Going to the WORST REVIEWED Amusement Park in my City! **bad idea**

Pubblicato il 27 lug 2019
Today I found a 2 star amusement park in my city with over 100 horrible reviews, and I went to test things out myself...
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  • Hate. March. 021981. 2019 sjj Underage pornand. Drugs and. Crying syior slyior. Kids. Rapists and my attractionspot. Domestic violence!

  • 6:55 she is beautiful

  • I’ve been there and it’s not even that bad

  • Lamborghini brought by mummy and daddy

  • Wait I came here with my parents when I was 1 year old...

  • Faze rug: does'nt think the park is bad. Also Faze rug: puts *bad idea* in the title

  • This is the kind of place you go to after promising your friend a fun night out but you work for a shitty service job and already blew your paycheck.

  • I don’t think boomers is an amusement park

  • omg, when you you said "Yo!" i thought you were singing im blue meme XD

  • This looks better than universal studios and every six flags park put together 👍

  • Nice car

  • Back in tha days boomers was the plug🤷🏾‍♀️

  • U R A W E S O M E

  • The end of the video in the car the kids lisp hurts to watch

  • FAze adapt

  • That’s not an amusement park

  • How is this video a bad idea but u had liked everything

  • go there in a discize

  • Hold up are the hot dogs from Home Depot better than that food???

  • Rug

  • Why did you put bad idea and u said it was fine

  • #1 worst would’ve been fun 4 all in Chula Vista if they didn’t closed it down

  • Is that Adventure City in Anaheim?

  • Is that boomers?

  • I have been to this place they are actually a good place idk what’s up, maybe cuz I’ve been to a different pne

  • the thumbnail says almost fell out of a roller coaster....... I DONT SEE IT I DONT BELIEVE IT. (its my slogan)

  • It’s funny cause I met faze rug at boomers a couple days before this vid but he looked like he was having fun 😂😂

  • This is the boomers in El Cajon.

  • Who scrolls down in the comments and then stops to read a good one then thinks...........”Damn! I wish I wrote that!” Like if this is you!

  • who people think he being honest :🤡🤡

  • video starts at 5:22 (the actual testing)

    • Thanks my guy I was looking for this comment. Love you

  • 1/3 of the vid: Reacting to the reviews

  • I eat my family

  • a chicken tender is never too cripsy!!!

  • I go to the exact one like every sunday

  • Been to that amusement park before, actually was a pretty good place and staff was great, if anything it upgraded a lot since I last went, only the water looked worse.

  • Of course you are going to get special attention when you let everybody know what you are doing.

  • Him: it’s green Me (from Idaho): BeCaUsE iTs A pOtAtO🙄😂

  • Looks fun :D

  • BRUH. this was a good vid but I’m pretty sure they treated you good just bc they knew what u were doing. I reviewed the same place on my channel and they treated us like trash 🤦‍♂️employees were hella rude and took a long time to help us while we waited in lines for rides. LIKE THIS SO HE SEES THIS 🙄

  • Mom* "WHY IS YOUR TABLET BROKEN?" me*" because I smashed that like button👌😎"

  • Uhh so there’s amusement park in every city?

  • 12:53 did that lil boy jus throw up nbh ( naybahhood ) or am i trippin ? if u frm la then u kno what im talcin bout lol.

  • Can I be your PS4

  • Low-key, I was about to say," are you at boomers because I could almost tell from the design

  • Once they knew you and found out the video you were making of course there gonna be nice cause they know millions of people will see it

    • pilar owen facts bruh cuz I went to the same one on my channel and it was trash🤦‍♂️

  • The waters green because it's a pond not a swimming pool fish need algie

  • Brian shouldve coted -5 stars for this place

  • oh wow those were my cosins that said bye i wish i was there ;-;

  • Next time try sending someone that noone would recognize to do a review and don't let anyone know what you are there for to get more accurate results

    • gilbert kukulski good idea lol cuz I went to the same one on my channel and they treated me like trash😑 true colors shown🤦‍♂️

  • 9:50 A potato is not meant to be PERFECT its a vegetable and they're not always that yellowy color. Potatoes turn green when exposed to sunlight, a little bit is okay but a lot (like 3 completely green potato's) can make you ill.

  • I can't believe he ate that green French fry

  • I'm 11 and I'm 4'3

  • ThE wAtEr iS GrEeN

  • That will be a 10 star amusement park in my country

  • Is it just me or does the video glitch ?

  • Looks a lot like Darien lake


  • 😀😁😁😁😁😁