Gordon Ramsay's Prison Brigade Impresses All | Gordon Behind Bars

Pubblicato il 23 gen 2020
The Bad Boy Bakery impresses everyone, including Gordon Ramsay.
#GordonRamsay #Cooking
Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP
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  • Cook = career = money = economy = even better cook = even more money = R I C H = fame THATS HOW COOKING WORKS

  • Gordon Ramsay is really good in what he does

  • 2:31 she cute af

  • 2:30 I identify is the blonde girl in the back 😂😂😂

  • 2 min in. The Scallops are fucking burning. 😂😂

  • Good on Gordon & the Prisoners 🌻

  • *turn captions on **0:17*

  • Looks like they had that lunch service on lock down. Good job to Gordon and the inmates.

  • You are awesome for helping people who messed up there life by doing stupid shit. But helping them do better.

  • If you like this comment you have bigger balls than gordon

  • 3:01 one hell of a nose 👃🏻

  • Gordon, I'm curious if you've ever read " Life and Death in Sing Sing" ? I think you would enjoy it. It's incredibly Human and insightful, and rings with what you're doing for these inmates.

  • These inmates cook better then Raj


  • IM hungry 😋

  • Can I get a shank burger.

  • i dont know if the mistakes some of them assume are decidly stupidity ore premiere nervousness bot there are many of the guests who have a influence in the rsturant an hotel buisness an can its also do it the mak thos feliour

  • E

  • Hi

  • Sockie Norris bided 40000!!! You need to meet her!!

  • Sockie Norris bided 40000!!! You need to meet her!!

  • Sockie Norris bided 40000!!! You need to meet her!!

  • Sockie Norris bided 40000!!! You need to meet her!!

  • Gordon championing for prison labor. Dark...

  • Prison work!

  • Ramsey always doing awesome things... I hope this man has a long life.

  • My guy Gordon opened an exporting branch in prison for free

  • That beef wellington looks fantastic

  • For once your not an ass. Lol. I love working for chefs like him. It’s crazy. Got mad and started throwing dishes at a chef I was working with. I got a raise!!! Lmao

  • These prisoners doing better than the people on kitchen nightmares m8

  • *GR can't shout at any of this prisoners, he'll be stabbed before he even know it.*

  • I love what Gordon does and his huge heart, just an amazing rude but very kind person.

  • Plot twist, the prisoners are serving their victims

  • Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is stupid, the prisoners would get fuckall from it [time out of the cell] and then the prison system would profit millions per year if they made this into a big product then use that money to expand prisons and build more of them. So they're basically working for their own demise, its slavery.

    • The amount of prisons depend on the amount of criminals. There is no point to build more prisons if there aren't more criminals.

  • That fat fuck John Richardson talking about it being too sweet. That fat fuck probably cant stop eating sweets.

  • this reminds me with the movie "16 blocks" 😍

  • Those hungry cunts would have eatened anything lol.

  • Somebody give all those chefs Grammys

  • Hello Gordon! I watch the Norris nuts on IT-tvs and there is one girl named sockie. She is the same age as me (12) and has always wanted to meet you. She competed in your bid for the bushes in Australia and bid a lot of money. She even sacrificed all of her Christmases and birthdays for the rest of her life just to meet you. So please help me out and contact the Norris nuts ❤️

  • I love seeing Gordon Ramsay giving these guys a second chance in life.

  • All these customers look like snarky fucks

  • BBQ sauce on my tits

  • Brilliant idea for these bad boyz. It gives motivation for their future.............. for some. Cooking is a skill, you can either embrace the passion or go hungry and wait for food to come to you.

  • Is this program still up and running? What happened to it after he left?

  • Please go on The Norris nuts ❤😭😭 Please notice Sockie ❤❤❤ she loves you! Please notice her 😭😭😭💖💖💖🤞🥺

  • You suck

  • If those were American prisoners they'll stab and choke those people on the spot. And they'll all fuck them in the ass.

  • Hi Gordon Ramsay I'm a big fan of you and I am a subscriber from the legend and one of them is a big fan named sickies and wants to have dinner with you

  • From a legend

  • Meet the norris nuts!!!!!!!

  • None of you searched for this vid

  • I though gordon was featured in BLACKED

  • Watch the Norris Nuts Because Sockie Norris loves Gordon Ramsay and is inspired by him soo much

  • idk why but i’m not rocking with the way he was speaking about the inmates @ 4:10

  • Tbh these men’s are fairly useless..

  • im picky with my steak has to be perfect medium rare

  • This is greatness. Hell they prolly in there for non violent drug charges anyway. Hell if they can cook food in front of you with knives and forks then why are they even in there?

  • John Richardson that Coffee Consultant seems to really know his stuff. Straight away he knew it was too sweet and explained to Gordon why. Just struck me as someone who’s totally clued in in his field of work and isn’t just your typical rich fat cat. Smart man. And Irish 👍🏻

  • Yeah Sockie Norris. Seems like a great thing to do. Would you Gordon? Would be great PR for you and organic views for your channel

  • Cheap Labour, Mass Production, Dedicated Staff, No rush to get home, No one's going anywhere. - A big cafe chain's dream factory. Jokes aside, I would wholeheartedly support this effort in our prisons. It gives the inmate/chefs a skill, something to do during the day and their sentence and will hopefully act as a springboard for them once they get out to get back on track with society.