Growers or Showers?

Pubblicato il 17 giu 2019
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  • “aww this is nice alright, im gonna put chat on my phone here”

  • These freestyles make me wanna commit neck rope wow so edgy

  • Didnt get to see toast drink his water getting worried. But i guess i get to see albert put chat in his phone

  • I am grower

  • 1:55 OMG Is that a real robot???

  • Not sure but pretty sure poki said i never needed to know😏

  • why lily lick toast feet? scarra you wierd you got it wrong dude lily is the goddes here lily decides what happens when you get 100k followers! but i really appreciate if toast lick scarra or lilys feet that be extremly disgusting and fun xD

  • Where is the new ending with Toast? PepeHands Really liked it... just the music was not fitting but the Toast just chilling and drinking water... waiting for "customers" was great. :(

  • 666 like ⚠️

  • 😃✨

  • 1:40 I legit never MonkaS'd that hard. My eyes grew 10 times their current size for a short moment. Jesus Scarra.

  • iTs nOt jUst cHocOlatE miLk

  • Edison was pretty annoying

  • When is the next unboxing mails? I'm excited to open my gift to you guys

  • Albie is precious! Its not just chocolate milk!

  • I was today years old when I realised Albie says put chat on my phone

  • Liberty is soooo fucking cute That’s a fact Big ùwú ❤️I hope they actually get married one day. ❤️

  • Shit that Korean subway reminded me of when I was out 'til 1 AM just walking for some damn reason and while i was in the subway everything turned off and they said it was closed. So no way back on the sub and I waited an hour for the bus. At 2:30 AM i finally fuckin arrived at my apartment.

  • Yes old intro 👍😁

  • I wouldn't mind if you rotated Toast and Albie outro's

  • Ima be real my shit is like an inch or two soft but grows to be 7 it’s just kinda skinny

  • Fed spanish as improved a lot, he sound sometimes like a mexican

    • @ZeroDarknezz i know, but in that clip he kinda sound like a one, just that clip

    • N4wel Nope, his spanish sucks lmao

  • 1:36 Poki doesnt know Feds schedule? and here I thought they were together

  • That thumbnail.. "Shower or grower" with all the guys and one girl in the middle...

  • LUL 4:20 poki preference aka hasans cock

  • Albert is return :(

  • But I need to know if Toast is drinking or not! D:

  • Put both outros alternately for your future videos, so we can have Albert and Toast every week!

  • Fed: En donde chingados estamos 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gg on the Pro AM Pokimane

  • what do they mean by growers or showers

    • Dino Sejdinović all dicks are growers, some just also look big while limp.

    • It's the type of dick. Showers look big but when erect barely grow and growers are look smaller but grow to be the same size as others. I don't know why this happens but it does

  • What did poki say at 4:30?

  • 9:08 I can’t get back of my life

  • Scarra!!!! Let’s go!!! Didn’t expect that dark humor from him! Love it!!

    • Right! How did no one laugh?! I expect Toast to at least...

  • I expected to see Toast taking a drink, but I got Albie checking his phone Either way, I'm happy

  • Wow lily should rlly lick toasts foot in this debate

  • I Ship lily pichu and Albert! ^w^

  • whos still watching alberts stream

  • Moe & Hyoon clips 😡

  • Noti Gang

  • *Interesting* 🤔🤔🤔

  • aye

  • Old Outro? Alternating between?

    • He did a poll of what people liked better Albert’s won the poll but hopefully it alternates too

    • I hope

  • Everyone stop panicking, Albert has returned, and he put chat on his phone

  • Golden showers... that was...maybe not the best joke lol

  • Grower 👌

  • Yas

  • Noti gang🔥🔥