GMOD EXCEPT ITS JUST LIKE IT WAS IN 2015! - Almost Deleted Clips

Pubblicato il 2 lug 2019
This is a series called Deleted Clips, where it can be a video full of all types of games. From Gmod to GTA. And include friends from BigJigglyPanda to Vanoss. There's something for everyone! I take the footage from sessions where I was going to delete but decided to keep it for an occasion such as this. Enjoy these almost deleted clips!
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  • Roses are red My name is not Dave I love the wii music Microwave


    • William Boyer like ur mum


    • @i am granos hah r/I had a stroke

    • For some odd reason, that shouldn't go together, but it actually does.

  • Bruh seeing them setting up brain dying in death run messed up my childhood but then again I understand they want the video to be longer and I don’t think they set up the rest of the video so I’m fine with it

  • You were Dipsy, the second tallest, Brian was Po, which is the shortest of the 4, and Vanoss was LaaLaa, The 2nd shortest. Trust me, I only know this because of the Horror game made around Teletubbies, called Slendytubbies III

  • Comment 6 more times so it says 666

  • Play pocket mortys nogla!

  • 8:03 the way Nogla said "Touching?", was so innocent sounding

  • Its remind me of dicc delirious made on gmod

  • What is the last ones video called

  • I cri every timE

  • More deleted scenes! :3

  • 9:35 whats the name of the track? I really wanna sample that!!

  • Low key happy that Miniladd was kicked/left from the group. Love this group and all there content. Don’t need know reddit bs here

  • Anyone Donkey Kong country nostalgia?

  • 0:11 hey it's just like smash bros

  • 10:04 They sound like the seagulls from Finding Nemo. 😂😂😂

  • Mini Ladd: always complains on PC language and demonitization. This video: exists

  • Gmod like in 2015 the first clip is left 4 dead

  • I miss these guys. They are slowly broken into pieces. Im glad minecraft are bringing back the crew together. Except for mini ladd. He changes since he collab with pewdiepie 1 time. Thats why he become pewdiepie 2.0

  • That Storm Eagle music that was playing during Forky's creation was perfect!

  • Nogla loves comments???!!! Woaaaahhh

  • e

  • 2013

  • yaaaas

  • Nostalgia :’)

  • Please bring back the good ol days

  • Good ol days dasabucket

  • Nostalgia 100

  • Nice GBA ending

  • Them fucking predicted toy story 4

  • I like the fact that you use storm eagle's stage theme

  • 11:50 marcals looks like he peed him self.

  • Who’s your thumbnail artist?

  • I miss those times🤧

  • ⌚️📱📲💻⌨️🖥🖨🖱🖲🕹🗜💽💾💿📀📼📷📸📹🎥📽🎞📞☎️📟📠📺📻🎙🎚🎛🧭⏱⏲⏰🕰⌛️⏳📡🔋🔌💡🔦🕯🧯🛢💸💵💴💶💷💰💳💎⚖️🧰🔧🔨⚒🛠⛏🔩⚙️🧱⛓🧲🔫💣🧨🔪🗡⚔️🛡🚬⚰️⚱️🏺🔮📿🧿💈⚗️🔭🔬🕳💊💉🧬🦠🧫🧪🌡🧹🧺🧻🚽🚰🚿🛁🛀🏿🧼🧽🧴🛎🔑🗝🚪🛋🛏🛌🧸🖼🛍🛒🎁🎈🎏🎀🎊🎉🎎🏮🎐🧧✉️📩📨📧💌📥📤📦🏷📪📫📬📭📮📯📜📃📄📑🧾📊📈📉🗒🗓📆📅🗑📇🗃🗳🗄📋📁📂🗂🗞📰📓📔📒📕📗📘📙📚📖🔖🧷🔗📎🖇📐📏🧮📌📍✂️🖊🖋✒️🖌🖍📝✏️🔍🔎🔏🔐🔒🔓❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💔❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟☮️✝️☪️🕉☸️✡️🔯🕎☯️☦️🛐⛎♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️♑️♒️

  • I miss the 2015 gmod version.

  • Start it up!

  • Me: scrolling through the recommended see’s gmod in 2015 Mom: why are you crying so damn loud

  • How Toy Story 4 should’ve ended😂

  • Hitler!!

  • Showing how much of a nerd i am here but.... Really? The Storm Eagle theme?

  • StArT iT uP

  • when my screen is loading Cp: loading......... me: Start it up

  • Can I get a heart Hitler? Now do I get a heart please.

  • 9:53-11:23 the most inept hitmen ever😂😂😂😂

  • When I saw this I was like holy sheeeeeeeet

  • Luv the vid you guys make together you guys are soo funny when you play together

  • Lol

  • PacifistDuck, you did a great job man!!! Ffing loved the editting xD


  • It’s sad how small the group is now that actually play

  • Awesome!!

  • 9:15 that's the theme music to Storm Eagle's stage in Megaman X

  • I wish Evan was more like this in his videos. I get he's trying to he more kid friendly but this has always been more entertaining when it's his natural reaction to shit

  • Now that I know y'all pick who wins and set up the traps I don't want to watch them 😭

  • Rose's blue I like to sue a moo

  • Love ur vids

  • start it up

  • Ah yes, the time when IT-tvsrs has a mortgage

  • Video: Takes a long time to get to actual gameplay. Me: START IT UP!

  • What’s the gta teams video?