Gordon Served Dry Pork Chop & Mushy Mac & Cheese | Kitchen Nightmares

Pubblicato il 8 gen 2020
Poor Ramsay :(
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  • Love the mother she is adorable. The owner.....wow

  • is the waitress wearing anything underneath her apron!!???

  • She's delusional

  • james’ straight face kills me every time it’s just like “•-•”

  • Soooo nobody’s gonna talk abt how she put Doritos in collard greens

  • Yeah it looks kinda gross but im so fucking hungry i would eat that whole plate

  • Were these the same people who claimed he planted a dead mouse at the door and where the lady started laughing when he threw up?

  • We don’t claim her 🤦🏽‍♂️ not soul food

  • Owner: “This is the head chef” *points to a chef* Chef: “no, mike is” Gordon: “Mike who?” Chef: “first name mike, last name rowave” Gordon: 🤬

  • Just looking at it makes me gag

  • “Bland...” “oMG hES cRaZY”

  • they have no experience at all if gordon ramsay says its bad. use the race card

  • Mac and cheese supposed to be hard?

  • I don't know how pork is supposed to taste. I've never had pork ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Gordon could’ve fed Africa with all the food he’s asked to take back

  • “He’s gonna think the food is phenomenal!” “the pork chop is dry and the Mac and cheese is mushy!” *expectations vs reality*

  • I like to watch these videos while eating my shitty food, somehow makes it taste better

  • why don't any of the cooks on these shows wear hair nets

  • The server when he saw the hole👁👄👁

  • The head chef lady is delusional

  • 2:31 eVeryThinG is cOOkeD aT perFecTioN *Send an hideous image right after

  • Shelly: ''Everything is cooked to perfection'' While a big bowl of frozen chunky macaroni clunked together is shown while she talks about how good her food is.

  • I died as soon as he took the record off and revealed the hole in the wall! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • That pork chop and Mac and cheese had no love, no soul.

  • Love the aesthetic of this restaurant

  • Must’ve never tasted soul food.

  • Hear*

  • She says " everything is cooked to perfection " I see and gear different 😂

  • That woman can not cook

  • Ok if she thinks the food is perfect then why'd she hire Ramsay?? Like bruh

  • I just realized that gordon left handed ;-;

  • Why am I binge watching this

  • He shouldn’t be a gm I’m sorry 😐

  • Ima be honest even Wal-Mart's macaroni and cheese taste better than that

  • Momma Joe’s ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I am new to this show and the title confused me for a while there

  • When a white guy says that black peoples food are unseasoned, you know you messed up

  • "I reaĺly think Chef Ramsay will say that the food is phenomenal" Gordon Ramsay: *Press Shat Button*

  • Soul food with no seasoning is the biggest oxymoron I've ever heard.

  • Why would you cook "Soul Food" in a Wok?

  • I’m confused on how the owner still considers it soul food when they can’t even cook the mac n’ cheese right 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Imagine ur job being putting the squishy sound when he touches the food 😂

  • Who puts chips in collard greens ?????? As a southerner, I think this is OUTRAGEOUS !!!!

  • Looks like someone shat on his plate lolol

  • Hahaha collard greens taste like collard blues 😂😂😂

  • How do you screw up mac and cheese

  • Not even a minute in and they're already microwaving

  • This looks disgusting

  • Bullshit he didnt know about the hole in the wall so big it looks like a bowling ball was thrown at it.

  • *_"He's Crazy!"" Well your one to talk!!_*

  • One of the most delusional owners in its history

  • Owner: just microwave it Gordon: so you’ve chosen death

  • 0:55. I think you broke. The world record

  • Doesn't matter how many times I watch this its always recommended to me, make it stop

    • RAID SELLOUT LEGENDS you can literally stop this from being recommended

  • Does she cook at home?!?!

  • Every Line Cook: Soul food should be slow cooked and prepared with love Head Chef: A CHINESE WOK AND A MICROWAVE

  • R.I.P Kobe

  • Ok so I got no disrespect for Gordon but I think he is looking at the food/restaurant in the wrong way, I don’t think the food NEEDS to be prepared to perfection most restaurants aren’t amazing and some food will be sloppy and I think Gordon needs to realize that, but that’s just me I’m not a pro

    • Darth Maul you’re right I was just suggesting sum

    • Mr Mins 225 gordon doesnt exactly expect perfection, although he expects better

  • This owner is the third most obnoxious character ever featured on this show, behind the guy who lives in an RV and treats his employees like a tyrant, and the bellydancer who didn't know what soup du jour means.

  • "Only for a minute though" were is she getting at? How does that justify putting it in the microwave?