Grilled Cheese Sandwich Pizza Bowl Thingy ? - Man Vs Din

Pubblicato il 14 set 2019
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  • You butter not die

  • You're still shaking. I hope you fully recover soonest! We fucking love you! Take care

  • Since you want suggestions of what to try... try and find my dad. Last I heard he was getting milk at the store.

  • Rob don’t want be rude but bad mustache if you keep it it has to Connect to you beard

  • Oh my God, the guy in the back at 2:12

  • I am German. This is not bread. And what you call crust is not a crust. Wanna see a crust? Come to Germany. Hit a Aldi or whatever supermarket or a bakery. Get a "mischbrot". THAT'S a crust and a bread. your bread is more like a spongecake. :P

  • Someone send rob some non alcoholic beer. It's weird to see him not drinking... it can go with his non salted salt 😂😂.

  • Rob ur butter then this *hits drums *

  • Rob sounds like mr. Poopybuthole from rick and Morty but just woth a deeper voice

  • 2:13 man in the back is shook

  • Rob, your voice is perfect for a character on Rick and Morty..

  • Am I the only one who thinks Rob can really voice over Rick from Rick&Morty lmao❤️

  • I just came back to this channel wa happens to robs voice?

  • Hey rob! I hope you see this comment! My name is kay-lee but spelled kayly. I have been watching you for a few years; your videos always make me happy when I’m feeling down. I just wanted to say out of all the youtubers I watch you are my favorite youtuber! Your videos are just very genuine and you deserve wayyy more followers and likes! Have a happy day!

  • Rob: “..WhAt FuCkIn MoNtH aRe We In?!”

  • Rob's bowl is butter than the tasty one. That shit looks delicious.

  • I hope Rob gets butter soon

  • But um nobody gonna say nothin bout the “I died” T-shirt😭 14:10

  • You kinda sound like rick from rick and morty tho lol

  • You butter believe I’m using canned soup for this shit

  • I think it's funny that Corinne is always going to Whole Foods and shit for her cooking videos, while Rob is shopping at fucking Ingles.

  • He be buttering it up

  • You butter like this video

  • holy shit y’all still alive ? what the fuck?

  • rob is such a mood. thanks for living my guy 🤘🏼🖕🏼

  • I hope you are feeling butter!

  • 5:36 Rob is back :D

  • Did Rob always wear his wedding ring in videos?

  • you butter not start making asmr videos cause honestly you're gonna be a fkin success that voice is 💯👌

  • Why does he sound like shaggy

  • Some people just want to see the world burn. I’m with this video’s antics.

  • please make a grilled mac n cheese grilled cheese or a mac n cheese quesadilla

  • Rob sounds like Rick from Rick and Morty

  • i havent watched threadbanger for two years and it sounds like rob has cancer whAt

  • Oh how I've missed y'all! Now....where tf can i get a cutting board like that!? And I'm so happy you're feeling butter Rob! The voice is fine.

  • Man, I've been in a depressive episode lately and you guys' videos really make me laugh and feel better. Thank you

  • I haven't watched this in so long, I made me confused why Your voice sounded weird Rob and so I went to older videos and watched the 'I died.....but' video first before this one

  • Why dafuq does his voice sound like that?

  • im actually really proud of rob for getting through this :')

  • love the ‘tache

  • Love your mustache

  • You butter believe that he gives less of a shit then he did before 😂

  • Rob: *dies* Also rob: "i dont have a f*cking butterbrush so ill just use a paintbrush" Yeah sure.

  • Nice to see you back Robin! :)

  • Zombie noodles!!

  • I’m so happy that you are doing so much better !!! Much love and good vibes Rob and Corinne ❤️❤️❤️

  • Just glad you're back! Also, next pizza idea maybe: Pizza lasagna. Please make it when you're not dieting for a while or just want some dang ol pizza! It's so freaking good.

  • Rob has heart attack, dies, and gets miraculously resurrected: YOLT bitches! I'm eating butter with a fork!

  • You sound like one of those dogs, that got their voice chords cut, to prevent the barking

  • I love how many jokes he makes about how he LITERALLY died😂. But he is sounding a lot better. Still pretty raspy but it sounds way better, and it’s good that he is being able to walk around better. Hope everything is going to go good and everything stays good. I’ll keep praying for you guys❤️.

  • I should make this for my mom but mini size

  • so evan and katelyn (of EvanAndKatelyn right here on youtube) made a million layer bowl, out of clay, and i would love to see you try

  • Glad you’re feeling a little butter rob we missed you

  • I dont like ur mustache u look old.

  • Nothing is butter than this 😂

  • I used to think rob used to do this crap for the camera hearing his voice as an old person makes me think otherwise

  • I’ve been trying to work out who you sound like. I thought it might be a younger Rick Sanchez because of all the cursing. But I figured it out. IT’S AN OLDER MORTY. YOU SOUND LIKE AN OLDER MORTY. I’VE FIGURED IT OUT.

  • Rob, you look like serius black, bet Corinne loves that.

  • Why does robs new voice make me think he should be a character in rick and morty

  • This guy... wont use salt, but a used paint brush, totally fine! 😂