He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER

Pubblicato il 9 set 2019
I went on Fiverr and paid bass players to create the HARDEST Bass Riffs Ever...
The challenge? I had to play them all.
Who did the best job?! Leave a comment NOW
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  • *Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you

  • 7:26 On the left we see a guy with no emotions, on the right we see a guy with a lot of emotions

  • Why do most bass players look constipated

  • Noooo davied don't do this to me!!!! U used epicc how dare u🤬🤬🤬


  • Davie: slap like now!! Guy named like:🥺🥺

  • Technique award goes to the PRO. However, in terms of making a hard bass riff that sounds funky and sick, 69$ guy has it made. Davie, I think your HARDEST BASS RIFF EVER was funkier than the 69$ guy, but maybe not as hard as the PRO. So in the end I think you win under your parameters of "hard but still sounds good."

  • The static noise at 12:36 got me.

  • 7 dollars guy 7 dollari gahmhmh uomo

  • The best one is the 70 and something dollars!!

  • #10

  • F, for 69$ guy

  • dont really understand why people watch this guy. he just does mouth/ eye zoom in’s with a really monotone voice and bland video ideas.

  • 136 dollars

  • Do a foot reveal

  • I like his Epic reactions

  • Well... your presentation skills have grown amazingly since I first saw you smash that Deadmaus thing... Excellent entertainment 👍

  • Гашг, I ам а вапапа апd а ьомь. I шill dеsтгоу рогпhць шiтh му хтгеме рошег апd dеsтгцстiоп

  • you are such a good bass slapper.

  • All the “Dollas” in the video: 1:33 1:47 2:02 2:04 2:14 2:46 2:48 2:57 3:10 4:07 5:04 5:10 5:48 6:56 7:53 8:36 10:09 10:58 11:08 13:29 13:30 13:31 13:33 13:34 13:36 13:38 13:40 13:42 13:46 13:54

  • I need a B A S S

  • Is there anything davie504 cant do?

  • Oh man right on 7:33 was so badass and definitely a one up on him 👊🏼

  • You must drink a LOT a coffee or smoke and drink a LOT of coffee. Otherwise with your skin tone compared to your teeth should be much whiter. I mean... do you eat mud?

  • OMG like i am gen (genous)

  • Yours was so bad ass i forgot all the other ones lol amazing...

  • you won everyone but the last.... sory but the 136 guy slapped you...

  • $78 dollar previously $69 dollar bro is the best

  • 69€ lmao guy did the best job - it is groove and catchy

  • Italian PewDiePie

  • NOW!

  • $7 $135

  • quintuple camera guy

  • F

  • Someone inform Davie he just learned the Seinfeld theme

  • $7 was my fav. it sounded so good! I slapped the subscribe!!!

  • Just FYI this was the video that shot Charles Berthoud to IT-tvs fame.

  • davie and these fiverr guys could play their own characters in a sitcom called "Davie's Bass Place"

  • F

  • 12:37 this is why I love this channel. Such dry and well placed humor

  • If quintuple camera guy doesn't play a fat groove using only 6th fret - 9th fret next time, he doesn't deserve sextuple camera guy.. le meowwww

  • That #3 was so clean. I wish he turned it into a song.

  • i really want to accept the challenge but i don't have bass lol!

  • Sounds like he tried to make it funky or version of the Seinfeld Theme Song I'd look into that if I were you

  • I think his playing in slow motion and than edit it fast so that it sounds normal ! 🤔

  • I slapped like and my computer slapped me back. ouch

  • You look and sound like borat

  • 12:44 dis technique made me dead

  • Ciao davie sei stra simpatico!

  • 136$

  • nb 5 used 5 strings . ILLEGAL

  • *Davie504: Asked us to slap like twice* Me: *Click the like button twice

  • I like ur shirt “Taipei city”

  • 136

  • I really liked the 3rd one. Anyone know any bands with similar style??

  • You watching you talk and your expression tricks people into thinking you cant really play but you good i liked all of them

  • *smh*

  • Did you miss the harmonics on number 3?

  • Bruh

  • I dont even know how to play an instrument, but I love this channel!