Happy Belated Halloween

Pubblicato il 2 nov 2018
I'm bummin' I didn't get this done in time but I'm happy it's done. It took longer than I thought but I mean it feels good to finally have a completed video. Since my last video I actually had started and scrapped 2 other recordings. I have to learn to not be a perfectionist I guess. Which is the mentality I went in with this video. So I HOPE you enjoy it even though it might not be up to par. I had fun with it though so that certainly counts for something.
Fun fact my apartment smells like a pumpkin butt right now. I was up editing last night until like 2am but I had work the next day so I couldn't clean the pumpkin junk until today. So I guess one day is all a pumpkin needs to ruin an entire apartment. And I just had a banana so now it smells like a banana pumpkin butt.
Thank you for watching 💖 I hope your halloween was wonderful
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  • Pumpkin: *exists* Ice: I'm going to ruin this man's career

  • I love how he could have pulled out the middle feather -horn thing instead of having to bend one lolz

  • 4:40 knife safety kids!

  • Are the three things on his head hair orrrrrrr

  • Haha jokes on you I made party city my bitch never "made" a costume till high school.

  • Wow


  • Me and my friend just decided IN JANUARY our Halloween costume, it's literally like 9 months in advance If anyone's Wondering, were probably going as team rocket (I'm James)

  • if somebody asked me for candy like that, id give them anything. money, firstborn, sexual favours, organs

  • That is the best pumpkin I’ve ever seen

  • Put on a solid snake costume with the box and you got a hell of a reference

  • One halloween i dressed up as a box troll and it was literally just a box

  • 4:33 being safe 101

  • Tawagb

  • Loved your pumpkin 🎃

  • Love this keep it up :)

  • Tbh that is a cute pumpkin

  • 2:39 the kid gets hung to death

  • Sir you did not have the right to make such piece of art ss that pumpkin

  • Your video makes me relax for no reason, you know when you work, study... all day, networking with lots of peoples and at the end of the day, you feel missing. And this video makes me feel... well, life is simple, just enjoy it, people lock the feeling and only allow them to feel happy when archived something, then the next day they set a new goal and take months, years, century... to reach it, your whole life will be suffered by yourself, why don't just enjoy symbol things every day.

  • How did this become a how to basic video?


  • That pumpkin tho 😂😂😂😂

  • Metal Gear Solid?

  • r u the non-egg: How to basic :??

  • Ice cream sandwich: *gives inspirational speech about Halloween to save Halloween” Him saving Halloween: buys pumpkin and carves it Me: doesn’t everybody save Halloween each year by buy-- Ice cream sandwich:shut the hell up right now or else imma murder you in your sleep

  • Isn’t the fortnite, Crain costume idea basically a me5id of killing people or is that just me

  • His carving technique was simply flawless

  • I subscribed when he let in that new subscriber

  • The pumpkin is ruined the eyes are off center

  • I was a rock for Halloween all I had to do is get a box and color it rock color ;)

  • i should be traped in that box by now

  • He could've been sponsering Amazon....hahahaha😀

  • Is it weird that watching his videos makes me crave M&Ms????

  • I don’t sellibrat hallowing

  • That pumpkin, tho(´;д;`)

  • As a vegan I feel offended about that pumpkin

  • The judo chop was so precise.

  • I was like “oh his making a pumpkin lantern” *Making the pumpkin* TF did you just make 😂😂😂😂

  • What are those things on your head?! Plz reply 😞 ❤️

  • Parent: my child is so beautiful, Her child: 4:48

  • Everything “Another classic”

  • What did his hair sound like bones

  • He gives off asdf vibes

  • Why am I thinking about the fact that TheAMaazing could just rip the middle part of the "hair" to make a tail 😂😂😂 am I going crazy 😂😂

  • Boxomon

  • Dang, should’ve carved out a size that fits your head, carve out eyes and a mouth and call yourself The Headless Sandwich

  • Get me out of the box

  • The pumpkin is a masterpiece


  • Wow the sound it made when he ripped his hair off. I don't really care lol R.I.P

  • The box means something It’s GONK DROID

  • I’ve been nickel back for 5 years. I tape a nickel to my back.

  • Im a box.......deltarune fans triggered

  • your a great youtuber

  • you missed the opportunity to became a jack-in-a-box with that costume

  • Do you know solid gear? Because I got vibes of it.

  • The pumkin: •U•

  • You could of had written DIE on the box

  • The poor pumpkin lol