HoN Top 5 Plays of the Week - October 21st (2019)

Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
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The weekly HoN Top 5 Plays is here again with the best plays that happened this week! Shoutout to everyone sending us these plays and big respect to TobakaZ for editing this video! Follow him at it-tvs.com/username-tobak7
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  • this was such a nice game once upon a time...

  • just popping in to see if this exists

  • hahahaha wtf ppl still play this

  • All hails neutral creeps!

  • All what is left from HoN for me)) Thanks

  • someone still plays dis game? its dog shit compared to other games like dota and lol rn. no offence my dudssss

  • I'm downloading the game, brings back memories.

  • People still play this shit ?

  • i just hope that garena drop hon..

  • I'll go for damp!

  • i have a big problem for years , i cant play the game , when i start it gets to entry page where i enter my accont but its wierd no writeings , and if i press any button the game crashes , can somebody tell me what i have to do ?

    • @og SHANE i played dota 10 years ago and the last moba game i player was hon 5 years ago , I'm not returning to dota and I don't like dota 2 , I played some games

    • download dota

    • I guess Tobakaz or HoN OMG can help you

  • in what server are these games played? God i'll quit dota for these again

  • Бодряк

  • maliken was lucky for the most part not good at all

  • The buschwack was heads and above that 2 and 1.

  • Wich server it is?

  • Neutrals got like 5 kills!! Lol

  • Neutral creeps MVP :D

  • jajaja esos creep

  • So the Bushwack play, you could see a red dot moving before nomad appeared from invis, is that normal, or just because of spectate for filming purposes? cause if you can track invis with that, certain heroes, like chipper, could be a bigger bane then Arachna to invis.

    • didnt appear... i was the bushwack

    • It's just there when you watch the replay, not during the actual game. For some reason it appeared around 4.0 and I haven't found a way to fix it.

  • bien ahí damper! (Y)

  • I would have given geo calamity first place.

  • well . really awesome one .nice job

  • Maliken play was good but it could’ve been better if he dodged pyro stun with his sword

  • Bushwack play was below average. And flux, glad, tempest magmus combo was obviously a 5 man team so nothing impressing

    • There is special in this play. Flux ult then the chariot ult of glad clearly right on time ulties are the best play here

    • @Görkem Gür still 3 is enough..aftet all the whole team is 5 in total so 3 is enough...not saying it wasn't nice.just saying it wasn't impressive seeing that it can be easily done

    • We were 3 actually, mag and valk were randoms. But still they picked accordingly and boom. It was easy to pull off but you gotta admit that 4 ult combo is orgasmic, the reason why I sent the replay in the first place

    • @GLObot true 😂 But my guess they are pals and using that combo is fairly simple to anyone familiar with using his skills

    • The actual play was finding 5 people you know who all play HoN lol.

  • Old map

  • Top play goes to neutral creeps

  • Best editor ever.

  • The Neutral creeps are Owning!

  • Dat quadkill tho.. Better than Mali tbh

  • Can transfer hon account to garena ?

  • Easy Quadkill for creeps

  • neutral creeps for the win :D

  • More than 5 years the phrase “let's get it done ” warms the soul

    • ACTUALLY it's "let's bet it all"

    • @NightYingiz hahaha.. youre right

    • @XEPAKC no I mean u thought for 5 freakin years that this guy is saying done. thats some major mind blown stuff iI would assume

    • @dimant from 0/10? now i know one more word, soo it's solid 10 ;D

    • @XEPAKC how flashed are you now that u know it's "on" not "done"?

  • fith?

  • Second!

  • first boi