Giving Teachers $1,000 If They Can Answer This Question...

Pubblicato il 9 ott 2019
I went to my old middle school and asked 5 teachers some trivia questions.. If they got them right, they win $1,000. Sounds easy...

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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • What’s your FAVORITE subject and why?

  • Hey man, what do you think about doing something like this at the local VA hospital for a disabled vet?

  • When you asked the Nelson Mandela question I was Like IK IT ! Cause I’m studying history 😅

  • No teacher in the world: Faze rug's middle school teacher: 13:57 dabs

  • 4:24 she said n not a

  • That disgusts me: she is t doing burpees, she is just doing push-ups and jumping, she has to push-up, something I forgot, and then a *jumping jack.*

  • mrs.douglas threw the 4😭

  • omg history teacher is *GUESSING* when Rome was founded

  • i had to spell onomatopoeia in my 5th grade spelling bee and i was the only one who spelled it right

  • For the boys !! 🤟🏽

  • Ok, i was so good watching your videos, and i love this video too, but the moment that you did the WHITE POWER' sign 12:22 that made me feel that this channel is owner by someone that think that white people have a higher level. You've got to say something about it.

  • 9:23 he just cussed infront of his teacher ??

  • Did the gym teacher just do a dab

  • shoot i learned a lot of things from this video like, my school sucks man

  • Now every teacher is dtf when they saw money

  • I'm grade 7 and I do 10

  • I'm grade 7 and I do 10

  • I like how ms Douglas raised her hand that killed me 🤣

  • I loved the way he was running while showing the topic

  • These are not 6th grade questions

  • math

  • Rug it’s acutely 75% of the earth is covered I. Water

  • I think the answer to the thumbnail is Y= -2x + 5

  • Nice 👍

  • It is very ironic that faze is telling the teacher "No Cheating"

  • Did the P.E. teacher dab after doing the burpees, jeez.

  • I called the first history queston

  • Great vid this really make me feel great

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • He went to my school

  • The math teacher is such a mood lmaooo

  • I like your video bro,giving back to teachers👍👍👍

  • I am from India

  • History 🔔 Rug: 🏃🏻 Math 🔔 Rug: 🏃🏻 English 🔔 Rug:🏃🏻 Science 🔔 Rug: 🏃🏻 Also rug: Oh yeah, did you do the homework? Lemme copy it. *writes with imaginary pencil and talks to random person* P.E 🔔 Rug:🏃🏻

  • 7:50 I thought he was sniffing her butt

  • That’s easy and I’m an 6th grader they taught me that 2 weeks ago🤣

  • The PE teacher was like super confident the whole time

  • My fav subject is math or writing

  • Y=-2x + 5

  • Yeah Google is smart

  • The math problem wasn’t even worked out right on the picture for the video

  • If I was I would make o dollars

  • Go Blue

  • She didnt do the burpies wrong

  • 5-5x5+5=5 they say -10 wtf i typed on my mathmachine

  • By the way the answer to the title is y=-2x+5 btw

  • Do a collaboration with mrbeast of giving tons of money to people$$💵💵💰

  • All the questions he asked is taught in india at age of 11yrs I mean 7th or 8th std💫💫😂

  • FaZe Clan?

  • 9:53 I learned that in 3grade

  • America contains the largest English speaking population in the world at 251,388,351.India is second at 125,226,449.

  • Also here❤

  • It's China not India

  • The teacher “you sat in the front here with your ummm Hannah Montana folder” Faze Rug: *why you gotta expose me like that*

  • 9:21 I got 10??? I’m 19 and I’m college 😬

  • I use to like math in my 5 grade but now I hate math cause sun valley teaches u alot alot and is harder

  • I love how the PE teacher dabbed and did the naruto run 😂

  • P. E is mine bc it fun, you stay in shape

  • Those questions are actually easy the ones in the thumbnail are easy

  • My P.E. teachers were fat and old, and she is gorgeous.