Hairdresser Reacts To Insane Punk Hair Tutorials

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
Hi Beautiful! I'm ready to become a punk princess after watching these insane liberty spike videos! These people have serious hair talent.


  • Next upload : brad gives Eric liberty spikes 😂😂❤️

  • Fam you good????

  • Brad is a closet punk: confirmed

  • Does brad have his eyebrows pierced?

  • react to death hawk tutorials!!!!

  • Oh man I grew up in the "alt" scene and used to do crazy 80s hair every day in high school and I somehow had no idea got 2b glued could get any stronger than the silver top! Lol must find this magic glue spray!

  • Linzor is the best! I love watching her videos

  • Liberty Spikes began with the Ancient Celts in Briton. They later made a massive comback in the UK Punk Era of the 70s in Camden, Chelsea, etc and later even by Goths in the 90s

  • In my days it was sugar + water and using the vacuum cleaner to shape it.....

  • This is how I spiked my hair back in the 80s.I am personally responsible for the hole in the ozone layer.

  • Anyone get Sid Vicious vibes from the second vid!!!!!! SHOOKETH!!!!!

  • sea urchin cosplay tutorial

  • omg yes i love linzor she is my swedish queen

  • Can some plz tell me some effective og methods to spike up hair? I live in Brazil and hair sprays are way to expensive for my broke ass here. I've tried soap but it weight down my hair way too much. Also if anyone has any tips for doing this for very curly hair I'd be thankful

  • poser

  • I now need a Liberty Hawk.

  • Yessss I've done liberty spikes and I loved it!!

  • okay pls let me know where you got that shirt bc that blue is honestly my fav color & I need it rn ty xo

  • Liberty spikes started with punk music which amped up in the 70’s. And please don’t be a “punk” for Halloween. It was/is a lifestyle and political choice as well. As a teen, I would get constant harassment for it. Full grown men driving by would shout, “is it Halloween yet?” I loved the clothes that I made, and I loved how I looked. We made those jackets we didn’t buy them.

  • I so want to make him a spiked jack that says punk princess on the back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • NO GEL! just GOT2B GLUED. Been doing this since the 80's. Have 5 of those jackets. Make them yourself 👍😊

  • I got you an icecream🍦.

  • This started back in the 80’s in Europe Sex Pistols are the most well known to sport them

  • I come from a former Soviet country and have heard from my parents that since hair spray wasn't widely available, the punks in the Soviet era used sugar water to form their mohawks, liberty spikes and other gravity-defying hairdos. It would actually be a fun challenge, to try to recreate different hairstyles with sugar water as your only "hair product" :D

  • I had a mohawk in high school and I spiked mine with a mix of Elmer's and hairspray, and on occasion, egg whites (not my favorite). When I wore it fanned out, I laid down on the floor and had a friend spread out my hair evenly and just use a hairdryer, hairspray, dry, spray, dry, spray, ad nauseum. And have Advil on hand, because you'll need it if you've been sitting in a car with your head cocked all 90-ish degree angle for awhile.

  • Oh my gosh, Brad you should react to Bill Kaulitz hairstyles throughout the years. He's the frontman of Tokio Hotel. Its said he had to use four cans of hair spray for his porcupine hairstyle in 2008

  • My husband had liberty spikes in high school. He went to a private Christian high school. He didn’t get away with it for long. 😂😂

  • Why don’t you do a wig with liberty spikes it’ll be nice to challenge yourself with it

  • Why aren't you doing it along with them bradddd

  • Brad: "my youtube recommended section is just a lot of hair content" My cat: *COUGHS OUT A HAIRBALL*

  • Hehe I'm a girl from Sweden, just like Linzor. I had the punk style for 8 years before I turned 21 (23 now) and decided to tone it down into rock style. I had a jacket like that.. and we make them from scratch, stud by stud ;)

  • Liberty spikes trace their origins to the Ancient Britons. Warriors washed their long hair in lime water, which also bleached it blond. This hairstyle was highly symbolic as a badge of honor and manhood: Celts were not allowed to spike or cut their hair until they had killed an enemy.

  • OMG LINZORRRR!!! The eyeliner queen of IT-tvs **^**

  • I want to go to work like this haha getting my life through this videooooo

  • My arms hurt from watching theses. 😭 I’m living for the mood your in haha

  • Back in the day, Knox Gelatin was used to get the hair in the styles I would do along with some hairspray, Knox is the base to get the hair to hold in the punk styles I would wear because unlike nowadays your strongest hairspray would be too crappy to try to get the gravity-defying hair you see in these videoes. If you used just hairspray you would have to have 4C hair to do it with or tease it a lot. I had long hair as a kid before going punk I kept the hair long but once I went punk I shaved the sides and back. The shaved designs that you see mainstream like tribal shaved into. Liberty Spikes were around the early days of punk. I don't know who did it first but its been around since at least the 80s

  • I've thought about trying this, but my hair is around 3 feet long, even after cutting off six inches lol. that could be really dangerous.

  • When I was 16 I had a foot long Mohawk that I use to style into spikes, and I use to section my hawk, backcombed each sections base, and then I would spray the shit of each section with hair spray, and then run my hands up each section into a point. By the end it took me like 10 mins! Still tedious as hell....

  • I knew someone that used Elmers glue for her liberty spikes

  • I went to a frank iero concert and the girl next to me had a liberty hawk and she was only like 13 tebhegdjjfw

  • You need to check out Erin Micklow on instagram, liberty spike queeeeen. Also I made studded jackets for a living, hit me up sometime. Love your videos!

  • HISTORY LESSON!! :D Spiked hair can be traced back to early Celtic warriors, but "Liberty spikes" as we know them today were brought to light in the early 1970's in Britain as a rebellious response to the modern look of long, straight, "hippie" hair. The hippie hairstyles that we all know were the result of the modern women of the time entering the workforce and needing "functional" styles while still retaining a feminine look. The pop-punk style of "hair spiking" became popular when teens and young adults wanted to express a different form of fashion, however, spikes stayed relatively short until we enter the 80's. By the mid-late 1980's, we started seeing liberty spikes reach heights of 12"+! It's super crazy to see how the different periods really defined the transition of fashion and style :)

  • i’m shocked there is no teasing involved

  • pls do the liberty spikes for us on yo head lol

  • Wow, us Asexual's getting that recognition!

  • me playing with soap in the tub making spikes:

  • Liberty Spikes: In the modern usage started in the 70's and 80's the original punk look being a counter culture to the disco and hippy era of the early 70's and the 60's. Started in Britain (the pervasive subculture not necessarily the genre), but for subtext spiky hair in Britain was always seen as rebellious and going against the grain. From what I can tell from my father in law it seemed like it was a natural progression of the mohawk (he used to wear a 3ft blue mohawk) to liberty spikes. However from what I can tell the name "liberty spikes" was coined by the states. So it may be a Dennis the Menace situation, where both sides of the pond had very similar ideas at practically the same time. Not sure if there is a different origin story for the U.S.

  • They use books, Elmer’s blue glue and a table and hair dryer.

  • Love ur look. 😍😍😍

  • 11:16-11:27 Literally my whole life summed up. You have never been more FREAKING RELATABLE than in THIS video Brad. (The mixed emotions are real).

  • I have never been more scared by your intro "HI BEAUTIFUL!" than in this video and I don't know why 😂

  • It's insane that just some hairspray can do this now. I remember back in the day using egg whites or school glue and a hair dryer then like a whole can of the strongest hair spray you could find. Yeah I'm old lol

  • Only Brad can pull off that shirt lmao

  • Only Brad can pull off that shirt lmao

  • 30 years ago we did it with Dippity-Do and Kool-Aid for color. Couldn't afford anything else, also were punk, so attitude. Got kicked out of school in 1987 and could not come back until hair was "natural colour".

  • I’m only 2 mins in but I have to say this style was big in the early 2000 punk scene I had a few guy friends that rocked the look hair so high they had to lay down the seats in my 84 Camaro just so they could fit lol good time and memories lol

  • It's linzorrrrrr 🎃❤️

  • I love Brad’s shirt it’s so colorful

  • I couldn’t really listen to her because her voice

  • Liberty Spikes started in the 70s during the British punk movement. (yes I googled it) Would love to see you do this to yours or your bros hair!!!