Goku - All Forms & Attacks | Dragon Ball FighterZ vs Budokai 3 [SSJ-SSJ3-SSJ4-KX20]

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
Goku - All Forms & Attacks - Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 vs Dragonball FighterZ. Including: SSJ4, SSJ3, SSJ, Kaioken / KX20 - DBZ (+ Broly) 孫悟空 形態集 ドラゴンボール
► Forms: Goku Super Saiyan 4, 超サイヤ人4 孫悟空, Goku Super Saiyan 3, 超サイヤ人3 孫悟空, Goku Super Saiyan, 超サイヤ人 孫悟空, Goku Kaio-Ken
► Attacks: Goku Kamehameha, 孫悟空 かめはめ波, Spirit Bomb / Genkidama, 元気玉(げんきだま), Instant Kamehameha / Warp Kamehameha, Dragon Fist & more.
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⦿ Information:
All Gameplay, Recording, Editing & Thumbnail were made by myself.
♫ Outro Song: YT Audio Library "Density & Time - City of Jewels"


  • Evolution of SSJ Transformations (1992-2019) 超サイヤ人 進化の軌跡 *📺 Link: **it-tvs.com/tv/video-baxhId7SKyU.html*

    • They need to remake dbz with dbf graphics

    • Monkey Digest Ah shit, Frieza in this bitch. We breaking out the DBZUB22 OST!

    • Dbz tenkaichi tag team bs dbz Xenoverse

    • Bodukai ❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  • FighterZ is the most beautiful fighting game I've ever seen.

  • “Kioken assault” shown here is actually Super Vegeta’s animations. Goku actually does have a kioken assault in budokai 3 by pressing ⬅️⏺

  • this video is unnecessary, different games from diferent decades, diferent consoles, diferent genre (2d vs 3d fighting game), diferent developer, meh

  • Fighterz wins.

  • Budokai 3 sukks ass

  • Budokai 3 was the best I said it and ain’t nothing to change my mind

  • Budokai 3 is the best... 😋

  • B3 is just on another level

  • 10年以上経ってるはずなのに声に衰えがない さすが野沢さん

  • El budokai es mejor por mucho

  • budokai 3 es mucho mejor para disfrutar un duelo 1 vs 1, deberían haber seguido esta linea en futuros juegos de dbz. en fighterz son tan rápidas las peleas que ni lo disfrutas... eso si las animaciones son lo mejor!!!

  • Budokai 3 was meh, the npcs just spam the same move. Tenkaichi(?) 3 Was the best dbz game imo

  • Z3のアドベンチャーモードのBGMすこ

  • DBZ3のカクカクした感じが好き。

  • Dragon ball fighterz

  • 7:56 epic

  • My favority is dbz budokai 3

  • i like dbz b3 ,it looks like real anime

    • jerome manalili are you blind!??

  • Please, anybody knows the song's name at 6:06?

  • Budokai 3 still King.

  • itu bukan b3 tpi ifinite world

  • My best dragon ball game dragon ball budokai3 ....END

  • Budokai 3 ist das beste Game

  • Obviamente es mejor budokai 3

  • Thanks for doing this in Japanese audio because the English dub is really irritating

  • Budokai 3 wins.

  • We didn't have to wait for season 1 2 and 3 DLC the game came with hella characters

  • Old school Dragon Ball we had the living room packed we used to run matches from early in the morning till we passed out

  • For a moment I was expecting Budokai Tenkaichi 3

  • FighterZ looks like a cheap copypaste of Extreme Butoden for 3DS lmao Budokai 3 is legendary

    • Orkan Tekin I dont need to try again when my first try was already successful

    • Deimonk try again!

    • Orkan Tekin I dont need to try again when my first try was already successful

    • Deimonk try again!

    • Orkan Tekin I dont need to try again when my first try was already successful

  • It's alright. We all know FighterZ is pure button mashing garbage.

    • King Nexus MOCs woah. The game may be easier than other fighting games, but it is NOT mashing garbage.

  • For a older game. Budokai has better animation

  • budokai 3 is better atleast they can transform during fights and goood play style, why people like dragonball fighterz the game roster is really bad how base form goku and vegeta be dlc.

    • Vivid Sins then play your gay ass budokai 3. The characters look like fucking plastic sex dolls.

  • budokai tenkaichi 1, 2, or 3 >>>>>>>>>> budokai 3

  • dragon fist against yamucha?... was that even necessary?...

  • What theme is that at 6:08?

  • Budokai 3 is pretty good for tht time

  • Budokai 3 for sure was more enjoyable to play than FighterZ. Don't know why they don't make another budokai 3 game with high definition graphics. It will still beat all other games if graphics are enhanced.

  • DBFZ?? dragon ball friend zone??? can you get friendzoned in this game??