Pubblicato il 3 lug 2019
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Today I’m tattooing one of the Dolan Twins, Grayson Dolan! I’ll be tattooing a black and grey lynx with geometric line work, and my signature blue eyes. If you guys watch closely, you might even be able to pick up some of my tattoo techniques!
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    • Danny, I love u bro, ur shit on ink master was sick, but my GOD man stop with the same shit, it looks nice but my god like ur entire portfolio of tattoos are filled with enough of those

    • Hello ! What is the name of this technique you use ? I think that is 3 rl you use. Am i right ? I am a begginer tattooer and i would love to learn your technique. Thank you 🤗

    • Got the looks, Got the skills, Got the respect. Got the best life. ❤💫

    • Are you located in LA I wanna come down and get one soon from you 💯and what’s the highest you charge if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Several questions lol, the first is will you be doing another contest to win a tattoo from you again anytime soon? I had inquired your prices with your assistant and, while your prices are worth your work, I however don't live in LA so travel expenses, downpayment, hourly charge, tip...I wouldn't be able to afford a tattoo by you for a long time in that case. Other question, I do want more tattoos but there is one I want done in white ink. I know that isn't your speciality, my question is do you have any recommendations of artists who specialize in white ink tattoos? I know you have to be careful with white ink tattoos because the ink may have some black in it and be muddied or it may be yellowed very quickly if not properly taken care of. I also know that their not a bright white they are more scar like in appearance which is what I want. A white ink baby dragon.

  • Dude. I can't get over how 3D this is! Gorgeous!

  • I honestly would love to get tattoos by you.

  • Đỉnh vãi

  • Sorry for my english , but what are you using for cartridge ? 😊

    • Check out for answers

  • Daniel Silva, você é muito bom em tatuar as pessoas, quero um dia ter dinheiro para poder fazer uma tatuagem com você, eu sou do Brasil e seu fã, Parabéns!

  • That is sooooo sick! Your line work is astonishing!

  • In the beginning of the video when he explaining everything I'm just looking at the cat like are u ok why u eating a plant😂

  • The lynx tattoo is amazing! Such a wonderful detail! Totally realistic - and those eyes! 💜💜💜💜💜

  • подскажите пожалуйста какой иглой он постоянно 3 или 1 рл

  • Great work music annoying

  • I want this gug ti do my first tattoo

  • i want a whole sleeve by you i love your work but i am only 13

  • 🙏🙏🙏

  • That's actually such a cool tattoo, too bad it's wasted on his leg where it will barely be seen. If your gonna get something like that you get it somewhere on your arm at least.

  • Increíble very nice

  • lines straighter than me

  • That line work! An artist that is totally worth traveling the world to get work done.

  • Whats the background music? And your work is amazing *.*

  • I love this tattoo. At some point I plan to get something in this style

  • you are very good....

  • *R.I.P. Sean Milliken 🕊 (1989-2019)* 📿

  • This machine bishop v6 rotary?

  • i really want a tattoo done by you

  • i got to subcribe to this.. luv your content man an amezing teqnique got to pick up on that;]

  • This video literally increased my dream of being a tattoo artist ♥️

  • Hi daniel . How many vol for squid shading bro ? Respect u . And u used 5Rl or 3Rl ?

  • So nice. I love it.

  • Such a good artist man, you did good on ink master, should try again.

  • Pensei que er BR, mas o trabalho tá ótimo

  • what a sick tattoo!

  • Is this real tatto or fake?

  • good morning this is a cat or a tiger your animal

  • Are you using the same needle all the way through? :O Is it a 5RL as well? :O This is incredible! I'am new to tattooing, so trying to be a sponge when it comes to "tips and triks" :) Haven't tried so many techniques yet, but I feel I learned a lot by just watching this video!!! You are insane! Thanks in advance, and I will def subscribe! Best regards, Daniel!

  • You need to come to east Africa plz

  • I think it can go a little darker and more fur definition

  • What’s the background music he’s playing??

  • Dat boi hands is SURGICAL!!!!

  • My name is Rajesh karbele and I am also tattoo maker in India but you are amazing man you are amazing you are so talented

  • Hey dear. Can you tell me please which black ink you have used 🖤

  • Sir which needle you are using is it 1rl?

  • I need to come out to California and get a tattoo from you

  • He should definitely get and upper body tattoo

  • What the fcking talent artist?? You are god 👍

  • Especially his lining is very wow...

  • which ink do you use?

  • Holy 🤩❤

  • what tattoo machine you use for lining and shading?

  • How to shade using 3rl needle?

  • How long does a tattoo like this take

  • Any idea when your books will be opening up again?

  • Wait wasn't he on Ink Master? He looks really familiar 🤔

  • Dear Daniel, can you solve a Rubik's cube?

  • So talented

  • He is sooooo fucking nasty I would give any amount of money to have him do my sleeve. Legit I would happily pay 10 grand for him to do my sleeve

  • Wow 😍😍

  • Impecabil .

  • Awesome ❤❤

  • did you start tattooing 2.are you self taught did you get your equipment to start tattooing

  • man, i really like your works. this tattoo so amazing, i wish i can make one. need to get back to the start, learn how to draw again. Thx for inspiring me,.,.