H3 Podcast #7 - Post Malone & Joji

Pubblicato il 22 mag 2017
Post Malone and Joji came in to discuss everything, appreciate em
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  • Damn Ethan is not holding shit back lol

  • One time I seen a fuckin demon weird facelike this👹 in foodsco by the cookies as and I thought it was my uncle messing with me but he said it wasn’t him

  • Post misses the point on most of ethans points 😂

  • Austin's flash story was probably a solar flare. or Jesus in his jersey

  • So if I fr donate $1000 am I in because I don't wanna die bro

  • Has Ethan ever addressed that he (most likely accidentally) spread literal Nazi propaganda on this podcast?

  • Yeah, no thanks

  • ciggies? what are you a girl from the valley? :)

  • 1:23:23 (for future reference)

  • Also, wtf, this is your first unedited podcast!!??

  • 1:56:13. Teeeeell me Joji was there/ will be there for Theodore's bris.

  • idk if this is offensive or not but can anyone tell me why ethan does this weird eyebrow thing?

  • Bruh when he tells the story about eating that chocolate 5:33

  • "They're giving their dogs prozac" "...to rape?" Cue me ugly laughing 🤣

  • George is so unbelievably smart

  • here i am still waiting for Joji Feat Post Malone music

  • 52:50 Joji comes on

  • "Relating to people parking in your driveway for 20 bucks when you live in a tourist town."

  • The double flash could've also been a nuclear test 1:37:01

  • Can you imagine Joji x Post Malone?

  • 52:39 Little did we know that the, " drawing of this teddy bear," would become a clothing company brand!

  • sounds like yall were laced......only way what your saying is true ive met people who were laced who say the same exact thing but they know they were laced

  • the sky trumpet is like Minecraft cave sounds irl

  • 52:58 joji shows up

  • 51:16

  • 26:24

  • Why does this look like 480p while it's supposed to be 720?

  • How do i knoa about h3h3 and filthy frank now in 2019

  • Post Malone can't beat The peep or creep Because it is changing the game for creeps like me

  • 31:56 Post is right! Hila needs to record some audiobooks. Her soothing voice is what first got me listening.

  • The Gentleman’s Guide: Always ask for permission before taking her to bed lol does that explain the face? 😂

  • guess im the only one who came for 1:23:15

  • 1:23:15 ur here for this

  • 26:25

  • Sorry Hila lmao

  • 52:59

  • does post malone use a label maker as a laptop?

  • 1:23:26 joji = 😬

  • Jojis face at 1:23:24

  • bruh 1:22:28

  • East Syracuse in the house what up post?

  • East Syracuse in the house what up post?

  • so much foreshadowing... sweeden and puka shells... its like they are fortune tellers

  • *alien butt trumpet*

  • 1:31:13 me: *starts saving up $1 million*

  • 52:55 A wild Joji appears

  • nobody: ethan: so gRRrrrowing up

  • re-watching this at 2 a.m. made me realize that Joji is the biggest of moods

  • I wanna be a part of this friendship!!!!! All of you are so fucking real and fucking awesome!

  • I actually fell asleep to this, woke up and started it back to where I left off. This good shit,man. I love you POSTY!

  • Can I pay Post Malone in bottle caps for a spot in the bunker?

  • 10:25 only good part

  • Post is so chill!

  • Joji is.. god

  • 1:23:12

  • 1:23:10

  • Budlights?! Cmon boys u need coronas and modelos

  • Being high is like having autism hahaha I wanna get high

  • I am about to fuck the shit out of something that is double my age, and not hot... lol I am desperate! lol

  • *BURRP* Sorry Hila