God Coder STEALS Skins From Fortnite Accounts.. (JULY 6TH)

Pubblicato il 24 giu 2019
God Hacker STEALS Skins From Fortnite Accounts.. (JULY 6TH)
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  • Oof I’m watching in November

  • Pleas dont take my akont

  • Lmao saw two of Landon's videos "I lost all of my Fortnite skins..." and "BOYS ONLY vs GIRLS ONLY Server got into a fight" had the same Landon face on it

  • I have subbed and hit that bell Landon

  • #i love you 😘

  • .In my mind the only way to have skins is.. *SKINSFY. COM* (remove the spaces) *the v.6.2 Seems to always work for me* Make this blue.

  • I hope this never happens to me because I'm poor and barely have any good Skins

  • Fake.

  • 0:00 doggy

  • At 0:12 his dog was tweacking

  • im i the squad

  • I want to get all the skins on my Fortnite Account

  • This is not hacking its modding their was a coding bug in fortnight servers you can literally create a line of code to inject to the servers.

  • i lost all my skinsssssssssssw

  • I like that keep that same energy

  • Tell them to not hack my acount I have to many rare skins I have renegade rader skull trouper recon specialist black night red night dark foyager and the noob skin

  • Is he real

  • My skins are gone landing please help me

  • Landon ever since that day I've lost all my skins and I haven't got them back and man I cried if any of you guys want to help my epic is Funny biscut171

  • I need stuff

  • Um they took my account

  • That's what probably happened to tfue

  • Pls don't do this i have a fox skin and I really like it and it's my best one ITS RARE and I Only have like 13 skins 😱😰😭😣😥😥😢😢😰😰😰😰😰☹️😣😰😭

  • Nothing happened tho

  • Nothing happened to my account

  • With my luck I’m screwed I have every battle pass skin from season 4 to season 9

  • I think is actually a good idea for defaults who have anything 👍= agree 👎= disagree

  • Become a TTV landon lol

  • This is like a thanos issue

  • Landon i like your content but the clickbaits are increasing in number so i unsubscribed you

  • Nothing happened to me

  • My account never changed

  • Backend sounds like a surfer xd

  • pc

  • Thats how i lost my damb account😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 god damb

  • 51 fornite skins they are gone I remember that on July 6😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jensen: half deleted half max perfectly balanced as all things should be Me:Ok Thanos

  • Subscribe

  • Does this mean Jensen is bad? Like if yes dislike it no

  • This is creepy but at the time I’m watching this this vid has 666k views

  • The views 666k 😂


  • 3 less views = 666666 views 6 digits

  • *666,508 views* *Bruh*

  • I'm you 666k view

  • Me in July: Oh no my skins wait a second Me now: Damn liars nothing happened I’m not gonna be afraid of hackers any more

  • Fox in the hose

  • Landon stot them plz i have so many skins and i dont wont them to be gon. I have stent hundreds on my account. Like to stop this.

  • Nothing happened on July 6th

  • I think the big question here is... Why are they doing all this?? I wanna know!! (I wrote this half way through the vid so maybe they did say but still 😜)

  • Nononononono

  • dont belive nothing happened

  • God dame

  • I didn’t get other people’s skin either

  • It’s click bait

  • I didn’t lose my skins and July 6 passed

  • Nothing happened to me

  • hey come check out the kids club landon

  • 6:05 I didn’t know Thanos played Fortnite!!!😂

  • I was my account