Goodbye Joergen - LWIAY #0082

Pubblicato il 5 lug 2019
This is so sad
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  • I like how the "w" just combine to the green screen

  • 1:18 this cartoon called Phineas and Ferb

  • 19:36 phiiiiiiiil

  • 8:43 Sadly this was not the outcome.

  • I remember watching this video in the vacation when i was an 9 yr old now im 19 year old!

  • T series murdabad

  • i just wanted to say mentioning chan may have fucked up pewdiepies merch pages. watch out youtube this is a minnow full of sharks

  • 3:20 it's not a mod it's just one command block it's really simple.

  • GOT DANG FLY!!!! 6:59

  • So we just gonna ignore the fact that there's a hole in his shirt?

  • im not falling for that* me actually being a minecraft veteran *bruh*

  • It’s about 2020 and pewds gave up on sad.....🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪😢😢


  • How many likes I have 👎

  • He hit 100m

  • What pewds says:spech 10 what it says:spech100

  • 11:14 Look half way below the left wing in perspective Looks like Gamora

  • Why is selena gomez in the thumbnail

  • Wait, why does that girl look like Selena Gomez but a little girl, I think that's what looks like.

  • 20:19 "alright guys, thats it for this week's gaming week lwiay" - MORE GAMING WEEKS CONFIRMED

  • 11:46 Rolf

  • Stuff's actualy true 2:00

  • 1:09 Pewdiepie predicts Boomer vs Zoomer meme 3 months before it becomes a meme.

  • When baby turtles grow They drop a scute

  • I take back what I said about the Minecraft memes. I don't even play Minecraft and these memes are pretty funny.

  • Rip ikea tower x_x

  • Ok boomer

  • I thought the stuff on the screen was my phone but no

  • Oml I got a pewdiepie figurine add before the video! 😆

  • L0L

  • ✔㋛シ⌫

  • Just had an ad on a pewdiepie video

  • the papers please vidio is my next one on autoplay

  • 0:49 did he not see the Ugandan knuckles on his shoulder or did he just edit it out

  • The simpler times when Felix did not worship beetroot’s

  • pewd's you can trust me when i say- the name things were real, if you name a sheep Jeb_ it makes it rainbow! and if you name any animal dinnerbone- it makes them upside down!

  • Why dont you watch phineas n ferb ?

  • Pewds just test jeb_ on another sheep Its a cool easter egg

  • Whos here after Joergen #100 died?

  • LgrassblockIAY

  • He was weeding re do worn him about concil of beet

  • Did Pewds ever get unbanned from Sweden?

  • Nobody gives PewDiePie tips People give gamers tips

  • I honestly hate when he doesn’t listen to anyone, because he’s a “Minecraft Veteran”

  • 14:34 did he really just say our room during this!?!?! Say what you will about him, but this dudes head is in the right place. I bet those people who'd believe anything the media says, picture him to be like a seagull from finding Nemo when it comes to Marcia and stuff they own. The dude gets this quote wrong because he imagines saying it takes Marcia... I know I'm just as bad as the media for taking something so small and Tring to draw attention to it like this... I guess in short I feel a lil more respect for him after this.

  • 3:30

  • Its Jørgen

  • Felix: I'll fricka slime Creeper: *aM i a jOkE tO yOu*

  • Leave your entries in the sub reddit bros cause I’ll watch submission in the next episode of lwiay

  • I see the title and i am instantly thinking:"NOT AGAIN"

  • pls do jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

  • im 7

  • thats sad

  • jeb turns rainbow

  • I love that he beleived every single non tip and yet he refuses to beleive every single tip that is actually real

  • when u find out pfelix never watched phoneas and ferb *Overly dramtic gasp* HOW DARE edit: wow I cant spell I meant you* felix* phineas*

  • A couple months ago actually because he played minecraft Cristian Servers 12:51

  • I'm glad that joergen died

  • Water sheep is dead because of you

  • Jeb_ makes wotersheep go rainbow