Godfrey Explains Why He Doesn't Use the "N-Word" in Front of White Audiences (Part 11)

Pubblicato il 3 dic 2019
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Godfrey and Vlad spoke about Dick Gregory being the first black person to perform in a club in New York at the Playboy Mansion. Godfrey spoke about how impactful that move was, and talked about the impact of seeing black people in major platforms not doing blackface or tap dancing while on them.
From there, Godfrey broke down why he doesn’t use the n-word during his comedy sets, and called out the intelligence of comedians who constantly have to use the word but they don’t come from an environment that qualifies them to use the word.


  • Facts!!!!!

  • That's so true.....lots of black people give Tiffany Haddish hell for being ghetto but she's from the freaking hood in LA! She's just acting herself! And she rarely uses the n-word. Same with Cardi B, she's from the hood and lots of black people say that she is setting the black community back by the way she speaks but she's Latino from the hood in NYC!

  • Wow syrup sandwich...I’m of Mexican descent and I did that, kinda like eating a tortilla with American cheese

  • I'll say the N word a lot but I only say the N word mostly around my family pacifically my brother and father

  • Can we not say it at all

  • This man has such great intelligence he's amazing

  • I like Godfrey more and more all the time cause in the past I didn’t give him the time to be funny but now his personality and what he speaks just makes me “add this and that in favorites or the playlist” good guy .

  • I disagree with this, there is no intelligent way to use the n word, it's a derogatory term, used to enslave and murder blacks.


  • Why do black Americans use the n word any way? Its fucking stupid.

  • This man is the fuckin truth 💯

  • The N word should never be used period whether by blacks or non blacks. We can’t keep using it and turn around and get offended when non blacks use it. There is nothing dignifying or camaraderie about that word to justify us blacks even using it on each other.

  • Godfrey just got sexier for saying Apropo

  • Thank you.

  • shut the fuck up with who should say what

  • Godfrey is a smart brother !!

  • Please what's the name of the book being referenced at 1:54? I like to read it too.

  • Correction: nothing HAPPENED to bill cosby! he ain't the victim!!!

  • But is the n-word that important to say? If the N word never existed what word would you use 4 slang talk

  • Stop giving the word so much power, stop treating that word like its some fucking sacred text. Shit's absurd.

  • Dam let em tlk vlad

  • Growing up we never cussed because our mom would get our behind lol. As I learned and studied about our history I knew I couldn’t use the n word I don’t care how “cool” you want to make the word. This is why other races use it and then blacks want to get all mad but if we never used it in the first place that wouldnt be an issue. We the only race of ppl that call each other a derogatory term used as “endearment”. We will never be taken serious.

  • Oh yeah Godfrey is cool too lol

  • Y'all getting fed all the bullshit from Nike Gucci mc Donald's burger king you're land lord and everyone you pay you're bills too but got issues with VLad lol..

  • Well said

  • Godfrey is one of the realist people on this earth! I love him so much! It’s so refreshing to see a Black Man like him! 🙏🏾💚

  • Wondering when he will address the Tommy Sotomayor problem?

  • Godfrey: “I don’t use the N-word in front of non-whites“ ... Proceeds to use the N-word multiple times in front of non-white Vlad...

    • SunshineRain yea nah

    • Ran Dom While making a point about race relations in the comedic space of America. Don’t be dense. 🙄

  • 👏👏👏👏 thank you sir....

  • It's true. I watched this one IT-tvs video of a comedian use it unnecessarily and it seemed out of place. His act didn't need it at al. I actually commented about it a few months ago🤤


  • Godfrey has become, or maybe always was the monster he hates. He's a racist piece of trash. Below is the link on Reddit of a screenshot I took of his rant at me in my DMs on Instagram. reddit.com/r/comedians/comments/ebn 41h/comedian_godfrey_is_racist_towards_white_people/

  • I immediately thought of Save Chapelle when I watched this....I think this video is kind of an explanation as to what happened to Save Chappelle. I love Dave, but he fell the fuck off...I've always felt his issues are originated with some sort of identity crisis...

  • What book is he talking about?

  • Why make excuses for the men that are making fools of our people using that word, when you know they shouldn't being do it? Black comedians and rappers have made the N word the official title for black people in America now. Now regular blacks have to hear it every day like as if we all agreed to be called that after our ancestors fought to be more than that. Now we have people from other races thinking we all embrace that ugly word. We need to stop making excuses for those people we know are ruining our our reputation. I don't care if they are kool people to you. They need to be responsible and care about the pride of our race. Thanks to those people you mentioned, now we all have to explain to non blacks why we use that word when it's supposed to be a disrespect to blacks to the degree that we are not to be looked at as part of the human race.

  • He needs his own podcast. His knowledge is unbelievable and unpresidented. I'd listen without a doubt

  • It's a stupid word. I don't say that word or the CR word. They both mean, "You're worthless because of how you were born and you can't do anything about it" which is nonsense.

  • Love Godfrey! Some comedian use the n word, even when it’s not necessary to get a better reaction/laughs. This is when you know, Godfrey uses his humour to get laughs. Real comedian!

  • He is the truth. He just needs to organize his thoughts so he doesn't sound like he's raving mad.

  • I feel like that’s them new BET ass comedians to say the n word to please them white folk

  • tk was actually the first black comedian

  • So intelligent, PROUD & strong! YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION.

  • My son is gonna be like Dave Chappell "Um my mother never hit" lol .My husband and I are raising him middle class for sure.😅😅😅

  • I made it a point not to say it in front of my close white friends. I could articulate myself without it and didnt want to lose respect by throwing ti around like our mixed friend did ... They guy would literally sing "niggah niggah niggah" in front of a crowd of our white friends almost like he was teasing them by being able to say it.

  • Godfrey is the truth!

  • One of the best responses of a man's resolve that I've seen and heard in a very long time! Impressive Godfrey!🤔🤓

  • You need to fix the audio on your videos. The volume is significantly lower than many other vids on IT-tvs. Even though you're a culture vulture. I notice how you constantly cut off your guest and make a point to correct your black guest in a condescending manner. Mfs will start to cancel you soon.

  • Godfrey just became one of the goats just like that

  • Dam never realized that Godfrey had som biceps jeez

  • I always enjoy listening to godfrey. He looks good, is so intelligent and hilarious as fuck. Nothing but truth and facts coming out of his mouth! I love watching his interviews!


  • I fucks with Godfrey 👍🏾

  • I was in college preparatory classes in high school and had African American studies in college and i honestly learned more about the history of blackface watching this video and a quick google search that brought up a link to The History Channel than 16 years of education in American schools. www.google.com/amp/s/www.history.com/.amp/news/blackface-history-racism-origins

  • He get's it, you don't need to say the N word if you are black. The only thing that happens is the word being kept alive.

  • Shouldn't say it period word is rooted in evil and can't be changed

  • I lhave the utmost respect for Godfrey. He's a solid dude through and through.

  • As a white dude I can definitely say I enjoy intelligent humor, sometimes the N word can be used intelligently in a joke that really works. But these comics like Kat Williams who say the N word repeatedly like its a crutch don't appeal to me. But they probably aren't supposed to appeal to me


  • Love me some Godfrey..the truth yo.

  • What book is he talking about?