Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
⭐️ Jelly got what he deserved in today's Minecraft video!
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  • You should try to stay in the nether and build houses

  • you lose jelly is going to back

  • Slogo is the most famous IT-tvs ever in history

  • name the baby chicken use code slogo

  • Name the chicken baby giant baby Joe

  • Down a little tiny little Gerald

  • JELLY built trap

  • Max!😀

  • you can put banners on sheilds

  • Yeah who loves slogomans

  • Josh can I be the chickens name please I’m cole

  • Jelly

  • Me sydney

  • Call him joey the 🐔

  • Derik

  • Put a red banner on your shield

  • irtoggicf

  • Slow go man you should name the chicken sanna the baby chicken

  • Uar asmsim

  • Name the ciken bro bro

  • Josh jelly is going to destroy ur castle

  • Jelly's A Loser🤣

  • kill jelly

  • The other baby chicken what is in the garden

  • Get more shields just in case

  • Get actual shield for just in case

  • no jellyiscool

  • Carmen

  • U should look for dimons!

  • Hello Hello ------------------

  • Yes we love slogoman 👍👍👍

  • Me:1 year of Minecraft and knows every thing Bout it. Slogoman and jelly: WhAts NiTheR warts??? PS: I'm not making fun of you. I'm just saying.

  • The thing throwing fireballs at you is called a blaze. If one fireball hits you you take fire damage only. But if you make a fire resistance potion you will be immune to blaze attacks and fire for the potion duration.

  • You can increase the potion effects ( duration and strength ) with Redstone. You can turn any potion into a splash potion ( can be thrown and effect anything within its radius ) equal to the potion effect using gunpowder which you may get from killing a ghast or creeper. Hope this helps and good luck with burning elements.

  • To make a potion stand ( brewing ) you need 3 cobblestone and blaze rod in a 3x3 crafting grid. To make the fire resistance potion you need a netherwart and magma cream.

  • The thing you saw in the nether standing in the lava is a zombie pigman. If you don't attack it, it won't attack you. But if you do any pigman around them ( could be more than one ) will attack you including the one that was hit.

  • The fire thing that shot fireballs is called a blaze. If you get hit you will burn. But if you drink a fire resistance potion you will be immune to its attacks for the duration of the effects.

  • You should make a enchanting table because you have all of the materials:)

  • It's called a blaze

  • yessss go slogo but watch out for raging jellys