"Hamsters Eating Babies..."

Pubblicato il 29 lug 2019
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  • Jodi's stream is mirrored

  • How... how many Lilys are there in general?

  • 1:33 sorry, he’s actually 3D

  • 1:30 I know what you mean It’s not your fault, they made all the men cute.... Dammit

  • Temmie looks so cute in the thumbnail 😍

  • What game was toast choosing the character for?

  • 11:31 confused albert so funny=)

  • Hey, is the intro song from Naruto or Boruto? It sounds really familiar and I can't find the name of the song.

  • yeah

  • 6:32 - It always gets dark with Lily 8:06 - Those were some slick TriFuslie harmonies!

  • Lily, get a real camera please.

  • 169th like

  • pokis dad "my father" called her Kappa more like it was hasan and u were caught in a lie

    • Wow, you really thought that one landed.

  • talk about low quality content XD

  • Aw man its my favorite Lily Animu TV Show

  • 9:15 I actually though someone was knocking on my window its sounds so real WTF!! I keep replaying it and it sounds someone is legitimately knocking on my window.

    • @globalHell why the fuck are you so immediately rude? jesus, you must be terrible to have at parties...

    • @globalHell ohh aha sorry im fuking slow in the brain smh my bad, and oh okay

    • @Zenuk why would I be asking that? It has no relevancy to your comment. I'm just saying that the knocking meme is like 10 years old.

    • globalHell if your asking if I’m new this channel and the OfflineTV community no not at all.

    • are you new?

  • Bruh Ariasaki looks like camgirl

  • What happened to the black bar on the outro

  • wait who the f takes 30 minutes in the shower

  • Temmie looks so bored in her first clip.

  • hahahaha lilly love ya but love everyone else too :*

  • sleeping on stream lulw

  • I love the thumbnail with the title it’s hilarious

  • poggers?

  • Cool vid very funny

  • Offline tv is the best banger vids

    • @Death Killer 😂

    • Shirokröte i was gonna call you an asshole BUT nvm

    • @Shirokröte O it's ok man don't worry it happends I forgive you 😅😆

    • @mynameiscontrary I was gonna call you cringy but you're actually really nice and now I feel bad

    • @Shirokröte I subed to you 😃