Pubblicato il 23 giu 2019
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  • 7:24 I heard you handled snakes back in the days 不不不不不不

  • I would've held the snake for that much money bc I love snakes there sooooooooo cute

  • You are CRAZY HAHAHAHAHA... hello from Zenica and sub on my channel

  • 3 months later, you know, you could be a snake charmer.

  • Who is The Camera man ?

  • Who is Alex..?? from argentina

  • From Egypt.... love you guys

  • Hanby gang is the best

  • You should fight KSI

  • dammn, drop the cameramans insta

  • A corn snake cant eat a human

  • Just do it

  • Easy money well for me it wouldnt be a challenge as we have a royal python

  • Very Nice

  • Bro I subscribe your channel just now.but iam your big fan , very happy family! (from NEPAL喫菽尹鄐桌元鄍鄐戈

  • Shout out bro from philippines

  • Lol this is really funny i can't stop laughing BTW love it pranks!

  • Your amazing keep it up man xoxoxo from Toronto

  • goob job

  • I from Pakistan I love you nanai

  • Been in a bad depression for a week. Started watching all your videos and been laughing my butt off! Thanks for bringing me out of it!

  • You wouldn't pay me a billion dollar to put that thing on me. I would die seriously

  • Who scare if snakes

  • Love u kristen.... Following you from Bangladesh攻拎攻拎攻

  • Literally everyone looking at me thinking wtf!!! Im on the train and cant stop laughing. Fuck me

  • what's sound in 1:16 minutes, please?

  • What's 500 pounds?

  • I was gonna knock u out if i was there

  • Give Alex the money! Hes the only one that was any fun!

  • Taking over bro

  • I love snakes xD

  • I Should Make Kristen Hanby as The Joker

  • next time bring in a bat ! they look like puppy dogs with wings.

  • Been watching you and whole family For ever you and your guys are the craziest much love from San Antonio Texas you taking care of your whole family at the same time

  • 2:10 HABIB VS Magregor

  • I would hold the snake

  • Boss so fanny

  • My 4 year old brother holded a long ass snake and my family was shook Id rather be grounded for ever than hold that

  • Your video's and is awesome bro I really love your pranks keep going Love you bro..... Love from india

  • Pay the Man.

  • Alex should get the money you bloody liar

    • Love from Ireland 氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返氣返

  • Handy gang is so very solid IT-tvsr

  • love from NEPAL..

  • Make again prank of whose the king

  • 1.18 song ?

    • uygar duzgun - hold me tight ( remix )

  • Your sow cute and nice and perfect and cool l'm tunisian but l'speak english and l'love your funny vid矇os with your family

  • wait why you called nathalie mum

  • Sweet car

  • That is funny

  • Buang

  • Your Grandma.. mom .. sister niece very good

  • Aa the dominguero youtube

  • then I remembered I play with a very big snake when I was very young the snake is wider then my arm even now I think it's still wider

  • i like the hoodie by hanby gang hope i had it to my 2 sonsplsss @kirstenhanby

  • Urs the best

  • Felt bad for Alex he didnt get the money and it liked his face.....梗

  • Im not scared of snakes

  • Lol 8m not even scared of snakes but Im scared of beetles and bees lol

  • I love you bro

  • Natalie has a kid