Honda 50 and Honda Super Cub - Jay Leno’s Garage

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Jay reminisces about the beloved Honda 50 and gets an inside look at the new Honda Super Cub!
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Honda 50 and Honda Super Cub - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage


  • Brought back many happy memories of my first bike a 1966 Honda 50. No one mentioned in the video that if you had the idle rate too high you'd pull a bit of a wheelie from take off with that centrifugal clutch, used to get me very stressed at traffic lights! Great little bike, never did any maintenance on it because it just started and ran whatever you did to it!

  • Here in greece in that condition c50 value around 2000 - 3000 e

  • The new one has less quality than the original. The first version had leading link front suspension, which is anti dive, new one not as good, more flex.

  • Orang Inggeris sangat berminat dengan Motorsikal klasik spt Honda Cup buatan Jepun.

  • Jays friend Jeremy of now Grabd Toyr tried tto break one and subject the bike to all kinds of torture even drown it in sea water and dropped ut from a five storey building, but keeps on running. Betteer than what the energizer

  • i road one in the early eighties when i was going to college after the navy. it was great. it cornered very well and never failed to start and run in the five years i owned it. they should start produceing it again. the exact design.

  • Ha. I have a Honda express nc50. Can't get spark to it. I want to sell it to someone who will take good care of it because I know I won't

  • These were made for 110 pound kids.The one that I had was kick start only with a clutch.

  • That muffler on the 50 is missing a baffle.

  • Jay is genuinely fascinated by this bike. He honestly wants a Gt350 Bridgestone. He makes a meal out of the simplest fare. He knows more about that bike than those two Honda reps.

  • Gas can go to $10.00 over night.

  • The two Honda guys winging it with their answers a bit.

  • Postman still use these bikes in Australia today

  • Yeah and it cost me to fill up my gas tank cost .50cents and last me all day riding it

  • They look like the honda 90cc mine looked just like the white bike on the leftside mine was black with a white legs protector you can have on or off the bike with a book rack on the back of the bike and mine was a e speed automatic

  • 8:06 that escalated quickly

  • "You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda" the Honda Cub is such a masterpiece, Thank you Soichiro Honda ! Love from Italy.

  • I just buy Cub 50rtx 50cc but it a dongfang scooter! Dealer give me good price and upgrade engine 12.5hp!

  • Jay's Garage is the best car show I've seen =. He always have relevant questions and he is old school!! Please have the new triumph rocket 3 on the show!!!

  • I had a friend who met two gals in South Lake Tahoe around 1968-69 that had driven down from Saskatchewan, Canada on Honda 50s. Dependable little bikes. Tough gals.

  • Jay, now you need to try the Trail 90! Back in the early 1960s, a Honda dealer in Idaho was outselling dealers around the country. When the Honda rep visited to find out the secret, that turned out to be that the dealer was modifying them into a "trail" configuration, with high exhaust pipe, engine guard, single seat and a unique second sprocket on the back -- add a couple of links to the chain, put in on the big sprocket, and you had a "granny low" gear range. Honda adopted his ideas into the Honda Trail series, of which the most popular was the Trail 90. Later versions had a two-range transmission (eliminating the second rear sprocket), tubular forks (instead of the toggle front suspension), handlebars which would swivel to make it easier to transport on a bumper rack, improved air filter system and a much larger rear rack.


  • The U.S wasnt the only market to get a double seat.. most of Europe had double seat supercubs

  • クリーム色のカブカッコイイ!

  • My first bike! 1968. My mother gave me her old one !

  • My dad took my pregnant mom to the hospital to give birth to me on one of these while we were living in Japan.

  • My dad build a custom one of these in the uk and it’s one of the most popular in the uk and everywhere we go on bike he’s always getting people stopped and traffic built up just to ask him questions it’s so funny

  • There's are like fat chicks fun the ride but you don't want your friends to know 🤠

  • Every 10 years,things double in price.........sortta

  • Jay for President. seriously

  • When I was 13 in 1970 I had a Honda 50 which was well used, I used it for blasting up & down the lanes & woods, an idiot mate of mine rode it into the canal & it sank, about a year later I got a grappling hook & fished it out, I put some new petrol in it & it started 1st time, I couldn't believe it !

  • Someone stole one of this on my front yard 20years ago.

  • I've never had a 50, but I've had, and still have some 70cc left.

  • Two thumbs up for Jay Leno

  • Old honda manufacturers are amzing... Because it is came from japan... Buy when they branched out in china... Eh... Damn suck

  • Here in Dominican Republic Honda Super cub was the family vehicle you know no money for buy a car and my father had 2 RIP..great sales until 1995 right now chinese invade the DR market!

  • Jay Leno looks really tough on that (white) bike. seriously.

  • My first motorcycle was a white Honda 50 exactly like that. I think that I was 10. Xmas present.

  • Bring back the kick-starter.. keyboard addled children that don't know better. Button pusher's are lost... the moment their easy ends.

  • Fat Americans , fat turkey chin and meaty face, listen to him talk almost had stroke anytime