Golden Globes Magic with Alexis Ren!

Pubblicato il 9 gen 2019
Massive thanks to Alexis for being a part of this.
What a great gal, find her below:
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  • She still very pretty but a few years back before she has all kinda chirurgie she was absolutely stunning, but like most pepoles out there who can never be satisfied about themselves she was probably finding flaws in herself when she hadn’t any and like many women who were looking perfect but they’ve try to get more beautiful but sadly it backfires and when they get old they look like horrible rubber dolls I hope she doesn’t get to that point because right at the beginning all natural she was already at the top.

  • So wanna smash her

  • That was way too obviously Alexis Ren only faking it

  • i mean - HOW?

  • Sorry, Daniel. Simply doing magic won't ever get you a model girlfriend.

  • Alexis are u waiting for jay alvarrez 😂😂😂

  • 3:14 “I think I’m gonna take a drink of my vodka” - coming from the model who “doesn’t drink alcohol”

  • Lol by watching her IT-tvs videos I knew she was gonna say mom

  • You are witch 😂

  • And then they sex

  • Has perdido un poco ese toque que te hacía top

  • The difference between 6’ and 5’ 9” is 3 inches...

  • i actually think the trick to get to know what she is thinking about, is to make her think about someone. When he said "its not an object" he made her think about her mom. and when he said its a person she always started thinking more and more about her mom. Its probably a really manipulative trick. Congrats, that was awesome!

  • The straw one Was an invisible string. He made ist He strigg long so that only when his Hands are really apart it is touching the straw

  • I think when He said bracelet and house that was meant to make her think about mother. House = parents, bracelet = female -> mother

  • Please, whats soundtrack (2:59) in the background? Tks

  • c'mon anyone that knows Alexis would know she'd be thinking of mom


  • Oooooooooommmmmgggg

  • She is beautiful i want to marry her

  • Is beatiful

  • Who is the man rubbing his right eye at 3:15?

  • Where have I seen that girl in the red dress in the intro before?

  • mom? no way! who would love their mom?

  • Huh... Guessing that she was thinking about her mom ain't a trick lmao. Literally 90% of people would've thought that. And if she had thought about something else, he prolly wouldn't have posted the video at all. Just saying...

  • when she was 12 she used to watch all his videos,,,, Sad since when i was 12 there was no such a thing is IT-tvs xD

  • Wait...the only thing i see is alexis..🤗🤗

  • Wow, I'm so shocked! That is magic! She actually has clothes on for once!

  • she's gorgeous

  • hahaha she's waay out of ur league. try not flirting next time pervert. Also this is how he did it. invisible thread, Man! these magician are frkn embarrassing

    • couldn't agree more!! Also, thanks xD

  • Dude even ı d fuckin knew that she is gonna think of her mom by just following her instagram :ADg:D??

  • Only magic here is how beautiful she is!

  • I bet he sold his soul to do this. LOLOL

  • que suertuo pana, ella es una belleza y se ve panita

  • She likes him...

  • She was prettier before cosmetic syrgery.

  • Next time mic yourself, sound is muffled.

  • Bruh...

  • She's looking healthier

  • pfff she's not even 5'9, she's like 5'7 or 5'8. She once took a photo with Emily Ratajkowski and Alexis was shorter than her and Em is 1.70

    • @AH that's what I thought

    • maybe she is lying because models are suppose to be tall

  • Ugh the things I would do to be with this women. Unforgivable things.

  • Pusssaaay

  • What soundtrack is at the beginning?

  • I feel like anyone would know it was “mom”

  • I love how he never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face

  • El truco del papel lo haría yo sin el papel es fácil adivinar eso

  • missed you

  • Nice! (btw. 1M is coming Daniel) #DBDB

  • So from instragram girl to youtube girl now she is in Golden Globe? Wut?

  • Subtítulos plzzzz

  • You need to smash her

  • what has she done to her face?

  • So doing magic on bimbos now?

  • By the moment Daniel asked Alexis to think about something related with love that "no ones" know about, I totally knew right away she was think about her mom. I do remember a video of her talking about her mom because she passed away. So it's probably that Daniel could easily guess that chances would be high to guess she was going to pick her mom.

    • shut up

    • @Kalle Anka sure, but it is even higher if your are famous and your mom passed away and you already have spoken about her

    • Same...

    • Most people will think of their mom to that question even without any particular history so it has a high chance of being correct.

    • Same

  • She's gorgeous.! 😍

  • Mom trick was good but easy her mother died when she was younger. You only have to pull up some of the view interviews she gave.

    • @streetlifeyakuza wut?

    • Chris jes she is !! I knew for the First Second she say mom.

    • the mom trick? wtf she could have picked anything... also how much of a special person do you think she is demanding people to know her mom past when she was younger I mean really come on dude

  • I am not a magician but i also assumed she'd say "Mom " ! cause when u think of the dearest person on earth to u ! there only could be one ! ;)

  • Alexis Ran another dumb cunt who thinks she's hot shit but is exactly doo doo

  • Dude this girl on fire, she’s totally into you

  • Hmmm 5'9 ... want expecting that.