GOT 8x05 Daenerys Destroys Ships with Drogon Scene

Pubblicato il 13 mag 2019
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Game of Thrones 8x06 Promo/Preview (Series Finale)
Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Promo
Game of Thrones Season 8 Series Finale Promo
Game of Thrones 8x06 Promo (HD) Series Finale
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  • So much power, pls nerf

  • Apparently she didn't need Viserion or Rhaegal. Shame, it would've been badass to see all 3 burning away the armies as opposed to overpowered Drogon.

  • One of the worst tv series ever possible! Ekdum disgusting! Dragon hai ya chuha!

    • nayan sharma and yet you took the time to comment on a game of thrones video 👍 good job.

  • Drogon caused so much explosion he should had been named Michael Bay instead

  • If dany named her dragon drogon after Kal-drogo therefore she took away the “kal-“ and added an “N”. So khal-moro would be moron because we all hate khal-Moro Your welcome

  • دروقون؛ الإبن البارّ.

  • I wish someone would make a video of Drogo's speech, but with Drogon fulfilling it.

  • one word 'PAYBACK' loved it...

  • 1:10 I love how he jsut goes flying

  • This was the funniest scene ever. 😂😂😂😂 she aint have to do em like that lol

    • Jabreel Jaynes one word “revenge” and it was well deserved.

  • Terrible scene, terrible cgi and terrible green screen.

    • emcats84 terrible cgi are you kidding? Are we looking at the same thing? Scene is perfect smh

  • 0:52 guess D&D forgot Euron has a crew full of mutes too then

  • Those scorpions never had a chance against Drogon imho. They only managed to kill one of the dragons because it was a surprise attack. There are two HUGE flaws with them when Drogon and Danny were aware of them. The first, it takes freaking ages to reload the dang things. Putting a new bolt in, cranking it and aiming it. Given how mobile Drogon is despite his size...they just take far too long to reacquire their target due to their sheer weight. So when they miss, there is a 99% chance that they die to dragon fire well before they manage to reload and aim the scorpion again. The other 1% chance that they don't die to dragon fire is because...well...Drogon torched someone else. The second flaw. They have decent upwards firing capabilities when Drogon is far away. So, their best window is in the first few seconds of spotting him at a distance...and at his speed, you only get one volley at best, a volley that at that distance is pretty easy for him to avoid. Then it's over as it takes just a few more seconds for him to close that distance and at that point, he is far too close and is just far too quick/agile. There just isn't enough room for the scorpion to aim upwards when he is in such a close range. A serious flaw know, something that can fly. Not to mention aiming downward from the city walls overlooking the sea is literally just them shooting in Dorgon's general direction as they have no way to actually aim when Drogon goes in low. Thus the result was obvious. Drogon's nosedive from above played to the scorpions second flaw and with his built up momentum, the first flaw became glaringly obvious. Thus the fleet barely lasted a minute before being utterly destroyed and rendered unfit for any further combat...and the city walls had all the remaining scorpions all neatly lined up in a row so that a single strafing run of Drogon's fire would wipe out a majority of them. Final verdict Scorpions were only good as a one-off surprise. So as an end note. Drogon best boi! The only reason I really kept coming back to the show lol. To see mah boi in action, literally did not care if anyone else died in the show. So long as mah boi Drogon lived. Dang CGI black dragon carried the show on his wonderful scaly back and was the best character of the show for me and the only one I ever get worried about (When the white walkers were piling on him and stabbing him I was so freaking scared he was done for! D: ) So for me, Drogon is best boi! lol. xD

    • Dont forget the dragon that was killed was actually Injured and couldnt even have Jon ride him

    • So what should they have used instead? Heat seeking missiles?

    • The other flaw is the size of the arrows. You can't generate enough speed with broomsticks.

    • It would of been cool if rhaegal was alive so when Danny was burning city Jon could try to convince her to stop

    • Jim Lahey How is he backtracking?

  • When the patch gets released and completely breaks the game

  • At this point, all i care about is the survival of drogon.🐉🐉🐉

  • 1:25-1:40 that tactic was smart Go low make them shoot you then before it reaches you go high they all miss then when they are reloading burn them all

    • Long ranged weaponry can't do much against a quick, close ranged assault.

  • The fact is she didn't need all 3 all along. Drogon was being built up as the new Balerion the black dread. It's with one with Daenerys so after watching what happened with Vicerion and Raghael they caught the iron fleet sleeping and demolished them like a Dragon of Drogons size should do.

  • *loose! Not Fire!

  • Dracarys :D

  • Burn them ALL!!! 🔥🔥🔥🐲

  • This happens when you use too much rare candy


  • yassss

  • You can just feel the will f the authors redirecting every scorpion bolt, especially at 1:00. Omfg. How shit at aiming do you have to be to miss that target? Or at 1:30? I also like how these 3 ships who have an amazing point blank shot conveniently have no one manning the weapon 1:15.

  • The music was awesome

  • Does anyone know the music that plays here.

    • The Last War soundtrack

    • Just seems darker than the usual Dragon music which is played when you see them.

  • He just decimated everything, drogon in full throttle!

  • Drogon you BADASS!

  • This dude needs a nerf😂😂 he is way tooo OP

  • I was so worried about dragon to survive but fuck...

  • Thanks for Drogon for destroy the ships and The Fucking scorpion arrows of Shit

  • But don't forget the fan theories... Dragon armor, ice dragon, another hidden dragon 🤣🤣🤣

    • D Deimos • Exactly!!!! Her biggest mistake was making him hand. Idk why he joined her if he didn’t want to kill his family bc she was literally intent on killing them.

    • The show could of been done at the beginning of s7 had she stormed Kings landing instead of trying to please the people of westeros

    • @obsidiana07 that Tyrion bastard f*uck it up her army and dragons with his stupid ideas and mercy. She could have taken the entire Westeros with minimum casualties. That stupid imp busted her and then betrayed her. And was rewarded. They ruined the show.

    • This was stupid because she literally could have done yhis as soon as she got to Westeros and this would have been over how many seasons ago. These guys essentually became the storm troopers of Westeros and suddenly couldn't hit shit.

    • @Hoxha Durrsim true, true

  • Well hell has no fury like a dragon queen,couldn’t she do this like when she had three dragons or when she had two agains the white walkers

  • Oh man, that's what I have been waiting for 8 seasons. A dragon doing it's job!!! It was cool until you know...

  • Fuck Euron... good to see his fleet go down.

  • Drogon knows how to make a fucking entrance

  • I also love the 3rd person point of view of what the people see when dany is coming for them