Hiding as A FISH in Fortnite (it works)

Pubblicato il 18 ott 2019
I cant believe this works haha!
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  • 0:00

  • hiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Do someone talks Spanish apart of English here?

  • I really don’t know why Fortnite added bots. They are making the game a little bad and they make it even worse with BOTS. smh 🤦‍♂️ 👇if u agree

  • You're a fish, harry.

  • 3:35 Muselk used splash

  • H

  • F*ckin Donald Trump

  • What the hell why was I not notified about this and I have your bell notifications on why is this 2 weeks old why am I seeing this two weeks in the future

  • I have fish sticks

  • Me:you wanted to be a fish Muselk: don’t judge me

  • Make everyday uploading

  • Your videos are all awsome

  • Muselk: when I was a kid... Me: not again!!

  • Gotta love the sweats eh?

  • MOM: You can't be a fish MUSELK: LOOK AT ME NOW MOM, LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Meme like a fish😂👌

  • 2:47 69 XP MATCH (+30%) Lol 🤣

  • When he tells you to use his code so cringey

  • He should have used flipping sexy

  • *casually flexes the season 2 emote*

  • So it's a glitch that u can exploit on us consule players and this is just one of many reasons cross play is ass and gives an advantage to pc masterbaters

  • Can u play with me add my by bjscheer4321

  • muselk is weird

  • 4:38

  • This is muselk FPS¥

  • t posing my way downtown

  • For controller players you can just go to the quick chat menu and scroll down to the emote section and emote in the water.. like so people can see

  • Best fortnite youtuber by far

  • 00:15 whats stopping you from swimming in the ocean

  • Muselk: uses the burst but switches a tactical for a pump Me: visible confusion

  • When he said “ the river worm “ 💀💀

  • Muselk: "I always wanted to swim in the ocean" Beach: Am I a joke to you?

  • what level are you

  • Almost dies laughing

  • Who else is watching with no shoes on👟🤩👍? I'm sußßing to anyone to lìķèś and šùßś to mè

  • In what universe would this work? *works* Everything I live for is a lie

  • Guys I’ve never done this text thing but I’ve wanted to be a fish since I was a child -muselk October 2019. I added a little bit about the month everyone!

  • Code Alia

  • Code T5G

  • The number of people who love Fortnite 👇 Fort fans who have been my long chain in front of you

  • what a f.... voice..

  • Fishes?

  • Fish stick is the only skin I use

  • It will be so weird if new player see this

  • Impact mean

  • I'm only disliking the video because he said "Fishes"

  • 7:25 welcome to the game get fished on

  • Alright boys, see you in 8 years when IT-tvs recommends this

  • Qui en a marre des pub J'ai pecho ?

  • Muselk fortnite players theys days me fortnite ai bots theys days

  • You know what I like about Muselk? He doesn’t beg you for likes unlike many other fortnite creators

  • “I was Just trying to meme!” - 😂😂😂 literally me for a good chunk of games

  • Fresh

  • *_Hi I'm Patrick_*

  • Use the shark skin

  • 50% of chat: Muselk wanted to be a fish when he was a kid. 25% of chat. Fresh Skin is lucky. 25% of chat. Idk I'm too tired to figure it out, night.

  • wow this is great, i love this it-tvs.com/tv/video-FR72IWYqPoI.html

  • Do an ASM video