Harrowing New Details About Mexico Massacre That Killed 9 Americans | NBC Nightly News

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
13-year-old Devin Langford, who survived the attack, says his mother yelled to take cover as their SUV was riddled by gunfire in America. Police say a drug cartel fired more than 200 rounds as they slaughtered the nine Americans traveling in a caravan, including Devin’s mother and brothers.
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Harrowing New Details About Mexico Massacre That Killed 9 Americans | NBC Nightly News


  • Technically they were Mexican citizens

  • The borders will always be dangerous what do you expect ?

    • ismael tapia you’re going to blame the victims for this? “What do you expect?” How about safer borders, no drug cartels. People are entitled to be safe, not to commit a crime.

  • Cartels are evil but they don't attack innocent people unless somebody provokes them. They don't go and shoot people like isis

  • The American news like to hide the truth. They have enemies in that area. The mormons are as guilty as the cartel. Check the Spanish news with subtitles

  • no one is actually caring about this story .

    • Becuase Impeach Him and Lock Him Up are much better slogans than "Fight the Drug Cartels" or "start another war"


  • There is much more info in the Mexican news than what your hearing about in the states about this . ... concerning the family’s ranch illegally drilling hundreds upon hundreds of wells on their nut tree property . They ignored the local ranchers when they brought their concerns about lowering the water table for the whole area so the near by farms and village was cut off from their water . One day last year several truck loads of locals stormed the gate and set fire to two buildings and destroyed many wells and newly planted nut trees to send a much stronger message that was also ignored

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-GWl2tZgGNOc.html

  • People like to leave out the part on how some of these Mormons are smuggling weapons to Mexico to do business with cartels. Not saying this family was involved but a lot of information is missing here.

  • Mexico is Corrupt. U.S. is Impotent. No Excuses. Never Again. SHOT & BURNED BABIES.

    • Ryan Wolfe USA is corrupt, they gave those weapons to the cartels. Fast and The Furious anyone?

  • Mexico cartels ambushed innocent children ... cowardly

  • Call them C A R T E L S

  • Mossad Israeli agents vs Mormon mafia members at war in Mexico. Trump serves the popcorn and hemberders

  • Don't worry gun control will save America from any dangerous criminals.


  • 🤦...why would a bunch of trump supporters travel to Mexico after all of the filthy vileness their presiDUNCE has said about the country?

  • Question is how many guns provided by the fast and furious operation were use here?

  • So many questions.. Something is seriously wrong with this story. Cartel doesn't make careless and random moves like this. There is definitely more to this story.

    • Mormons have been at war with Cartels for decades (it-tvs.com/tv/video-LpIyaIHsJbc.html) However, I wonder if a husband of 7 wives went psycho because one of them decided to leave with her kids. Probably easy too make it look like a Cartel hit.

  • Build the wall

  • My prayers to the demised souls 😔🙏🏼✨

  • Please drop the atomic bomb in Mexico god

  • Sad

  • Non confirmable story that repeatedly uses the same footage and again the “ crime scene “ does not match any witness statements There are supposedly dual citizens but that’s also non confirmable Several children look very scruffy and unhappy in other photos photos NOT USED by ABC and the story is disposable because nobody contacted police and the FBI claim from ABC is also fully disposable too it’s fabricated It’s possible these woman were trying to FLEE an extremist religious cult and were KILLE by their own cult in the process Several men behave and look very concerning and again ABC promotes child abusing context and child murder and torture context and hateful deadly context towards woman in a coordinated misinformation and extremist and fake news performance This context should have been removed by Google a long time ago

    • You mean like the Polygamist Mormons - the war between the Cartels and the Mormons have been going on for decades: it-tvs.com/tv/video-LpIyaIHsJbc.html However, I can see where the husband of 7 wives goes psycho when one of them wants to leave the cult compound !

    • You're starting to sound like Alex Jones.

    • you're mentally unstable

  • Democrat's want to open the border so these killers can do this in the USA.

    • justagirlsd 007 no i dont because thats less than 1% of shootings annually unlike gang violence and part of the reason mass shootings are happening is because of the huge demographic change like in el paso

    • @justagirlsd 007 - Yet you people ignore how many lives guns have saved. That's why many countries are changing their gun laws and allowing their citizens to now carry guns for self protection. Mexico loosening their gun laws - and part of the push is by the Mormons who have been at war with the Cartels for decades: it-tvs.com/tv/video-LpIyaIHsJbc.html. Brazil once banned gun ownership is now allowing citizens to carry firearms for protection ! Argentina relaxed their gun laws over a decade ago because of surge of violence - 22,000 armed robberies in one year ! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    • David Kennedy while NRA rethuglicants do nothing about gun violence here in our own country, do you whine about our DAILY mass shootings as well?

  • why can't people just go to Mexico City why it gotta be places like this. ?

    • Reina Arana those guys were involved with the mafia

  • holy crap which part of Mexico were they in ?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • R.I.P.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • HOW YOU KNOW THIS ISNT ANOTHER SANDY HOOK/ actor and trying to have america forcefully intervene into mexican affairs

    • Not even that, think about it, they have vid of the burning car but yet the ones that actually do happen in Mexican aren’t ever shown..

    • Calm down Alex Jones.

  • but keep letting them in and letting them live for free

    • crystaldragon 897 Why don't you trade place with one of them. You were only born in the U.S. by chance.

    • We don't let the Cartel live here for free dumb dumb

  • Why were these Americans traveling in a caravan through cartel territory in Mexico? They moved from the US to live in an area of Mexico controlled by drug cartels??? Something is missing here...

    • @Butterfly YEP

    • justagirlsd 007 okay let me get this straight. The Mormons move to Mexico due to not being able to have several wives?!🧐😳😵😑

    • Either missionaries, or they're involved somehow with the cartel.

    • They’re involved with the cartels, they smuggle weapons into Mexico for the cartels

  • Build the wall!

  • Guy: no one need to live in a place that they don’t feel safe. Me: agree that’s why Latin foreigners tend to cross to the USA. By the way, only watch out for mass/public shooting, buddy.

    • The more melanin in your body, the lower your I.Q. ......Scientific Fact!....Darker the race, the poorer the country. Prove me wrong! Wakanda is not real, so don't even try!🤣🤣🤣

    • You mean mass/public shootings....like this one?👏👏👏🥓👌

  • There not Americans ......THERE MEXICAN CITIZENS WITH TIES TO THE U.S .......... (DONT LET THE MEDiA FOOl YOu)

    • Dual citizenship stupid made you've heard of it.

    • It's a war between the Cartels and the Mormons - been going on for decades: it-tvs.com/tv/video-LpIyaIHsJbc.html

    • @justagirlsd 007 I repeat what OK NOTYET said...source?

    • Yes they were born there

    • @Angel Eduardo what

  • make ca mexico again right???

  • Tragic, but that's the reality in that area. Americans, go there expecting everything to be as jolly as things were in their posh suburb, unfortunate that this had to be their reality check. Keep in mind, that the locals there live there 24/7, and can't as easily just move back to U.S. and "safety"

    • @el goodguy Was that supposed to be funny?

    • Not sure you understand that families story. Some people ignorantly think they are safe when they are not, sure, but to talk down upon them or a country because those from another country acted cruelly...bro you need some help. Quit trying to be so edgy.

  • This is why we need to build a wall.

    • weaselwrocks ok boomer is an alt right meme ,why does the left steal literally everything?

    • why they going to mexico ?

    • ok boomer

  • tragic r.i.p 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Devin, I’m sorry you went through that. You are a hero for your family. You walked 14-miles through cartel country. That must have been nerve wrecking, especially after what happened.

  • tell me why they live there...45 said they all were bad hombres

  • OUR-STORY: = OCCULT-OCCURRENCES: Officially Oncoming or Obscenely - Objectively - Offensively Ongoing. Otherwise offering open opportunities + ostensibly obvious, optically open or observable "occultism".