Here's Why the Lamborghini Aventador SV Is Worth $500,000

Pubblicato il 18 gen 2017
I drove the new Lamborghini Aventador SV to find out why it's worth $500,000.
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  • I’m getting a Lambo one day working my minimum wage job

  • I don't want to buy it, i just want to sit..

  • What is really size of lambo? Hmm

  • I’d remove the stupid decals

  • I love the design of this car is crazy🔥💯

  • I have a Lamborghini, a Koenigsegg, a couple Ferrari’s and a Mclaren... In my dreams

  • what a ripoff

  • I live in New England. All I can think of are potholes and steep driveway aprons. Not Lambo friendly!

  • “ lost 100 pound and added a bunch of styling “ aero is the word Doug aero

  • Why is Doug so blown away about a Lamborghini costing half a mil? Plus, that is NOT a crazy looking concoction of anything. It’s bad fricking ass!

  • The coolest gage cluster is on the lyken hyper sport

  • “Ok so the problem is we’re doing this in Virginia where you’ll get arrested for even thinking about speeding” I’ve never heard a more true statement.

  • I wouldn't buy it even if I had $5m

  • The Pirelli Edition is even better looking:

  • Love watching him drive other people’s car

  • Wtf only 50k doller?? In Bangladesh its 200k doller worth 🙄

  • And get the new Tesla roadster is half price and has better performance.

  • Cool gauge cluster

  • Fastest Lamborghini Veneno has entered the chat

  • 12:01 to 12:43 Doug went full douchebag mode

  • I'm Italian so i just farted 2k dollars now :))

  • Prius has left the chat...

  • Lamborghini can kiss my ass ☺️

  • but is still slower than the *DEMON*

  • The BRZ part 💀

  • Being more into motorcycles than cars, I find it crazy how low this thing revs.

  • كيفية الفوز بـ SVJ 2019 لامبورغيني أفينتادور وواحد من أحدث الهواتف الذكية نعم ، أنت لست مخطئًا كما قرأت الآن ، إذا كنت مقيماً في إحدى هذه الظروف التي تهتم بها للدول ، فهذه المقالة ونصحك بقراءة النص الكامل الإمارات العربية المتحدة أستراليا سويسرا كندا النمسا النمسا لوكسمبورغ أيرلندا فنلندا السويد فرنسا ألمانيا النرويج هولندا بلجيكا الدنمارك

  • The fire extinguisher in this car itself costs more than my entire car

  • This would be dream car If I had da the money.

  • 168 mile range with a full gas tank

  • So if I ever win 1 million dollars in the lottery, guess what I'm buying?

    • Machine learning. Billionaire.

    • Real estate so you can make tens of millions of dollars.

  • difference between a lambo and a boner? i dont have a lambo!!!

  • My dream car

  • The fastest Lamborghini is the Lamborghini sian

  • “The most absurd, craziest looking and fastest Lamborghini” ? What about the Veneno? Sesto Elemento?

    • Those look too conceptual. The aventador looks like fighter alien jet.

  • Doug, The type of person that gives details that are nearly noticeable

  • No one else seen the liscense plate that says dropout

  • Doug is the type of person who shows feature, quirks and easter eggs even the manufacturers never ever show.

  • The level of society is horrible nowadays, he is talking like this stupid piece of carbon is like teleportation or time travel. Wake up from your deep sleep or go back to the trees and start again. His doug score is absolute crap. Wake up up idiots.

    • It's a half million dollar we all want and can't afford. Get over yourself bud.

  • The dumbest is travel and smoke 600€ for an ashtray