Home Alone literally makes no sense...

Pubblicato il 18 dic 2018
Home Alone animation #homealone #christmasmovie #animation
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The Santa Clause doesn't make any sense...
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The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
Side Note: I cut out all the parts about the mom in Home Alone because it was really just the same thing over and over again. "she tries to go home but she can't, and then she tries to get home but she can't...". So, I decided to focus the video on Kevin.
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The Princess Switch is kinda dumb...
Goosebumps was the weirdest kids show...
Halloweentown doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical doesn't make any sense
High School Musical 2 doesn't make any sense...
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  • well.... most of the kids i know say this is one of their favorite christmas movies... food for thought

  • Home Alone isn't my genoration, but it's a classic Christmas movie 🎄🌲🎄

  • 4:03 What Jpop is that? I love Jpop but haven‘t seen them yet

  • Your channel makes no sense. You literally shittalking EVERY movie, i mean, no matter how good these are it always going to have some minuses but you dont need to make videos about them. There are no perfect movies

  • Who cares about Marv and Harry? I wanna see Buzz and Uncle Frank go through the traps?

  • You should do A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation

  • He should do Home Alone 2 this year

  • 2:56 - 3:06 that added character lol

  • 1:25 the worst kid with the ugliest face. Lol it’s funny cause I can relate

  • When he was flying on the rope to the tree house that was his stunt double oh wait you don’t know what that is and this is a movie of course the wet bandits are going to be alive

  • The Native American Star Tootsie Pop comment made my childhood flash before my eyes... It reminds me of the rumor that Surge shrinks your penis...

  • But the second one is much better

  • *Family leaves me alone at Christmas* : PLAYS LOUD MUSIC AND DOES F*CK ALL *Family returns*: TELLS THEM TO F*CK OFF OUTTA MY LIFE Kevin, really?

  • my little nephew loves this movie and he is 3. I think kids still like this movie

  • As I got older, I started liking Buzz more than Kevin. I can see why they left him.

  • whoa whoa whoa... "those people"? whats that supposed to mean? die hard is a classic christmas movie

  • Kevin was able to order the pizza because there was a worker earlier in the movie who mentioned they were working on fixing the phone lines. Kevin's father couldn't reach anybody because almost all of the people on Kevin's block were away for the holidays.

  • That was a good video. Just so you know tho, kids do still pick up on home alone and love it. I've seen it happen

  • At 8:26, how did he have time to color the plan?! XD

  • Home alone happened because buzz ate Kevin's pizza

  • his friends didnt come over because they all went on holiday, remember the kid that came by in the beginning and was counted as Kevin. Lol

  • Do more please!!!!

  • “If Uncle Frank says no... it must really be bad.” 🤣

  • Maybe phone company fix phone line ok alex

  • I love home alone and home alone 2 lost in New York

  • What u mean doesn’t make sense it sense come on


  • Im a 2000s kid and grew up watching 90s movies so personally I dont really care if it makes sense

  • Alex, you should do grandma got run over by a reindeer

  • Fun fact: Monica and Chandler from friends bought the home alone house in S10

  • Its old man Withers. I would of got away with it if it had'nt of been for you pesky kids

  • Shut up Pete, call me a disease

  • Fresh Prince house

  • Alex: wth is this old garbage My teacher: So doctor strange or home alone? My entire class: duh home alone Alex: wth

  • How did Kevin never wake up while everyone was running around the house and rushing outside to the shuttle vans

  • Wait, that tootsie pop thing wasn’t real? In my town the minuet market and super market would give us kids a free one if we had that Native American with the star arrow. Wtf.

  • So funny! LOL

  • Your teeth offends me.

  • kevin is hunting them.