GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V

Pubblicato il 4 nov 2019
GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V
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  • Younjae

  • อกซไทย อยู่ไหมเอ๋ย💚

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  • This song drags me here everyday.everybody say thx GOT7

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  • Bambam really has that appeal that can make you crazy

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  • Okay so someone put up this got7 quiz and I found it as a great idea so I will ask you guys one question too. How many outfits did each got7 member wear in this MV?

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  • Such a great and amazing Got7. You are really talented. My daughter is a fan of you guys since your A era

  • This is great MV! 😊 Loved this 7 boys

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  • Son tan hermosos como la canción♥✨

  • GOT7

  • รักจ้าา..เจ้าเก้อนทั้ง7..♡

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  • It's become my routine to hear YCMN

  • At least sm gives oppurtunities to each Sm artist. Exo could do Vlives openly now even before can't. There are many fan contents such as reality shows and etc. Members can do dramas and solo albums while Got7. Now they dont let Got7 do vlives anymore imagine vlive. They send got7 to fansigns out to china and thailand continuously doing paid stuffs that jype can income . Imagine got7 having the highest number of live events out of all jype artist(52events) . But what tgey do? overwork got7 giving them used attires in Mama,AAA,Vheartbeat and more. Jinyoung couldnt do otger dramas bcz jype making them do those things that takes their time in korea. What ahgases want is proper promotion, not 52 live events that does not give them recognition but tires them(jb,yj,jackson is tired mentally and physically. One more thing, Onces always call got7 flop bcz their album sales but do they know Gt7 albums are not in Target& amazon like their faves? Still with 2x shipping ahgases managed to buy 700k albums for two comebacks. And tw**e only 1 million. I really hope got7 would be from SM, maybe they'll not get 2 comebacks but atleast they can do what they like freely :'(

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  • How many ahgase’s around the world? | | | V

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  • My weekend I enjoy to listen to YCMN with igot7 here fighting ahgase

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