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Pubblicato il 17 gen 2017
Some of the craziest MotoGP racing slides in history
As well as some amateur compilations
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  • Os caras não sabe a diferença entre slide e burnout

  • Yay it's our limit thank you. NO ELECTRONIC AIDS

  • 1:25 R.I.P

  • That clickbait title tho

  • On the bmw is riding Troy Corser, not Bayliss

  • Hi there. 1 x high side please...

  • Garbage click-bait title followed by garbage video. Good job idiot.

  • Why, because I can.

  • I once heard a commentator say Barry Sheen could make smoke rings with the back tyre.

  • Good times...

  • I'm surprised these guys balls don't drag the ground.....

  • Regarding slides, I have a short Kenny Roberts story. Background: I raced at Daytona in '75 in two 250cc races (one amateur and the second pro)...I had just earned my AMA Expert License in 250cc Road Race in a prelim qualifying race at Daytona at the beginning of Bike Week (I already had a 125cc Motocross Experts License). I had just turned 18 and was a Sr. in H.S. (Astronaut in Titusville), my bike was a TZ250 (B) supplied by Island Yamaha in Merritt Island Fl. who had been my Motocross sponsor for several years. My wrench was my Pop who was an Engineer out at Cape Canaveral...anyway to my KR story. It was during one of the open practice sessions and I was coming down off the tri oval front straight into turn #1 and I got passed by a certain #1 Yellow TZ750. I tucked in behind him hoping to hang with him and learn something...briefly my 18 year old brain said Hey you are on a lighter nimbler TZ250 you might be able to overtake him in the hairpin the apex I was right behind him thinking if he drifted too far I might be able to get inside him and then KR hits his rear brake and rotates the TZ750 to get the front end pointed where he wanted it and then got on the throttle and slide the thing for what must have been 50 or 75 yards across the turn to his exit point and then he was gone...the only thing I learned was Kenny Roberts was a bad man.

  • Gary e l inventore della derapata

  • Gary McCoy said he had no bones not to be fractured with his boby.Most difficult and dangerous skill for onroad bike.

  • That part.....the shot with Simon Crafar doing that drift legendary

  • I wish I was this cool

  • SHIT

  • Mick Doohan. Nuff said. And I'm not even an Australian.

  • And now for some people doing rolling burnouts that look like powerslides but aren't....

  • Damn you are so fucking right

  • Slides....... Tomorrow...

  • Your title says motogp..

  • Gary McCoy the king of DNF. Do think he was the first to ride in a GP with two broken legs though. Definitely tough as nails.

  • Looks like a halfhearted suicide attempt, drifting a bike. If that rear tyre suddenly finds grip you highside off.

  • Eskil Suter was the first one who did that...

  • Nicky hayden was the daddy of the power slide. Rip

  • no wonder bikers get slagged off with pricks doing this on the road..if your that good do a track day.. dicks

  • It was all based on skill no slide control no bullshit.

  • Do the slides on the isle of man, boys!

  • Thats some badass shit! Dudes can ride!

  • MM is though life LOL

  • Nysh

  • Does save the rear tire having traction control.

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  • Yes, Great slides, but what about winning races, we have not see him win in a long time..

  • Totally MENTAL! Love it!

  • "Greatest MotoGP Slides In History " Nope.

  • Marc Márquez, el más grande de todos los tiempos.

  • And hey! IF electronics enables me to DO what I otherwise might DIE trying? Man how can I NOT love the hell of THAT! Worth every cent! And frankly SCREW ANYONE that hates it! Same kind of assholes probably dissed proper suspension way back saying "It's just cheating to have good suspension ...REAL talent wins dispite not having such" "REAL talent does not even need good tires! REAL talent could win on flat tires" LOL almost as STUPID

  • The BEST end to a beautiful power slide? Front end climbing into the air after it finally hooks up! my two favorite things seamlessly joined! ...