Her plastic surgeon went terrifyingly too far | Korean Horror Clip: Cinderella | K-Crush

Pubblicato il 9 ott 2019
She’s really regretting her decision to go under the knife now…
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About 'Cinderella' (신데렐라)
High school student Hyun-su (Shin Se-kyung) lives with her mother, Yoon-hee (Do Ji-won), a plastic surgeon. Hyun-su vain circle of friends soon become patients of her mother’s, undergoing facelifts, eyelid surgery, and other procedures. Coming to from surgery, they begin to notice some unexpected side effects - seeing ghosts, hearing voices, and experiencing the urge to mutilate themselves. As the situation becomes more dire, Hyun-su has no choice but to delve into her mother’s past where she uncovers a deadly secret.
Shin Se-kyung 신세경
Do Ji-won 도지원
Yoo Da-in 유다인
Jeon So-min 전소민
Bong Man-dae 봉만대
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Cinderella 신데렐라 | AsianCrush


  • Watch Full Movie “Cinderella” on the web: bit.ly/2qXCHM3 Stream more Korean horror films on our app: bit.ly/acAPP SUBSCRIBE to our IT-tvs channel: bit.ly/kcrushYT

  • Waste of water..😟😔

  • 2:02 Oh h*** to the no!

  • Just realized that that's Somin from Running Man! Love that show

  • Mom pick me up im scared

  • Didn't understand why she screamed at the end was 'cause she cuted ?

  • do Koreans consider plastic surgery as taboo? :o

    • @Uesugi Kenshin it's popular with the youth

    • *AJ * I've seen in many Korean movies, seems like they don't consider it as a good thing.

    • Plastic surgery is popular in korea

  • wait how did i get here?

  • so is this a horror movie?

  • I mean...yikes.

  • This young lady is very beautiful just the way she is. Plastic surgery can have some very bad results and they don't last because lets face it what voes up must come down the law of physics so these young lady's end up haveing more and more surgery and before long they look terible and their worse off than becore because eventually there is no fix for it and they end up looking like side show freaks just because of what one person started and others folled suit how sad someone so beautiful would want to call these girls friends with friends like them who needs enemy's

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  • Huh

  • Girl: nah she ugly... •slices statue• Masterpiece: AAAAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHH HOWWWWAAA DARE UUU

  • Wtf!?

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  • I had saw this clip before , on some another channel 🎈

  • I was waiting for this😂

  • I think this is about loving yourself and there can be negative effects of plastic surgery. Or this could be a reference to the slet mouth woman (Because the thing keep saying "pretty".)

  • Jeon so minnn ahhaahah

  • Uhh They was gone have to make e Unconscious 😂😂😂😂Somebody woulda died air I felt pain 😂

  • That's a yikes from me

  • These videos are nice. 😊

    • Hillary Escalante really? I thought someone would say creepy as heck.

  • Interesting

  • Early

  • Hey guys any small IT-tvsrs wanna help each other grow lmk!!!


  • Vibe check


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    • Yay!!!