, but directly at Simson. Therefore, the series introduction of Schwalbe delayed significantly because first a corresponding clock street in Simson's factory had to be built. The testing of the functional samples was carried out until a durability of the basic structure over 40,000 km was reached. In 1963, 20 zero series vehicles were built. After the official start of production in February 1964, irregularities in production first arose due to the lack of type-approved reflectors. From April 1964 Simson was then able to deliver the swallow regularly. Thanks to practical design and robust, mature technology, the swallow quickly became popular. While originally considered to be a rather sober, practical vehicle, today she enjoys great popularity as a cult vehicle just because of her idiosyncratic appearance. In 2015, an estimated 150,000 swallows were allowed in Germany for traffic. [5] The first generation of the swallow was produced under the general type designation KR 51 without addition from 1964 to 1968. The fan-cooled 3-speed engine was initially offered only with manual transmission, from 1965 optionally with foot control. The color was from the beginning the typical, strong blue on offer. Also tundra gray, as well as orange in the first years. Swallows of the first years differed in many details from later vintages, what they are today in the ...

  • The old one is still used here and they are a bit expensive if you find one in decent condition. I've never seen the new model, didn't even know something like that existed.

  • I drive a 1983 Honda C90G, love it to bits. One of the first 12 volt models in Ireland. The new model like you have there is not a true super cub. It's just a marketing ploy to claim it's still being manufactured when it isn't but it's almost like saying a Honda Innova or Wave is a Super Cub and while they look similar they aren't Super Cubs. Most of the stuff on the new "Cub" probably wouldn't even fit on the old model and vice versa.

  • The 50 supercub in all its epicness... Though place l call home since 2013ish till today. It's the workhorse, delivery, family run around . . I'm talking about here in Vietnam. I'v seen very early examples still running, they not show room loved items, they just workhorses. But still going today... Simplicity is the mother of inventions they say? Or l say KISS keep it simple stupid, they sure did, and it's still going strong today... (No offense, but l prefer James May's take on it ...... Just my preference) .. still love the video - thanks for showing...

  • Hey Jay you were way ahead of the corporate reps on the original but just a few pointers the 50 was released here in 1960 the 58-59 model back in Japan was named the Cub but the U.S. based airplane maker refused to let them use the name so the emblems were changed. The 5k units a month goal was for the whole U.S. market but still a ambitious goal for the time. The can ride with one hand idea was based on selling one to every soba noodle shop in Japan similar to our pizza delivery service. I loved the episode just the same. if you ever do another Honda show I have a 59 Cub buried in my garage.

  • Thailand is a Honda paradise . For little more than 1300 $ you can buy a new 110 cc Honda . If you need service it look like a pit stop , not that fast but you can wait for the repair . At home in the Netherlands small Honda 50 or 125 cc bikes are very expensive . In Belgium there was a Honda 50 cc moped factory for Europe market .

  • Right Anto.Somebody is creaming it in .

  • I'd love to have either one. But the wife will kill me if I bring another bike home....

  • Hello Jay stop saying America, when referring to the United States of America citizens. The name America it only refers to the continent of America. Example the Haitian, Canadian, Cubans, Brazilians are Americans the same as the citizens of the United States of America. I always say here in the United States of America . Thanks for the video looking for the next saludos

  • Price at $3600 is high though.They sell new for around B45,000 or $1500 in Thailand where they are made.

  • wow jay leno is not wearing a canadian tuxedo today

  • Back in the days 50cc bikes are only for signal ridder, it’s illegal to have 2 passengers so they have a special plate color! Coming to Taiwan in the 50’s they made a two seater model but must pay an extra bit of money Not only in America 😂

  • Known as the Honda placcy in the uk

  • Janus Motorcycles seems like an interesting American Company you might consider featuring on the show:

  • The US was not the only market to get the double seat, We had the double seat here in the UK, Both on the 50 & the 90. The UK version was better known as the Honda Step Through and was an embarrassing ride when your friends were riding the likes of a Yamaha FS1E.

  • World bike ? But not sold in Canada.

  • There was some time ago a show on Discovery ... top 10 bikes or something... where on nr. 1 sits the honda 50... and they really tried to destroy it... even droped it from the roof of some building... it still ran...

  • "We bad!" thanks Jay and the Honda men. This is a marvelous motorbike.

  • My first bike was a Honda 160. It had duo-carbs and would get up to almost 90mph with a back wind. I drove it all around Virginia.

  • It's not a big motorcycle, just a groovy little motorbike. - Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys. Can't believe that didn't get mentioned.

  • Hey Jay, I found a few bridgestone 350 gtr's

  • Those small bikes are very valuable tools in emerging economies because they make it possible for people to do something most people take for granted and that is: "GOING PLACES". It's really smart from Honda to bring back such a beloved bike.

  • Safer and easier than the motor scooter

  • The 125cc is actually kinda cute. I've had 7 bikes, my first was a Honda Passport 50cc that I rode every morning to school @ 5 am for swim practice. I bought a Honda Hawk a couple of years later...and loved it. Graduated to a Harley (big mistake spent as much $$$ getting the phkr fixed as I did buying it brand new all in a year---wont EVER buy another one of those). Had a Suzuki GT550 3 cyl 2-stroke. That blew up. Many years later, bought a Kawasaki Vulcan 750 w/fairing and bags. Put 54k hard miles on it. wore it out. Bought a 2006 Kawi Concours. Loved it, most comfortable bike I've ever ridden. Hit a cone on my way to work and warped the front forks & brake disks...sold it. Bought a 2002 Connie w/13k miles on it. Use it as my daily rider to & from work. Love it. best part of my day is riding home from work.

  • I hate how expensive the new one is. Drive without a license. 210 dollars. No wonder life was easier for boomers. There were less restrictions on everything for transportation and cost of transportation. I hate it. I want to be able to live my life, but there's so much red tape now.

  • 100 million made, but try and find a decent one in the US for any kind of reasonable price.

  • I was a salesman at Steve Allen Honda in 1966 in what's now West Hollywood. Steve entertained the staff with hysterical jokes about motorcycles.

  • We have lots of smaller electric bikes in my area as they do not require driver's licenses or insurances I guess they should somehow include theses smaller CC and let you ride in the bicycle path? or not

  • I remember all the Cool Kids in High School in 1965 had Honda 50's and Super 90"s. Being a Military Brat my dad was always bringing home Italian Scooters. So I rode his 150cc Lambretta to school, because that was all I had to ride. Got laughed at a lot until I raced them. They just understand how a small tire, step through scooter with a 150cc 2 stoke and 4 speed manual transmission, with a real clutch, could outrun their Honda 90's!!!! That 64 Lambretta would run 70mph 2 up with ease.