Heat? Pistons? Timberwolves? What's next for Chris Paul? | The Jump

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
Ramona Shelburne, Nick Friedell and Dave McMenamin discuss the future of Chris Paul after he was sent from the Houston Rockets to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Russell Westbrook. The Miami Heat, Detroit Pistons and Minnesota Timberwovles have been mentioned as destinations.
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  • Clippers lmao 😂🤔

  • These people make me sleepy

  • Chris already a fucking billionare he dont need the money just agree to give up the salary get bought out then go sign with Lakers and have Melo Lebron and CP3 win rings for next 2 years lol

  • CP3 is just another melo. goes for the stats and money, not for the wins. Doc rivers said as much. you can't do a lot of team plays because there's only the "cp3 plays" when cp3 plays.

  • Chris paul i love u bro bro but we do not want that contract in detroit honestly

  • CP3 ended his career with a max contract. Bye bye legend. He sits down his contract.

  • why yall keep pushing cp3 to miami knowing another beef might happen? smfh

  • My wolves wouldn't mind having him

  • Cp3 is done let’s be real here I mean he can come off the bench but he’s weak slow and flat !! And over payed but he is succeeding at his State Farm commercials

  • ESPN is trying pretty damn hard to lose viewership throwing these JV analyst teams together. First Take and now this? It’s getting brutal

  • Nobody wants chris paul

  • if i have to watch another she shed state farm commercial i swear

  • I love his deep voice!!

  • He don't deserve shit

  • Dip into Detroit Mr.Paul

  • Trade Paul for Gordon Hayward and a first round pick

  • Who tf are these guys lmao

  • I bet they will trade him for john wall and some of there young players or alot of picks and then just sit on wall contract til they can buy him out

  • No keep him away from the pistons lol he's too old and its pointless to pair him and blake again

  • Chris Paul is about to get bought out and chill at home with Melo lmao

  • He should retire while he still has his dignity.

  • The Heat better not get him please God don’t let Pat fall for this shit

  • With the roster and assets OKC has once a star goes for sale, and it happens each year, OKC could become a contender

  • Wiggins for CP3

  • Why the hate on chris Paul?

  • Chris Paul getting treated like Carmelo...

  • Don't pin the bum on Miami

  • Hall seriously think it’s a good idea to put Chris Paul in the locker room again with Blake Griffin? Come on now

  • Melo, Cp3 careers ending on sour notes , legendary careers, bad endings.

  • Cp3 should just retire.

  • soon to be ringless 😣

  • 2:33 “Steven Human” !?!? Area 51 here we come

  • Wait why cant they move him until december?

  • please not Detroit .. we dont need chris paul

  • U can just cross off Detroit rn lol

  • Cp3 is still a solid PG, but that contract can cripple a team for years. Hard pass for Miami please...

  • Bad contract aside, I hope CP prove all you wackos wrong. Salty he didn’t get the job done for my Clippers but still respect what he brings to the game as a true pg

  • chris paul should from big 3 in knicks with melo and jr smith.

  • The thunders going to draft the whole first round


  • See how they shit on ISO players or star player the ones that grew up on Jordan type stlye first iverson then Melo ( really shit on him) than harden then Westbrook now Chris Paul lol SMH

  • Nick Friedel always hatin on CP3

  • ??? Huh? .... Why not CP3 just say. "Nah man, fuck it! Only thing I ain't got is a champ. ring" Chris, my opinion, you got plenty of cash, go home, enjoy life become a full time dad and husband. Go coach BB at your high school. ..... NBA was a place to work, it paid well for you. Life is full of 'baiters' and haters. REALLY. Forget all this ...... go home and enjoy life.

    • Uh, but FIRST get ....... ALL ............ of the money due you. Don't leave nothing on the table.

  • Timberwolves make the most sense. They are a leader away from being good.

  • They can’t move him until when ?

  • This nigga bashing Chris Paul like he was not suppose to ask for the Max 💀

  • If I chris I would give about 20M back & try to get the buyout

  • I don't even like cp3 but it'll be tight if he linked back up with Griffin. He needs to adjust his attitude and humble himself tho. Or else Reggie Jackson gonna piece him up like Rondo. 😂

  • This was not a awful contract when he signed it.🤣🤣🤣

  • He took that massive contract and they should've took a big cut and got better players. That's how San Antonio has been so productive for over 20 seasons.

  • Chris is not going to the pistons. Lakers

  • Thunder should buy him out so he can play for the Lakers

  • Big3

  • Only one way cp3 well go on waste basket. Or else recycle on waste garbage.

  • If someone signed me to a four-year, $160 million max deal, I'd be happy with my career

  • Imagine he teams up with Blake griffin in Detroit. The duo will be back together again except this time older. Honestly that would be insane. I hope they make this happen

  • Cp3 should fit well with either the 76ers, the Lakers or the Jazz. I hope no matter where he goes that he finds success.

  • CP3 is turning into a villain. There was once a time when everyone would trade for him. Oh how times have changed.

  • If I was cp3 I’d take the abs lowest contract with LA or PHI to make one last run at a ring

  • imagine being a hall of fame player, and not being able to get to the confrence finals, at least one time

  • He should go too the heat

  • Dave... sorry you are the most stiff and uncomfortable person to watch on a sports show... probably ever. Plus you don't know how trade restrictions work... FML can i have your job?

  • CP3 needs to team up with R2D2.

  • Lakers

  • I'm starting to like Nick Friedell... becoming a no nonsense pretty sharp analyst

  • Get bought out by OKC join Lakers

  • She said Chris Paul began his career in OKC? Lol

  • Cp3 for Wiggins?

  • Big 3 HOF

  • Timberwolves.. no.. don't do it

  • They can move him immediately, home boy was wrong, they just can't move him with other players till later in the year.

  • Media these days are trash

  • Please...Paul and Westbrook crying all the way to the bank!

  • As a heat fan I don't want him

  • They cant get rid of him for any assets..will habe to give picks to try to trade..how much of a buyout would he accept..stand pact OKC..maybe he can mentor gilgrous alexander

  • This cuck says okc owes Chris Paul lol dafuq?

  • John Wall for Chris Paul?

  • Two shit players, with shit attitudes and shit personalities, on shit contracts, traded for each other and shit. 🤷‍♂️ who gives a damn, Houston gonna lose still, thunder never had a chance to win to begin with, give Seattle the team back where they can get good. I'm sick of this nonsense. Only in the pussified NBA can employees have any power and dictate what happens to them.

  • People are acting like CP3 is completely washed up. Hes still a solid player. Not worth what hes making but still can help a contending team win.

  • My man TV giving WRONG facts lol