Gordon Ramsay’s WORST Chicken Experiences on Kitchen Nightmares

Pubblicato il 28 gen 2019
From chicken wrapped shrimp to chicken being cooked after being dropped onto the floor.
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  • I am Jamaican and I personally think its fine - P.S this is for the owner

  • Those old ladies didn’t know he’s literally the most famous chef in the world 😂Bless their hearts.

  • Five second rule

  • Gordon with those older ladies, oh my goodness, he's such a charmer!

  • That lady at the beginning was a total bitch, but you gotta have some respect for the owner saying 'hey at least call him Mr. Ramsey, give him the respect he deserves' She was one of the few owners who knew that Ramsey's ultimately there to help and that he knows his shit

  • The Jamaican doctor is probables one of the doctors that uses spiritual healing or aura cleansing or some other shit

  • I think the doctor needs a doctor 😂

  • Love how Gordon looks around when he drops the chicken to see if he was just imagining what just happened

  • 4:58 Chef Ramsey needs to see my weiner at 3 am in that case

  • I like the salad in the martini glass idea. Haha

  • as soon as the chicken hit the floor i expected it to directly go into a garbage but WOW i was WRONG

  • Anthony: I feel like there are no faults in what I’m going to do. Also Anthony: Lets just put a chicken that touched the dirty floor into the pan to prepare and give to a customer. *Yeeaaah.*

  • As i always say, the ugliest owners always have the hottest daughters!

  • Woman: I like your British accent *Gordon:I lIkE yOuR lIpStIcK*

  • Gordon shouldve left him nd not call him out to see what would he do nd if he wouldve served it then i give u permission to chew his ass 😂

  • these bitches got gall to be mad at Gordon...for the record its not his restaurant that is failing yours is...La Galleria 33 closed in November 2018... would you believe that: only 15 restaurants out of the 77 that appeared on the show between 2007 and 2014 are still open. That means that for nearly 81 percent of these restaurants the "nightmare" is over.

  • Lol what kind of a weirdo puts a salad in a martini glass lol omg

  • That lady ain't a real Jamaican she was only born there

  • Jamaican food is cooked fresh everyday.We dont eat old food at a restaurant here

  • I bet that lady is a Jamaican as I am and she is a disgrace

  • 7:24 “Gordon if u keep acting like that, Jesus will actually be here”😂😂 bro she threatening like if she was his mom trynna scare him bc he won’t go to sleep😭😂

  • That asian gal is cute in jamaican resto

  • 3 seconds rule i guess

  • Me: that actually looks good Gordon: this dish is super dry Me: ugh disgusting how stupid do you have to be it’s so simple

  • Helloooooo Imani!!😍😍🥰🥰😍😍 Can we see more of her :-)

  • Is he sleeping over there? Is he sleeping? S h i t

  • he could ATLEAST wash it before cooking..

  • ile have the chicken with floor meal please

  • Were the first people robots??

  • That dry salmon looks good enough for $3 tho lol

  • i’m not cawlin him chef, i’m cawlin ‘im ramsey

  • Suppose I punch him out ...bitch please. He's there to help your pitiful restaurant.

  • “If they’re not Jamaican they’re not gonna like it.” I’m not Jamaican, but I like Jamaican food. I had no idea you had to be a race to like certain foods.

  • These shows are staged right? They all have the same characters. The offended chef with the bad food The smart waiters who knows the food is bad The chefs partner who seems to be in an abusive relationship

  • I love how he puts back the chicken in the pan and Ramsay just stares at it

  • "I think the doctor needs a doctor" LITERAL SAVAGE KING!

  • Imagine having the balls to drop a chicken on the floor and then cook it in front of Gordon Ramsey lmao

  • Man I feel bad tasting bad food 🥘

  • Omg she is disgracing Jamaican food

  • If one thing I’ve learned from cooking, is that chicken usually or never tastes good the second day, unless it’s in a soup or stew, because it drys out so easily. Good chicken is fresh chicken

  • The heat of the pan probably would have killed any Bacteria on the chicken but that’s still wrong

  • I wonder who was the lucky costumer

  • Jamaican me crazy man

  • 11:28 Seriously, planet of the apes. Just look at it, animal.

  • My biggest question is why a doctor is running a restaurant. Obviously not what 8 years of strict science courses normally leads to.

  • “Jamaican food cannot be cooked fresh everyday” *sad Jamaican street vendor noises*

  • *F E L L*

  • Gordon doesn’t give zero fucks

  • I hate the woman on the first part she's fucking rude

  • Gordon can be sweet sometimes

  • Dumb ass doctor ....idiot

  • Did he just look at Gordon and said fell with a straight face?😂😂😂💀💀

  • 5 second rule

  • This restaurant closed

  • First off. These aren't Italians. Lol. (In the first clip)

  • It’s not rilly bad cuz he’s neva seen someting like dis befour

  • 2:10 the heat’ll kill it

  • 7:56 one of my favorite Gordon Ramsey moments

  • "What do you mean he cooked it? What does that even mean?"....ehhh if I'm not mistaken it means he cooked the chicken after it fell on the floor?

  • 4:30 got me, Gordon loves his nans