Here's Why The Nintendo Gamecube WaveBird Is Legendary

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
During the sixth generation of consoles we were still stuck using wired controllers out of the box as the standard. A few years into the console cycle Nintendo introduced a first party wireless controller that used radio frequency to communicate rather than line of sight IR. This kicked off a chain reaction of several third parties getting into the mix and led to us eventually using wireless controllers as the standard. Today let's take a look at the Wavebird controller and why it is considered a legendary controller.
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  • I had a Wavebird and it was pretty sweet. It worked well and was a great controller. Yeah, the only drawback is the lack of rumble. I did have the broadband adapter for the Gamecube since I was lured back to Nintendo when Phantasy Star Online ended on the Dreamcast and moved to the Gamecube. Add in the Gameboy Player and my 'cube was pretty decked out.

  • The 16 channels on the wavebird weren't for playing with 16 wavebirds, the extras were there in case other devices were giving interference on some of the channels. The possibility of using 16 controllers is nice too, but usually you'd have better luck with some channels than others, especially if you had other radio devices in the house.

  • You mean we're going to have to explain how supremely low latency televisions with perfect black levels and color reproduction are now a lost technology, replaced by something that was mostly just lighter and took up less space. Granted, the lack of pincushion, the lack of susceptibility to magnetic fields, and other picture shape distortion problems are nice too.

  • That trade in comment hit hard... My poor xbox ;__;

  • I am still pissed that the day I bought my gamecube I elected to get 4 platinum wired controllers as apposed to 4 wavebirds... My current collection is 3 Gamecubes (one is my childhood indigo One is my Platinum from when I moved out of home (left the indigo for my siblings), and one black) 1 Wavebird 4 Platinum controllers 1 Indigo 1 Spice 1 Black 1 SSB4 Black.

  • My question with the gamecube controller overall is what was the working concept behind the octagonal? frame of the analog joysticks? Was it an aesthetic choice or did it have some functionality beyond that to the design?

    • It means when holding a direction it's easy to hold exactly straight up, down, left, right, or diagonal, since the controller goes into one of the notches on the octagon

  • Dude I had two of these. They were amazing.

  • Glad to say I still have mine

  • Logitech ps2 wireless pro thing was pretty good too

  • I still can't believe I gave mine away back in the day. young and dumb.

  • 5:18 Doesn't sound so unlikely if you want to make it happen (e.g Tournament)

  • I think the hardest part of getting that LAN party going is finding 16 friends.

  • Dam it! I just bought a GC for zelda and didn't even know they had this ! dam it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very high quality. A+. Microsoft should learn this before shoving garbage quality controllers down Xbone users. Nintendo should use this controller format as their gold standard (like how playstation has their DualShock)

  • Got one for 28 bucks a while ago. Pretty good shit for smash.

  • I believe the removal of the rumble feature is also a cost and space saving matter. Due to the way RF works, the controller can only talk to the system one-way. If you want to console to send rumble data back to the controller, you'd need another transmitter in the "dongle" (which would make it bigger - and it's already almost too big) and another receiver + the "giant" rumble motor inside the controller (everyone who took apart one of these knows what I'm talking about - and the Wavebird is already pretty bulky). Take this and the required amount of power to get that big motor going - battery life would be crushed as well...

  • I think we in the day also were lucky to get to see systems and games develop and flourish and also fail around us, being part of the awesome games we had back then and evolution now I say that's awesome for our generation

  • It fucking bothers me when people say Xbox & ps4 are remotes . A remote when you use it for the tv , A controller when you use it for gaming use your grammars properly

  • I think I'm the only person that doesn't like the wavebird... I had one, and while it was cool, most TVs were so small back then you didn't want to go far away. I also hate buying batteries, or having rechargeable batteries die over time. Lacking rumble honestly was minimal, but still drove me nuts! Felt like a down grade in a lot of ways. I will stick with my 10ft corded GamCube controllers!

  • tl;dw its legendary because it was the first GOOD first-party endorsed controller.

  • Anyone know some retro controllers that are third party but high quality with long cords I’m starting a collection

  • What was the point of 16 channels on the controller if we only used it on “3”?

  • You better not be putting those cheap ass ebay control sticks on there.

  • My all time fave controller. I loved my wavebird.

  • Please bring this back for the switch

  • I didn't know how to work it as a kid so I put it in the toy box. But after finding it and the receiver a couple years ago it was great

  • Hi some one told me to let you know my top ten expensive games Worth getting for the GameCube. It just came out and peapole seem to love it. So check it out ☺️

  • Position of the d pad is perfect. The size was the only issue

  • So nintendo always leads the way. 8-Bit games. 16-bit games. 64-bit. High Definition. Rumble. Motion controls. Everything. Nintendo.

  • Sooo many horrifying moments when the dogs charged across the room and yanked my PS2 onto the ground

  • Sadly from my understanding there is no such thing as a 1:1 GameCube controller analog stick so the one you ordered won't quite be the same.

    • I think he was referring too just the plastic part and not the whole control stick which wouldn't be hard too manufacture close too the original if you know where too look.

  • For some reason Nintendo was always ahead of its time

  • Literally just finished playing Twin Snakes with my Wavebird

  • Those 6 C cells in the Satellite lasted a very long time, and it had auto power off, so it was not expensive at all.

  • So the wavebird doesn't rumble?

  • Great controller 👍

  • Still have my WaveBird!

  • It was also the first wireless controller with a decent battery life. I remember playing for days without needing to change the batteries in my wavebird. Other wireless controllers at the time would eat through batteries in an hour or two, even the ones that didn't have rumble motors. So not sure what Nintendo did differently, but I've never come across a wireless controller with battery life even close to what the wavebird could achieve (even modern controllers don't last like this one did)...

  • Where did you get the replacement caps? There are so many on eBay are there ones better then the others?

  • I didn't like the Wavebird when it came out and still don't. Sacrificing rumble for wireless is not a good option. Especially back then because people typically sat closer to the TV anyways because a 32" crt was pretty standard. 3rd party companies made wireless RF controllers for Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox that had rumble.

  • My greatest video game regret was me about 12 trading in a 3 snes games to get Pilotwings 64. Now i don't think Pilotwings was a bad game i really liked that game. But one of the games i traded was the Pal version of Mega Man X3 for about 200kr (about $20) in todays money. That game is worth a lot more today :( And its my favorite Mega Man X game.

  • I’ve always wondered if removing the rumble motor was less about space and battery life and more about limiting 2-way communication between the devices.

  • I still remember the commercial with a guy going to the toilet and he continued playing using the wavebird with the door open.... I got mine damaged for playing too much smash brothers but I took a wii nunchuck (original) and the joystick and thumbstick are the same so I repaired it swaping the pieces, there is millions of nunchukcs out there that are better than to buy the bad quality joysticks "replacements" in ebay.

  • When you had orders the new joystick for the controller I though you would have gotten the Xbox one pro controller style ones I know they would fit because I swapped mines out for the Xbox ones

  • Watching this video this past weekend lit a fire under me to clean my Wavebird up and get some new sticks for it. I ordered some and they were these cheap ass. The C stick isn’t even rubberized. Any chance you can share the link to the ones you bought?

  • I’m still here using GameCube controllers with wires for Smash Bros.

  • I have a wireless Logitech PS2 controller from back in the early 2000s, it is still by far one of the best feeling controllers I own. I love how heavy it feels and it's slightly bigger than your standard PS2 controller and a bit more rounded in places so it just feels better in my hands, not to mention it has a decent range on it. A solid 25 - 30 feet before I start missing inputs.

  • Still got mine

  • Today’s kids probably don’t understand this I’m 13 and I grew up on the genesis Disrespecting the new generation is expected to a degree just Stop Stereotyping so hard

  • Even without rumble the wavebird is a true classic. Wireless back before it was really a thing that was required for a console to have. I had Logitech wireless controllers for both my PS2 and original Xbox. And loved them more simply because I used them and my PS2/Xbox more. Still, credit where credit is due.

  • I gotta wavebird for sale

  • Man, the Wavebird was such a great controller. I went out of my way to look for one when I had a Wii, just so I could play Smash and Mario Kart with a proper controller. You wouldn't think such a bulky-looking controller would be comfortable, but they pulled it off.

  • Hey man, just saying, setting up a 16-player match of Mario Kart Double Dash sounds like an A+ piece of content 👍

  • Remember when Nintendo used to make really tight and durable controllers?

  • Can you review the Retrofighters Brawler 64? I just purchased one and I feel that is a great alternative to the OG 64 controller.

  • Xbox one still use IR

  • I still use my wavebird controller for Smash Ultimate from 2001 onward when it was used for Melee. Still my preferred Nintendo controller to this day!

  • I loved my wavebird. I finished windwaker from the bathroom with a well placed mirror. Also I typically don’t care for rumble so the wave bird lack of rumble was a selling point for me.

  • I prefer wired

  • Of course it’s great, Al