Head of Machinima is Going to Prison!

Pubblicato il 27 set 2019
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Our old boss, former Machinima President Stephen Semprevivo has finally been sentenced in the College Admissions Scandal, code named "Operation Varsity Blues".

Stephen Semprevivo goes to Prison
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  • That’s what he gets for deleting my childhood within a click of a button.

  • Hm well that is what he gets then

  • This really rubs me the wrong way. I mean sure, he was a piece of shit, but nobody deserves to have their life permanently ruined like this. All that was really done is just a shallow vengeance, and anything to do with the justice system will result in no actual benefit being brought on. It's just a hollow sympathy, if you ask me. No amount of prison is going to undo or even mend the damage, and community service is too lax to make up for it. He should be paying restitution, not time.

  • Are we still going to pretend that rich people get there through hard work and capitalism works as sold on the tin? 'Course we are...

  • Living the real American dream

  • We need get machinima back

  • This happens everyday in India! The University representatives from the EU, USA and Austrailia sell many of their seats every semester to the rich in India!

  • I don't know who any of those people are.

  • rip battlefield friends

  • Lets see someone get only 14 days for cheating 15k worth of food stamps or whatever similar while NOT rich...

  • It's hard to be a doctor for a very, very fucking good reason. I'm sure even fake doctors have had to visit a real one at least once in their life. How would they feel if the doctor they were visiting wasn't an MD?

  • This probably sounds like a stupid question but is this just your guy’s new channel or something? I just figured out today about the whole machinama thing

    • Their old channel no longer exists ever since Machinima folded. Luckily, they jumped ship not even a year before that happened. Some gold-star fans of the old ETC Show have reuploaded some of the archive, and Ricky and Elliott seem to have a don't-ask-don't-tell attitude toward that.

  • 5052473 hhhh

  • I would not even need to invest that 400K in order to live off it. Just 10% of that could take care of me for years. Decades. I live in a 3rd world country so there you go. I'm not buying Starbucks coffee in the morning, know what I'm saying?

  • The sponsor part was the funniest bit!

  • I LOVE how these crimes carry such light punishments... *sarcasm*. Had a regular person committed these crimes, I'm sure the sentences would be far worse.

  • I'm only offended by the sponsor of the video

  • Is the dude on the left single? 😅

  • When wealthy people would have children with brains then people like myself wouldn't have to be tortured into doing their children's homework. Every day I ask god to damn the U.S. pedophile ring to Hell. And damn god for making such anal lands as Rome and Washington DC and Israel.

  • Do you guys not make out with girls after giving each other head? Next time I'll shave my ass too just to spite you

  • The but hurt is real. That aside, it's great to have Ricky back.

  • ...and dsp is still streaming.

  • Really disappointed nobody has called the moms and dads involved “parentsites”

  • Dude, you need to change your look. You have the 50-year-old Tony Hawk thing going on currently.

  • you know

  • I can relate to your glee in seeing your, apparently, disliked boss get in to trouble. I'd like to point out while bribing officials to give his kid a side door in, what Felicity Huffman did is worse. She had SAT scores altered, that in effect gets her kid in front door, shoving a more deserving student behind her kid, possibly shutting that door closed on that student. Felicity Huffman may have paid only $50,000, a fraction compared to the $500,000 Lori Loughlin paid to have fake crew spots created, its far worse an infraction. I realize there is this whole economic class war going on, and the amounts spent seem to indicate seriousness. But, altering test scores is as bad as altering transcripts. In most of these phone team spot creations, they aren't replacing real athletes. The USC crew coach isn't going to have his or her racing shells row in circles, which is what happens when you don't have a balanced crew. Tennis coaches aren't going to lose tournaments, that's how they lose their jobs. These big bribery incidents are about getting a poor student into an average school, like a huge diploma factory like USC. Rigging SAT scores is about getting in front of other candidates getting into high level schools, MIT, Harvard, Brown, Stamford, that only accept 1/100 of those that apply. A kid could lose out on an academic scholarship. In objective "Modern Family" terms, hopefully you have seen that show. Binge watching, HILARIOUS! Dad Phil had pull strings to get his ditsy daughter Haley in to his Alma Mater, a local University. He used his legacy connections, did a favor for admissions guy. But, his other daughter Alex gets into Cal Tech because she is a genius. No amount of bribery can get you in a school like that. If it did, the student would flunk out by mid terms, 1st semester. They just wouldn't survive academically. So to me, Felicity Huffman got off real easy. As much as your old boss from hell paid $300,000 to get his flunky kid into a school, its punishable, should be punishable, but Felicity Huffman poisoned the integrity of a system, like perjury, voter fraud, witness and evidence tampering, counterfeiting money, etc. These are federal crimes.

  • why do people still think you gotta jump hops to get in 😂😂😂😂this newz be weird......its like the national inquirer

  • Four months? That's not prison, that's jail. Prison is a year and a day. Anything less is jail.

    • Xeno426 idk, I went to legit prison in NC for 6 months in 2017. Spent the first month in jail then the last 5 in 3 separate prisons. I was confused too.

  • At $400k he could have literally paid for several people including his son to go to school, sure it wouldn't have been named Georgetown but it still could have been a quality education.

  • women get off with slaps on the wrists. man gets prison. Though, in this case, we'll take what we can get.

  • Instead of giving money to some slimy coach, why not work a deal with the slimy folks who run the school? something like, “i’ll donate 400 k towards the such and such school.. or such and such grant program, then you accept my stupid kid into your diploma mill. With the sports programs, its not as if there are any real standards anymore.

  • 8:21 in memory of Rip Taylor

  • I don’t understand why everyone is so angry about this lol. He deserves to go to prison for this? Who is the victim? People’s envy? Ugh

    • @Greg Taylor you are literally, honestly why US is a shithole for real people and why ticks and parasites thrive

    • The guy who was taking the bribes, yes. The father tho?

  • i did 6 months in jail for petty theft

  • Prison

  • Kids have their entire lives altered because of this and the rich get away with a smack on the wrist. What a world

  • Schadenfreude never a good look.

  • You guys still at this and only 165k lolol time to call it quits

  • Had no idea these guys were still alive

  • Rick Scott was convicted as the biggest Medicare fraudster in the history of Medicare by a huge margin, and was elected Governor of Florida twice, and most recently as US Senate.

  • Bubba is going to want Semprevivo to be manscaped when he arrives to prison for sure! That is the front and especially the back.

  • Take a shot for every instance of "You know"!

  • Suck shit machinama guy

  • i love how machinima is subscribed to you LOL.

  • Corruption in Russian universities are much bigger and it is so widespread no one gives a f about it.

    • So, why expect them to support good business?

  • LOL that statement sounds like Trump wrote it.

  • 7:20 Everyone is getting a slap on the wrist.

  • Sup and subbed bro

  • I had you guys playing in the background while I'm editing and when I heard "bye Steven" it totally tripped me out lol

  • The only channel where I’ll check for new videos keep it up you legends

  • I love to see the rich and famous get what they deserve.

  • Worth celebrating. Enjoy yourselves!

  • Good, now can we get a channel that's actually about machinima, we need more red vs blue type shows again. Lol

  • He's going to prison and I'm about to get off of work to drink me an ice cold beer, life sure is great. Lmao


  • A black woman who lied about her child’s school district got 5 years. You should not be satisfied with his sentence.

  • Crab rave came into mind when reading this title

  • You should cover the story of Naason Garcia. A megachurch leader who is currently being held without bond of crimes of child pornography and other sexual charges. He's pleaded not guilty and his members believe his innocence. There's a lot to cover and this is just scratched the tip of the iceberg.

  • You guys are a trip. I love watching you two give your ex boss the shit. lol

  • Is it a prestigious College? Not really one of the US Colleges you usually hear about outside of the US.

    • Yes...well-respected Catholic Univ in Wash DC...many consider it Ivy-leagueish