Gordon Ramsay Makes Alpaca Scrambled Eggs in Peru | Scrambled

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
Gordon is going an amazing culinary adventure on his new National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. The series begins July 21st at 10/9c and every week he’s sharing behind the scenes Scrambled recipes from around the world. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see!
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  • Breath sir breath

  • Peru girls look like dudes ... Other than that I love Gordon.

  • I thought he was going to feed eggs to an alpaca.

  • Mushy eggs again. Mush.

  • The title had me thinking alpacas laid eggs

  • Of course Alpacas dont lay eggs! Disappointed not to see any Alpacas eating scrabled egg though!

  • 😊😋

  • I can't even crack an egg with one hand.. 😂

  • Viva el PERU ❤

  • Gordon need oxygen

  • "Get that nice and hot" *Three seconds later* "Shit that's hot"

  • Este hombre es un genio en las comidas, tienes mucha clase saludos, todo lo que cocinas se ve delicioso

  • I like Gordon and think he's an awesome chef, but i've never seen him make scrambled eggs, that actually looked delicious.

  • 1:58 is it just me or does anyone else hear the Mario music when he spreads the butter?

  • I own alpacas and questioned if they lay eggs I'm dissapointed in my self

  • Subtitula tus videos Gordon, te lo suplico!!!!!

  • Soy peruano y he visto su programa de ramsay arreglando restaurant.

  • Peruvians seem pretty chill, they're like 'meh whatever'

    • Ta que eso no era na, que ahi se come más rico pe

  • Eggs still a little runny 🤢

  • Los huevos del Peru :v

  • I like it when he says shit

  • Should chew some coca leaf at high altitude. 😂😂

  • ".. the goose improving penis as well" nice

  • 3:03 How my mother calls me

  • I love gordon

  • What stops the ashes from going into the scrambled eggs?

  • Aprende a hablar español si vas a Latinoamérica.

  • Just out of curiosity, does anyone else use pink salt crystals instead of white crystals?? I myself use pink, I personally don't know anyone else who does

  • Jajajá las alpacas no ponen huevos... pero los machos sí tienen...

  • dude cant even scramble an egg wtf I'm disappointed

    • well, he could barely breath while doing it at that altitude

  • For a second I thought alpacas laid eggs


  • I’m here in a local village on some local mountains, cooking with local ingredients, so the local people can try it.

  • That's some crappy uncooked eggs Gordon!

  • *3 AM* *Has exams in 2 days* “Just one more video”

  • anyone else thought they were crazy when they saw the title because they thought alpacas laid eggs?

  • I thought that dog in the background was a lion

  • 6:00 this was such a wholesome moment

  • Yooo he started on my birthday

  • que ??

  • Hahahahha its Funny how he shares the Scramble eggs with the peruvian Woman and she just say its perfect when she knows that its just a simple scramble eggs and she knows that she is peruvian and she can cook it better food that a master chef like ramsey :v

  • never heard Gordon say “shit” to him self wtf😂

  • You suck but I like you

  • He makes eggs look like way too much work. Seriously.

  • Inwant some but no brain's I got my own brains ... I don't eat them

  • I love you Gordon... Ur always smiling and ur always say fuck and ur so bossy and sweet I love you so much

  • I bet that will be very salty

  • Gordon cooks like his life depended on it. Well yeah, figuratively and literally 😄

  • Gordon Ramsay cook ceviche, new challenge.

  • The scenery is breathtaking.

  • Can you meet Sockie Norris in Australia

  • I'd love to try the alpaca to cook something.

  • The eggs of Vicuñas and Llamas are usually bigger than eggs from Alpacas in the winter.

  • Jajjaja que rayos, como va a cocinar tortilla, has otra cosa una pachamanca con muchas llevas o una carne de alpaca, que cosa pura tortillas Jajjaja

  • Put to much chilling he just put whatever that is good in it he not really good at cook plus real pro don't let egg stuck to the pan remember that...

  • Buena maestro! Por venir a mi país. Perú dónde se come rico todos los dias

  • alpacas don't put eggs u silly man

  • Gordon: “lightly beat the egg” *proceeds to get in a full blown fist fight with it*

  • Alpacas don't lay. Eggs there mammals I'm I missing something

  • 🤢🤮 sorry Gordon. That shit looks fucking god awful