Pubblicato il 31 ago 2019
My friend Molly Eskam and I decided to go to the worlds biggest INFLATABLE water park, and it was literally in the ocean!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!
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If you read this far down the description I love you



    • @Starr Lydy me to

    • I would love to go in.stead of school so I’m down😌😌😌😌😎😎😎🤩🤩🤪🤪😋😋😛😋😝😝😜😜

    • What's up

    • I wish but I live in Australia

    • Yes please I have never been to a water park

  • I think my sister see you?

  • Wow Bryan a GIRL beat you In a race

  • I went there

  • Who wants to prank. Faze rug?

  • Who dosent live in California San Diego?

  • what did molly ever do to you

  • did you relise there was a brige


  • I subscribed u didn't take me 😂 hahahaha

  • This was so cool

  • You guys are just rude to molly

  • Faze is such a dick bro

  • Molly didn't have any fun and why was she so scared

  • all the people with bad comments read this : imagine some one saying stuff like this behind ur back if she dose not want to ruin her makeup what will happen will u die will this make u not want to watch i almost cried reading the comments if u guys keep on doing this u r not a rug ratt 😪😭😟😿

  • Faz when slide down I saw a shark 🦈

  • I haven’t watched the whole video yet I’m only like 30 sec into it but is there actually sharks

  • She’s hot!!

  • We can tell Alex didn’t hit puberty yet😂😂😂

  • Hi

  • did anyone notice when rug put money in she was down.

  • Make this blue if ur watching this in 2020 I I I I I I I👇

  • Jk

  • Why are you cheating on ur gf

  • Rug the only hard thing in your life is getting a girl

  • Not gonna lie but he calling out molly and Noah but he the one holding his nose as he goes down

  • I feel like kaylen is more fun and more down to earth this girl molly looks like she’s picky and complains about everything

  • Lmaooo molly is super annoying - all about the makeup lmaooo what does she do when she wakes up in the morning ? Hide from the guy she slept with and wake up super early to do her makeup for when he wakes up lmaooo

  • That girl just didn’t want to ruin her makeup lmaooo

  • Molly is scared

  • Molly reacts a lot

  • We have a WAYYYYYYYYY bigger one here in Australia

  • I wanna come

  • that look fun asf and all of that but who wheres makeup to a water theme smh

  • That exact same inflatable water park is in frorida

  • Molly was so dramatic she wasn’t having any fun and why did she wear a full face of makeup when she’s in the water 🧐

  • Bay sports slides are 10 times bigger

  • I love watching you btw today is my bday

  • Can u make ur vids longer like up to 20 minutes instead?

  • Reeeeeeeee

  • we have a way bigger water park in australia

  • where is this park

  • .... I've been here

  • Molly: He won’t find me what so ever. Rug: Imma climb this rope...I KNEW IT!!!! Molly: Ohhhhhh

  • Hi

  • Is molly the girl friend a.

  • I ship them

  • your camera man is cute

  • That girl is so lame 😒

  • Molly is me at a water park and then Rug is my cousin Leo like no capp

  • It feels weird when the water gets on the camera and you cant hear it it sounds like your ears are plugged

  • Plz go to collum blast aqua park its bigger than this

  • this is not the worlds biggest. The world's Biggest is in Portland, Connecticut. You can search it up. you can biplane off a real cliff into the inflatable waterpark

  • Kaylen vibes?

  • Everyone complaining about Molly, give her a break...

  • Is that in Santa Rosa

  • 05:44 aLeX 🤪🤪

  • Did anybody else realize there was still two people hiding😂

  • Oh no

  • heavy this g