Here's Why the Lamborghini Aventador SV Is Worth $500,000

Pubblicato il 18 gen 2017
I drove the new Lamborghini Aventador SV to find out why it's worth $500,000.
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  • Imagine paying half a million for a car, then handing the keys to Doug.

  • Plot twist: you borrow all yoyr cars and you are pulling a lil tay

  • My favorite car ever. Everyone has a favorite this is mine.

  • Id rather have the house

  • how do those rims survive a pothole?? the spokes look crazy thin. if i didnt have my glasses on id think it was a Ford GT, especially in that blue

  • This car is one of the my favourite car 😘.

  • A 500k of worthless unreliability to brag about. I’ll pass

  • I’m guessing it’s worth so much cause it’s a Lamborghini aventador sv

  • Who else noticed the license plate? xD

  • That car is the most expensive one i can afford that

  • How much money does it take to build one of these?

  • This sound is just too cool it unbelievable, engine is freaking awesome ,im gonna dream this sound !

  • Genie wish would be to give everyone one of these with unlimited gas and no maintenance

    • Kids in Africa would be fed with the joy of riding it to get the village water

  • One piece, uncomfortable, non-adjusting seats on a 532K car? No thanks. I'll take the 6 bedroom house in Iowa. Nice instrument cluster though.

  • Keep your flippin' hands on the wheel, Tool! says the owner lol...

  • 2/3 of the axis powers in one car 😂 watch out, though, the real fascists have a badge and a radar gun

  • If I buy a Lamborghini Aventador SV (which I won't) the only option(s) I'll get is the back up camera

  • Tbf, the “decals” are painted on but still very expensive

  • I m just afraid to take this out in the open

  • 12:32 a orb went over his right shoulder, but to our left, it makes a turn ....Doug has a ghost rider passenger

  • its worth the money if you dont miss that amount,,, what this thing is ,,,,,,,,is made for narcacists that have money to burn ,,and probably can afford fuel even if it is 50 dollars a gallon

  • why do you need a cd player

  • Hello, Thank you for your video. Your beast is very nice and in this colour looks so aggressive . If you don’t mind check mine here in white with red SV strips please :

  • Damn Doug! That is the best damn sounding automobile I've ever heard.

  • Damn. I just realized that I can’t even afford a Sv sticker.

  • Thanks for the video, I didn't have a clue.

  • Can wait for the Tesla Roadster 2020 review

  • This or the new phantom

  • Doug again knows nothing about Lamborghini (shocker) to say this is the wildest looking model.

  • 2:28 what's a CD?

  • Who needs a cd player when you have a v12 behind?

  • Is it me or why is no one talking about how dusty and dirty the interior of the car is??

  • 1:29 why does the car move with him?

  • Imagine buying a Lamborghini and....and (CAUGHS) getting an automatic🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • I’m getting a Lambo one day working my minimum wage job

  • I don't want to buy it, i just want to sit..

  • What is really size of lambo? Hmm

  • I’d remove the stupid decals

  • I love the design of this car is crazy🔥💯

  • I have a Lamborghini, a Koenigsegg, a couple Ferrari’s and a Mclaren... In my dreams

  • what a ripoff

  • I live in New England. All I can think of are potholes and steep driveway aprons. Not Lambo friendly!

  • “ lost 100 pound and added a bunch of styling “ aero is the word Doug aero

  • Why is Doug so blown away about a Lamborghini costing half a mil? Plus, that is NOT a crazy looking concoction of anything. It’s bad fricking ass!

  • The coolest gage cluster is on the lyken hyper sport

  • “Ok so the problem is we’re doing this in Virginia where you’ll get arrested for even thinking about speeding” I’ve never heard a more true statement.

    • Amherst County Virginia is the worst...Dude these guys dont play they are trained badasses.

  • I wouldn't buy it even if I had $5m

  • The Pirelli Edition is even better looking:

  • Love watching him drive other people’s car

  • Wtf only 50k doller?? In Bangladesh its 200k doller worth 🙄

  • And get the new Tesla roadster is half price and has better performance.

  • Cool gauge cluster

  • Fastest Lamborghini Veneno has entered the chat

  • 12:01 to 12:43 Doug went full douchebag mode

  • I'm Italian so i just farted 2k dollars now :))

  • Prius has left the chat...

  • Lamborghini can kiss my ass ☺️

  • but is still slower than the *DEMON*

  • The BRZ part 💀

  • Being more into motorcycles than cars, I find it crazy how low this thing revs.