Happy Video Game Nerd: Little Nemo the Dream Master (NES)

Pubblicato il 14 mar 2008
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  • not only was the gameplay great, music and graphics are all so charming, but there was an awesome anime movie too! I ate it all up as a kid, and it's still charming today.

  • That mom bit was f-ing great!!!!

  • I loved this game I love how you did this video too

  • Oldie but a classic ^@^

  • I'm so annoyed this wasn't an avgn you tricked google which I think is impressive but I don't like this video.

    • He didn’t trick anyone. He’s was inspired of Avgn (who he is friends with btw). His videos are very different and isn’t a typical rage reviewer

  • I’m not sure if I prefer the happy video Game nerd over the angry video game nerd. At least the AVGN warns us which games are shitty.

  • Mole people in my head crustals anna sorcacco amy benedett coreyneo hippie girls 1/3 little nemo on hbo

  • Holy crap man, this came out when IT-tvs was still fairly new.

  • I come back to watch these every now and then, the appreciation, the respect, the genuine happiness is intoxicating. It always makes me feel great, even for games I have no personal nostalgia for.

    • I feel the same. My favorite part of this video is in the beginning when he talks about becoming adults but reminiscing of the good ole days. It hits the heart strings.

  • i loved that movie as a kid, had no idea their was a longer theatrical cut. thank you so much!!!!

  • gosh, I love Little Nemo!

  • You say this isn't a kids' game in spite of the childish theme, but I say it's not a kids' game exactly because of that (among the other things you've mentioned). Kids don't like to be reminded of their childishness or treated as children and anything as explicitly childlike as Little Nemo is rejected out of hand. Instead, it _only_ appeals to adults and it's mindset is to actual child thinking is like retro to actual old stuff: it's filtered through hindsight and sensibilities of a different age.

  • Does anyone knows the movie of this videogame? It was awesome!

  • the best thing about this game is its music , every level has a great music

  • Derek grows up a lot in the last decade. Seriously dude you rule!

  • kazama pajama. i also i think this game predates the anime and is instead based on the japaneese comic strip.

  • But... but I like Ratchet and Clank. (. - ,.)

  • the best game my first in Nintendo with super Mario bros

  • I think I owe a lot to this review and DeceasedCrab's play through of this game in terms of my passion for Windsor McCay's work. I even managed to find a GIANT (it weighs more than 20 pounds, I swear) book of ALL the surviving Little Nemo comics which includes a separate book detailing McCay's work and legacy. It was $200 but I got it at half price due to a clearance sale at Barnes and Noble several years back but it's one of my most treasured possessions. I even have the game, too! ...I can never get past level 3 though. But seriously, I love this comic so much and the impact it's had on entertainment. Dreams have always been fascinating to me, and Little Nemo is fantastic for capturing the idiosyncratic surrealism of each dream while still trying to form something of a narrative within each panel. The history behind it alone is worth a read. I encourage everyone to go look them up and acquire them if you can not just if you love illustration like me, but if you just want to be captivated by something. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

  • I found this looking for Little Nemo, but got really irritated how much this guy rode on the coat tails of AVGN. What a loser, even copied the song? Jesus get your own life.

  • omg I love this video, im 36, i used to play this when I was a kid, the music got me so nostalgic....Im gonna have to learn this in my accordion

  • 10 years later and I still want to stick my nose between your toes and sniff your feet

  • This is one of the best NES games EVER....

  • shit...this bring´s back memories :.) , thank you!

  • Man that 240p and Windows XP days.

  • Ah, memories

  • Feet though. And framerate.

  • The 'mom' bit had quite good comic timing, enjoyed it

  • Aww cheesy bare feet on display?

  • Hands down this was my favorite and my dad's favorite nes game. That train level though, huh guys? Mother fuck that level, wasn't able to beat this game until emulation where i could save my game. XD!

  • Almost subscribed until I heard theme song. That is straight up plagiarism, man. Not cool.

    • If it helps, he is friends with avgn. This used to be a parody channel where is he a happy counter part to angry reviewers

  • Shush your mouth before talking shit about ratchet and clank!!

  • This looks gr8 it is on my famicom but iv not played it but I will now!!!

  • Ew fuck put some shoes on man

  • Yeah, back then beating game was a real deal. It was something you can brag about it at school.

  • I wish HVGN got as huge as AVGN. Best of both worlds but I'm guessing that would never fly

  • I think one of the coolest things about watching Derek's old vids is seeing the montage of the underrated classics of old. There are games that he pays nod to in these montages that he doesn't get to for a while. Like in this vid, you can see a clip of Shatter Hand, a game he wouldn't get to until the changeover to SSFF! I like this sort of nostalgic consistency.

  • Doing a ten-year anniversary rewatch, and man, it was surprising to see Derek get mad about modern games and their difficulty. I don't think I've watched this one since it was originally posted, and I can't imagine the SSFF crew now saying stuff like that. But at the time, I was probably like "YEAH, GAMES USED TO BE HARD AND WE LIKED IT. WE ALSO WALKED UPHILL BOTH WAYS TO SCHOOL IN THE SNOW WITH BARE FEET!" Also forgot the Tom Stoppard quote at the end. Love Stoppard's work.

  • you fucking had the moon song at the end of your video.........subscribed immediately

  • I actually watched the movie never played the game the movie is very good the shadows eyes will make a shiver go down you spine the movie version anyway

  • So DO u pay James for copyright infringement on his angry video game nerd character at all?

    • Lol wtf. Bro avgn supports hvgn. He isn't even hvgn anymore. This video is old.

    • No, because his whole HVGN persona is a parody of AVGN, as well as other reviewers who review terrible media, and a way for him to review quality games.

  • is that your real mom

  • what an avgn rip off

    • Sir Films Alot only by name, every thing else he does is different. Not to mention, he doesn't go by this name in his newer videos, but his content is relatively the same.

    • Sir Films Alot It's a fact. Learn how to cope with things you can not change.

    • call it how you want

    • Sir Films Alot That's like saying everyone else is a copycat because they weren't the first to have their video on IT-tvs.... There's this word called "Inspiration".

    • ravager48 OK so I guess everything is original about this channel

  • man what is this song at 0:08 it makes me go crazy trying to remember for about a year now

  • I think I was obsessed with original Battletoads when I rented Little Nemo. I was very intrigued with The Dream Master and planned on acquiring a copy of my own when I finished Battletoads but couldn't find a copy. That train stage was great!

  • Love the video, but put some shoes on you hippie!

  • It's about time someone else noticed that people are just pussys anymore!!!

  • This game was undoubtedly extra fun even for this time. I remember playing this game AGAIN in 2001 and I enjoyed it as much as when it first came out. Totes adorbs

  • I got lucky then with my copy of the DVD as I found it at the K-Mart in town before it closed for only $5.

  • I remember watching this movie as a kid in the early 90s. this hit me straight in the nostalgias big hoss. Your channel does a great job of reviewing and entertaining at the same time. really dig your stuff. I'm also glad you adopted the SSFF moniker. HVGN was just too obvious. Awesome videos Derek. You're a badass homie

  • After almost a decade of watching this episode, I finally found a copy of this game out in the wild. First off, holy fuck you weren't kidding when you said this game was hard. Level 2 and I'm already getting my ass kicked by the bees and instant death spikes. Second, so far this game has been fun. Something about using a big eyed gorilla to happily punch your enemies out of existence warms to cockles of my heart. Thanks again for another awesome recommendation.

  • Hey Nerd. Big fan here. Have you ever played Wild 9 for the PS1?

  • I remember this game... this is a crazy flashback. Nice breakdown

  • I collect old laserdisc and VHS sir.

  • I can smell your feet from here.

    • Dude I just took my shoes off

    • Jeremy Seal I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! holy moly

    • Andy Birling Socks weird me out, they're so gross.

  • 1,2 Freddy's coming for you

  • God going back to the old content you can seriously see the quality jump in every aspect. You're getting better Derek :D

  • 5:04 - 5:24 I gave you a like just for that scene there. Wow, I have never seen anything like it on a simple video game review. Quite inspired.

  • the movie is so cool

  • I love this series... Is it weird that I think Nemo is adorable?