Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad for Date Night | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
The best caesar salad recipe - healthy dressing, baked croutons + perfect grilled chicken - make this!
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►olive oil
►salt + pepper + garlic powder

►olive oil
►lemon juice
►dijon mustard
►worcestershire sauce
►shredded parmesan
►kosher salt & pepper
►crushed croutons
►romaine lettuce
►oil (i used the dressing from the salad)
►salt & pepper
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  • Did the croutons in the dressing... WOOOW

  • Everyone in this comment : Loves this salad Me : Did he just drink oil like soup ?

  • fucking boss move on the romaine

  • That dressing looked amazing! The croutons are genius! I can’t believe it never occurred to me to make my own. So easy, and so fresh! Thank you!

  • Hes the real life version of Hank Hill from King of the Hill! Lol

  • This is just good…no…it is excellent…and you will make it again and again. It’s THAT good! Not complex…just superb eating…BTW...Kelly is right!

  • wait was this made before bacon was invented?

  • I was just thinking as I watched. Did Sam just use the same tongs he used on raw chicken to toss and plate the salad? It sure looked like it.

  • I love this man

  • Hi Sam, the dressing didn't work for me. I wonder if it's a California thing like bean sprouts and tofu on pizza. The rest of it was fine.

  • I thought I was the only one who did the crushed up crouton trick. I also appreciate the lack of sardines

    • I think you mean anchovies.

  • the dressing is really good. thanx

  • Mehhhh. 1 lemon was too much for the dressing IMO. Way overpowered it. Next time half lemon.

  • I can't wait to make this! That dressing looks delicious. I would love to see your take on a southwestern salad.

  • My Wife doesn't like lemon. At all. Do you think she'll go for this? Can I substitute if not?

    • But some vinegar, redwine preferably

  • Make salad, grill chicken. If you need a recipe to make a salad, jeebus help us all.

  • I love the recipe Sam but you should've cooked that chicken breast on a cast iron grill pan.

    • He did cook it on a cast iron grill pan.

  • That salad was a big hit with my family! Thanks! Keep up the great work. Mo

  • Hey Sam do you have a p.o. box? So we can send you little things like a garnish chopper, New gadgets etc. To help you on your cooking journey etc....

  • This made for a tasty light week night meal. Love the croutons and Kelly's dressing! My wife is starting to appreciate all the time I spend watching the channel.

  • Sam: We're gonna start making healthier food Also Sam: PB&J Burger, 10 layer quesadilla Not complaining, I just find it really funny

  • You rotated the chicken 90 degrees. Not 45.

  • Just did this. So delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

  • Sam is like... the cosiest, most homey guy on the internet! Damn i would love to cook with you one day! Bought some gorgeous chicken to try your version tonight btw!

  • Meanwhile I’m at work eating a Big Mac while watching this and just felt disgusted with myself and threw it away. 😂

  • Sam, you are ridiculous... That is an amazing salad. The croutons look amazing. And as I am chowing down on my tri tip I have got to make the salad next. Thanks Bro.

  • Why is he in a apartment?

  • whats the ratio of your SPG mix ?

  • I always say on my channel a salad doesn't have to be boring! Great job

  • Those tins he is using for spice storage look amazingly similar to the ones I have from my THC edible gummies.

  • I honestly am not huge on salads but this looks amazing. Probably will make this honestly. Thanks Sam I always love your videos

  • That was fucking delicious, thank you

  • SPG: SALT PEPPER GARLIC... is that 1:1:1? and please for the love of god say *wuss-ter-sheer*

  • Hi Sam! New subscriber! Do you mind if we tag you on Instagram when we make your recipes? Thanks!!

  • You roll that bag of croutons up like a pro Sam.

  • Came out awesome!

  • Dinner tonight thank you Sam!!!!

  • Pretty sure that's a 90° turn, Sam.

  • Hello Sam. Long time viewer, my first comment. Absolutely loved this dish. Made it for my soon to be Mother in law and basically blew her away. She even took a photo of the recipe I wrote down of the meal. Thank you so much for the wonderful meal.

  • My boyfriend loves you because I’m cooking all your recipes

  • Not too keen on listing recipes on his website, despite his statement to the contrary!

  • Instructions unclear accidentally crushed it with stone cross

  • My husband and I just made this and it's one of the best salads that we've ever had. Thanks for the recipe! Tell Kelly she was right about adding croutons to the dressing, by the way 😊

  • Mad scientist...... 🔥🔥🔥🛐🛐🛐🛐.... Definitely have to steal.... Sooo sorry Ima tell her I came up with it.....😂😂😂🤣😊😂😂I fuckin love u tho...

  • Piece de resist ance would be a parmesan bowl

  • Hey, could you stick metric temps and ideally amounts on screen for use Euros?

  • I’m making this TODAY!!!

  • Bomb azz lighting bruh

  • My only problem with this vid is he didn't wash the lettuce.

  • LMAO! Ok, compete with the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze! This is an awesome challenge for you! Yes, I do have a Marketing degree! Love you all so much!

  • Who could possibly not like Kelly?

  • Thanks guys, great video 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Chicken salad sandwich

  • whats the grill pan you use?

  • Is this the new Pad...???

  • Cook what you want my man. The pansy ass Democrats can eat the grass. Kill more cows!!!!! MERICA!!!!

  • I just made you dressing and i love it. I had to sub the Worcestershire sauce for a bit of soy cause i didnt have any. but it still turned out great.

  • I made this and I can confirm it is absolutely delicious

  • Lol, they have a deal 60% off for all kinds off kitchen stuff at

  • Can you tell max to pick a fucking camera angle and stick to it