Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
⭐️ Jelly got what he deserved in today's Minecraft video!
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  • Slogo man is secretly dan tdm

  • You can put pictures on ur sheild

  • Name the chicken Rubio Fitzo Every part of wood in jellies house you should slowly change Color and see it spread then sea how lon it takes for him to notice

  • Slogoman is the best

  • :)

  • daniel shod be the name

  • Hi is laing

  • pls pick me im your fan slogoman

  • Hi josh I'm your biggest fan

  • Did you know that you can block fireballs

  • Hi

  • bendy

  • Like your plan

  • I love your vids

  • you need to build a different base and build armor around it

  • Jelly had opcideion and a shield the whole time

  • Call the little chicken mike the chicken

  • Jhosh make a secret bedrok base with all your loot inside and traps far away from jelly's hose and can I plz be a chicken?


  • Call it alabiziam

  • And rang the little bell

  • I subbed and liked the video.

  • Those dragon thing is called a Phantom and the spinning fire thing is a blaze if you punch the fire balls thay will go back

  • 20:14

  • 2014

  • Jelly said the f**k at 20:15

  • Cool

  • If u name it after me just call it Galaxy

  • Like for I million cookies

  • Maybe other Xbox can could play too

  • Please

  • Could you please please please play Minecraft on Xbox with me

  • U can decorate them sheilds

  • You are a noob!!!!!

  • I love your vids

  • Weish

  • Pls pls pls call it Alex the 9th He’s 👑

  • Best minecraft troll hahah


  • Kyle

  • Please bame a chicken after me

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  • That is Just wrong😡

  • hello my friend slogoman my friends 🍊kweplkop 🍎slogoman 🍏jelly

  • You can colour your shields

  • lily

  • Hi

  • Keep up the good vids.use code Sligo

  • The things that were flying in the sky are Phantoms like so they see

  • that was kinda mean to jelly but still really cool jelly's plan backfired

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  • Josh im a sweat let me be in the army

  • jk lol

  • did you know that jelly know's about the cannon

  • The "fiery spiny thing " is a blaze

  • My name is Andrew

  • Josh you should build a second base white loots far away I case jelly comes back and blow up you hse

  • Haha best episode ever

  • Slogoman SCOOL

  • you sak samwan

  • Build a trapped chest in jellies castle and replace all the chest or the bottom ones and put under a tnt example: CHEST BBBBBBBBB BLOCKS ____________ = TNT

  • Lamo

  • Hes not trying to destroy your house

  • It is a blaze

  • Name it KFC

  • Declan the chiking

  • Josh jelly has an enchanted armour and your diamonds kill him

  • me

  • Go foward a couple vids HAHa

  • Jelly had obsiy and he had a shial

  • Go and act like your Jelly friend had the end of the war


  • Bella

  • Please name the chicken Oscar and like every single one of slogomans videos if you are reading this also you can hit mobs with the shield if it gets close

  • I love your vids soo much😍😍😍❤❤❤👍👍

  • The thing that attacked jelly is a phantom it will attack you if you don't sleep for 3 days

  • Bro Name Is Mc.Derpy!

  • Josh don’t press the tnt cannon lever jelly has made it so it will go to your castle instead and blow it up

  • Josh when you in the nether and there is a white flying monster when he spit like fire you can hit it the fire and you can hit him with it it’s called a gast

  • Ok thos things in the skye are phantoms