Google Pixel 4 Event In 12 Minutes

Pubblicato il 15 ott 2019
At its 2019 “Made by Google” event, Google showed off a whole bunch of new products. There was the new Pixel 4, along with a new Pixelbook Go, a new Nest Mini, Nest Wifi, and a few other surprises. Here’s everything Google announced.
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Google Pixel 4 Event In 12 Minutes


  • They forgot to put battery into it 😑

  • Thank you google, sorry siri...

  • Pixel 4 is a bullshit phone. I wont never buy again a pixel phone. Not usb c headphones.

  • Tengo el pixel 4 y es una mierda de compatibilidad con los audifonos usb c, adaptadores, etc... Y no tiene puerto jack. Y no confio mucho en los bluetooth porque aveces se corta y se termina la bateria.

  • from all these expensive gadgets I finished by downloaded Voice recorder app that was what I could afford.

  • Why does the lady sit there? So awkward.

  • Nothing beats Google in AI.

  • Just a curiosity question, may be bluny: Why didn't the stage presenter guys use pixel buds instead they used classic mics...

  • I dont want anymore emails

  • Its really fuckin irritating.

  • I’m watching this video on nov 19th😋

  • Wtf "affordable price" of Pixelbook Go almost 700 dollars?


  • No one wants stadia

  • Do you think, soli radar for pixel should be something like Kinect for Xbox in future - Google stadia meaning??

  • 10:11 that man is about to die D:

  • Was the crowd forced to be there?

  • 没钱买

  • My man rishi looking swole

  • She is a great presenter. Recorder one

  • They once made a joke on 2 cameras of iphone ... And now they added 3 😄

  • Bro the lady introducing the pixel 4, EVERYTIME that she opened her mouth and you could hear her saliva it made me literally SOOO uncomfortable and bothered. Lol, sorry, but I’m THAT person.

  • OMG, i will get all those products so Google can find out everything about me, even when I spank my monkey. I might see some emails about KY jelly and furniture that will fit perfectly in my house because Nest camera can look at your square footage. lets not forget there listening skill, especially to kids. oh yah, those birthday emails, toy ads … yah no thanks. I don't understand why people are OK with buying this stuff.


  • 2019’s apple event 2.0

  • Does this require monthly payments? Or do i just pay the 170?

  • Most boring Google keynote ever.

  • Ok everyone is talking about how Google and apple are copying each other I'm just happy that the pixel buds are coming out and my favorite part is that all you have to say is "hey Google" And it does whatever you say (not EVERY single thing I know okay?)

  • Good they focused on reducing price

  • Wtf are the Audience doin

  • Where did Sundar Pichai go?

  • Sabrina's voice sounds like a friendly principal

  • Google: Xbox,can I copy your homework? Xbox: Yeah just don’t make it obvious

  • Google is all about spying on people since few year's

  • Nice phone. Really excited.

  • Samsung: Let’s Make A 3 camera phone. Apple: Hey let’s copy Samsung, and make a 3 camera phone too! Google pixel: They won’t know, I’ll just make a three camera phone too!

  • Most of what google is showing and telling is just a software update lmao

  • Talk about generating zero excitement for a new products. Look at the lack of any excitement in the crowd. Horrible presentations and presenters. The stage set is dull too. They need to find new people to present. Hellen Keller could have pulled off a better stage design and product introduction.

  • No one wants the bazel shit

  • Dang, I was hoping they’d roll out new nest security cameras and a new mesh WiFi router. Oh well.

  • I Pixel Lover. 📱❤✌) plzz pixel lovers like it....👍

  • Has anyone noticed how "cheap" the background stage set looks? I'm wondering what the reason for this was...

  • You screw things up worse every time you release an update.

  • No claps

  • Do these smartphone makers have the same engineering departments. Most flagships share similar designs every year

  • I mean the design of pixel 4 is so basic standard phone not beautifull

  • I bet Sabrina gives the best BJ's with that wet mouth of hers 😂

  • Ive taken shits that were less cringeworthy and uncomfortable than this lousy presentation! 😂

  • When he said "hey Google" my phone responded

  • Terrible CROWD

  • Great spyware, Now just having those buds can cover an entire home lol

  • Google assistant is getting crazier every minute its scary 😮

    • When he says "Hey Google" on 0:39, it triggers my Google Assistant 😅

  • 4:03 did that dickhead really just say "2x" instead of 'Two times" 😒

    • Breaking ever more technical ground for future Surveillence Authoritarians lol

  • Will a radar have any impact against our healthy

  • Omg she sounds like she's chewing on something when she's talking 😂

  • So what iPhone could have been but with android

  • I want

  • Oooo totally not a rip off

    • I guess.. I'll start watching events that are shrunk to 12 minutes from now on. (Ah, the recorder feature, I hope Samsung put that to Note 11.)

  • Didn't get the hype with the voice recorder ....we were able to make voice notes earlie already on the assistant or siri

  • Google tries too hard to fit into the market but messes up in the process, just like how they messed up the notch in the pixel 3 xl