Gordon Ramsay Makes Alpaca Scrambled Eggs in Peru | Scrambled

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
Gordon is going an amazing culinary adventure on his new National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. The series begins July 21st at 10/9c and every week he’s sharing behind the scenes Scrambled recipes from around the world. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see!
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  • ASMR

  • This is comedy

  • He should do a Kitchen Nightmare in area 51 and serve aliens

  • Como peruano te digo que solo sabes freir huevos nada interezante desde mi punto de vista, si hubieras hecho algo novedoso como cocinar carne de alpaca y quitarle ese olor que tiene como tiene la carne de oso .

  • Lastima que no esta traducido al español lo sigo cada lunes x national geografic antes lo odiaba y hoy lo amo me encanta

  • Wuoa Cheff GORDON RAMSAY EN PERÚ 😀😀😀👍👍👍

  • A little bit of salt ... throws in the whole mountain.

  • I travel and love cooking and gordan ramsay. Love seeing gordan travel like this because it gets him out of the kitchen "rut/trap" and you can just see how much fun he has being out in beautiful places and breaking out of his ways into new ways, and its great. dont feel bad you put flowers on the eggs, who knows..... maybe one day you will be putting pineapples on pizza on a mountain in hawaii :) hahaha

  • And the dog wait too.🤣🤣

  • really you think that they would be impressed with scambled eggs in peru?

  • What I think? I think that You should have notice that, there are people behind your back who were also trying and wanted to try it... But you rather put the plate on the table, completely unaware of things of wich you have no interess.. I found that prety sociopatic... You should have served them also and capure that on camera also... But, most of people are stupid low IQ sheeps so, do not worry, noone noticed that...

  • I just knew those damn scrambled eggs would be pasty and although I'll always watch how Gordon does it I can't believe he'd fucking eat that, is RAW FFS

  • Gordon gracias por venir al Peru nosotros los peruanos te lo agradecemos un monton 😘😘

  • Me: I thought that only fish, reptiles, insects, amphibians and birds layed eggs? My brain processing information: So does that mean that the alpaca is actually unicorn without a horn? Unicorns can fly so unicorns are birds.. so yes the alpaca lays eggs

  • Very nice. 😊👍🏼

  • I love Gordon Ramsey 1 like - 2 subscribes Help me reach 1000 subscribers Im fast! Lemme know, comment done then I'll do the same :)

  • Hola happy, mi father and mother fans the you saludos Tabasco Mexico

  • Hola happy, mi father and mother fans the you saludos Tabasco Mexico

  • Gordon in my country Peru, you are the best welcome.😊🍴🇵🇪😍

  • The guy on camera Ur such a dick

  • Did i hear no salt???

  • Gordon: *gives eggs to dog* Dog: .... Dog: WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE?!

  • Gordon go that way far to peru just to cooked an eggs 😂 wtf hahaha

  • Único peruano que ve esto XD

  • 20+ years of cooking experience... You show off by breaking eggs in one hand 😂

  • This has to be used only with eggplants... the recepie says brinjal... hebbarskitchen.com/ennai-kathirikai-recipe-puli-kulambu/ I hope you know the difference in the types of brinjals that's available in Indian market... www.mykitchengarden.info/2014/12/growing-eggplant.html?m=1 Try and avoid the ones that's lighter in shade... they have excessive heat and triggers body temperature to alter.. normal eggplants are best. the darker the colour, the safe and more tastier it is... We mostly do not cook or serve lighter shaded brinjals when someone has open wounds or skin infections.. it does not allow the process of healing and can cause easy blood contagion and allergies... i do not have right scientific reason... but the lighter shade especially the purple ones kind of tastes rusty denoting high in iron... and not recommended for healing.... Like we do not use fish with thick shiny skins which has high level of mercury and does not allow healing in skin infections... Both kind of gives itchy feeling in cases of skin infections... so people with blood contagion have to avoid these two by all means... The green brinjals are also the same so you can avoid them... to test try basic brinjal fry like you fry fish... u will see the masala does not give u the effect and you may have to add more ingredients... and always tastes rusty...

  • should scramble eggs be wet? i’m confused but hey i’m no chef

  • I need to know the jungle and the Peruvian coast * Ceviche *rice with duck *Pachamanca * jerky with tacacho * Juane, etc.

  • falto conocer la selva y la costa peruana * ceviche *arroz con pato *pachamanca * cecina con tacacho *Juane ,etc

  • Buena Popeye..!!!

  • Este chef no es digno de nuestra comida peruana

  • 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

  • What a beautiful dog ........

  • 🇵🇪🙌🏽♥️

  • Didn't know alpacas laid eggs

  • Why do Brits eat runny ass eggs

  • My dumb ass was like alpacas lay eggs!

  • all that ash with the eggs

  • Visita Ecuador

  • secret valley is a beatiful place

  • 💓🇵🇪💓🇵🇪💓🇵🇪💓🇵🇪💓🇵🇪💓🇵🇪💓🇵🇪💓🇵🇪💓🇵🇪

  • They don't like it

  • Literally

  • oh dog is lucky ... ramsay dont say fucking dog

  • Gordon didn't notice, but, the girl next door told him he's perfect, like the cook 😂 Greetings from Peru :)

  • an insult to peruvian cuisine.....

  • Sufrí viendo como no le da ni una cucharita a los reales granjeros atras de él los ignoró totalmente

  • Is anyone gonna ignore the fact the he always adds a TOUCH OF EVERYTHING

  • I frickin thougt Alpacas laid eggs

  • Alpaca's lay eggs!?

  • Gordon calling over the locals to eat: “EY EY EY EY ALL OF YOU. ALL OF YOU COME HERE.”

  • alpaca o eggs albahaca ??

  • Why is it taking so long to cook

  • Es increíble como los chefs ,de la nada preparan un plato y les queda de 5 estrellas.

  • le hubiera preguntado por la experiencia con CASSEMIRO y MAMA RITAS, o la vez que prendiò las cosas en Flamangos, si pensò en tirar a la vieja al fuego tambièn.

  • Looks vile

  • Que bueno que hayas estado en Perú gordon ramsay , imagino que te has sorprendido la rica variedad de productos que tiene el Perú y su comida ni que decir , es deliciosa así promociónas nuestra cultura y gastronomía por todo el mundo ya que eres un famoso chef y que sigan los éxitos para tu programa

  • God dammit cant eat those eggs now.. got pollen on it

  • LMfao the peruvian guy laughing at gordon.. like "look at this white man struggling to cook scrambled eggs...hehaheah.. good good i support you"

  • that table has more eggs than the pan