Goodbye Joergen - LWIAY #0082

Pubblicato il 5 lug 2019
This is so sad
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  • Whos here after Joergen #100 died?

  • LgrassblockIAY

  • He was weeding re do worn him about concil of beet

  • Did Pewds ever get unbanned from Sweden?

  • Nobody gives PewDiePie tips People give gamers tips

  • I honestly hate when he doesn’t listen to anyone, because he’s a “Minecraft Veteran”

  • 14:34 did he really just say our room during this!?!?! Say what you will about him, but this dudes head is in the right place. I bet those people who'd believe anything the media says, picture him to be like a seagull from finding Nemo when it comes to Marcia and stuff they own. The dude gets this quote wrong because he imagines saying it takes Marcia... I know I'm just as bad as the media for taking something so small and Tring to draw attention to it like this... I guess in short I feel a lil more respect for him after this.

  • 3:30

  • Its Jørgen

  • Felix: I'll fricka slime Creeper: *aM i a jOkE tO yOu*

  • Leave your entries in the sub reddit bros cause I’ll watch submission in the next episode of lwiay

  • I see the title and i am instantly thinking:"NOT AGAIN"

  • pls do jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

  • im 7

  • thats sad

  • jeb turns rainbow

  • I love that he beleived every single non tip and yet he refuses to beleive every single tip that is actually real

  • when u find out pfelix never watched phoneas and ferb *Overly dramtic gasp* HOW DARE edit: wow I cant spell I meant you* felix* phineas*

  • A couple months ago actually because he played minecraft Cristian Servers 12:51

  • I'm glad that joergen died

  • Water sheep is dead because of you

  • Jeb_ makes wotersheep go rainbow

  • You cheater

  • Literaly fucking everyone: Joergen died cuz Felix slept in the Nether. The TRUE reason why he died is because he brought Joergen to the Nether. Even if Pewds slept in the Nether, but didn't bring Joergen there, Joergen wouldn't have died.

  • Jeb_ does work tho

  • 14:03 Meme: He LiTeTaLly CaNt SpEaK Felix: * reads meme * haha, speach ten

  • yay he died

    • Press X to Doubt.

  • Even as a furry, *i press f*

  • “speech *10”*

  • 🍉🍉

  • Was that knuckles on the first one?

  • Leave your entries in the sub reddit Broseley and I'll watch submissions in the next episode of lwiay

  • Its reaaaaal¡!!!!!!!!!

  • 10:51

  • This is the last time he did the lwiay intro

  • Who's here in 2019 XDXDXDXDXDXDX LOOLOLOLOLOLLOL 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Видео для русских где русские?

  • I like you pewdiepie

  • Pewds in july, I dont know about jorgen 2 Pewds now. JORGEN!!

  • If you give a cheep the nam jeb_ it will turn rainbow!

  • felix during the time of this video : i trusted u 9 yr olds but u betrayed me felix now(after sven's bf's bounce pad incident): im going far away from here, i dont deserve pets, im going far far away where i cant hurt anyone

  • That was fuckin phineas and Ferb

  • W is green so ya

  • haha

  • 00:08

  • 10:26 is my meme. Noting to self for to brag in the future

  • Youve never played touber simulator

  • Felix: I’ll kill a slime Gamers: RIP Rolf

  • little does he know.... water sheep will die

  • u can do it pewdiepie to beat t series

  • ubisoftannecy I KNOW YOUR HERE!!!!

  • im looking for a roblox person


  • Anyone here after the marriage, ender dragon defeat, and 100 million subs? Good times

  • اعمل فيديو تتكلم عربي ....باااالييز 🌷😹

  • When he said German it got to me and I now thought


  • give link in real minecraft

  • Naming any animal "Dinnerbone" turns them upside down. Sorry just had to get it out of my system-