Gina Rodriguez In Hot Water After Using The N-Word On Instagram | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Pubblicato il 17 ott 2019
Lebron James gets involved in the NBA-China conflict and raises the ire of certain Republican politicans. Gina Rodriguez finds herself in hot water after saying the n-word on Instagram, and Google releases their latest smartphone, the Pixel 4, using motion sensors as a new feature.
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  • Hahahhahahahhahahhahahah you are sweet Trevor

  • Why are non black people so insistent on being able to say the N word? Why do you want to say it so bad? It’s not hard to not say it. If a child can censor themselves to not sing swear words in front of their parents I don’t understand why non black people can’t do it with the n word.

  • I think we could replace it with brother

  • But how can people be angry if the word is in the song? Stop putting the word in the songs if you don't want people to use it....gosh honestly....

    • Just replace the word. Its not that hard.

  • i mean...... minority cant say the nword? so should other minority forbid other races to say certain word and find offense? man seriously? then why the Chinese think NBA comment is offensive is such a wrong thing?

  • Shes Latina cypress Hill says it she can't?

  • didnt she say the n word befor-

  • Great replacement is the word sinner

  • Isn't America also running Torture-Camps? 🤔🙊

  • I feel she did nothing wrong. She sang along with a song, is it now a crime to song songs by black people? That's just trash.

    • @Summer Girl why not?

    • you can sing along to a song without saying the n word, it's not hard

    • fluffy _ don’t say the n word

  • I feel she did nothing wrong. She sang along with a song, is it now a crime to song songs by black people? That's just trash.

  • she loves lauryn hill so much she happily uses a word degaratory to her kind ffs...

  • Google uighurs

  • i meeeaaannnn she was anti black or something at one point so it’s really hard to accept her apology like that and her reason why she said it was kinda pointless...

  • I don't understand all this things when it comes to the N word and USA . In Greece if you say something to a white because he/she used the N word ,people of colour are gonna 'attack' you and ask you to live this person alone. This word was never used here to insult them or to disrespect them . Whites learned it when they start hanging with people of colour around 20 years before, mostly through their music, and no one ever asked them to not use it. If you come here , especially in the center of our Capital you'll see white kids/teenagers mixed with kids/teenagers of colour ,hanging all together and useing this world a lot. You definitely won't see a white calling like this a stranger , but among friends you'll listen it a lot.. Most important is that we've never been asked from people of colour to not use this word, no one ever told us that it's bad, and never no one used it with bad intentions . I first learned that this is wrong from Trevors videos and I'm still confused

  • If the N word is in a song, then that song is sung buy a black artist. If black singers don't want people of other races to use that word, then they shouldn't use it in their songs.

  • So China can’t govern their own territory?

  • 2:10 for Gina news

  • yeah but like her father is "dArKsKin" so...

  • I sing Redbone that has the N-word and replace it with person/people. It's seriously not hard to switch out the words, some just being stupid!

  • How is she not black though


  • ....

  • Samsung is way ahead in the game yall are just catching....that gesture feature samesung had that wayyyyy beforee

  • Ted Moseby burns his jersey too

  • She’s as black as cardi B

    • asifbih cardi is latio

    • ? cardi b /is/ black

  • Or....non Black people could take some initiative and use a little self regulation and responsibility and just not use the word all together, because it's offensive and hurtful when they do, even if all Black folks don't feel this way. These Black people can choose to use it or not but cant make other Black folx follow their will. *Do the right thing because it's right, don't wait for someone else to make it cool to do so first.*

  • LeBron James, HOW DARE YOU saying the truth.

  • Samsung had it for years come on now

  • Total Gina es prieta.

  • I find it interesting how saying the n word is so taboo. Even when its clearly not meant in a derogatory way and not directed at anyone, if you're not black, you just can't say it. No other word is like that. Just by saying the word, it's like everyone becomes children again and they catch their classmate saying a swear word. Now that I think about it, children get into trouble for swearing and that's why every small child tries to avoid it and is shocked when someone else does it. Adults get into trouble for saying the n-word.

  • "Trevor's Tip of the Day" should be made into a recurrent segment on the Daily Show.

  • Isn't Gina afro latina amecana? And the "condescending" comment was her saying that women of color can be an inspiration for all women not just women of color

  • Lol I just realised Hasan is still in the end card .. I love it! XD

  • Singing along with a song is offensive? Jeez...

    • @M M yep I know the history of the word and I speak Spanish so use it all the time. Since it is so triggering why is it in a song?

    • Do you know the history of the word Negroe. Just don't say it. It's one word. That word reminds me of a really bad time for black Americans. Especially when said by a white person. It's insulting, dehumanizing and degrading.

  • Yes, we have seen it before: the Jedis are pretty keen on gaining information by waving their hands.

  • But male Latino rappers can rap the nword freely in recorded, popular songs...?????

  • Don't use the word Spanish in a video because I am going to get offended and going to call my mom lol

  • Trevor Noah is owned by the CHINESE


  • Latinos are basically black people nobody cares about

  • Ehm huawei phones have had gesture control for a while

  • i swear samsung had this 4 years ago

  • SNL lost its edge after Dave Chapelle left. Now its Trevor Noah with his Dry jokes that just touch the surface of real issues because he's only viewing stuff from his leftist script.

  • Gina was singing along to a song ... there's a slight difference ... jus' sayin' ...

  • No one should be allowed to say the N-word, including black people.

  • i dont feel offended cause she was singing ,but in other hand she should not use the N word,but she didnt mean to be racist common guys,give a woman a break.

    • As long as white people are still using the word to degrade black people (for instance the video of the california lady) then I don't believe they should be able to say the word, even casually.

    • I mean, context is important. Or so I thought. Personally Im of the belief that either everyone can use all words or no one can. I dont get why people get upset by a word, the context the word is used in should be the issue. But maybe I just dont get it. Been asking this same question for 5 years now or something and no one has a proper reason it seems. :/

  • All sportsmen, singers, actors and youtubers should shut the fuck up about politics for their own sake.

  • If blacks only want to make music to be heard by other blacks then good luck with the career. Otherwise expect people to sing/rap along.

  • She should not apologize it was not racist at all

  • 0:39 *Disclaimer: I support Hong Kong in their fight for democracy and democracy only. I do not believe in their ongoing protests and what they have done, nor do I believe any of it is justified.* 1. 'kowtowing' why was this necessary? you only used this word because it's China we're talking about. To quote South Park: 'IS THAT A MICROAGRESSION?' Alternate word: bowing his head, following, praising 2. Communist China: the government system is Totalitarian. There are less and less communist ideals in China with the growing avarice. Communism's definition is 'everything is owned by the people'. 3. China doesn't put profit over human rights, nor does the NBA. You're just twisting the situation now, both the mentioned are putting profit first, yes. The human rights part might've been brought in from the estimated 8 -thousand- (yes, just 8, and all suicides) deaths and 2000+ casualties, but do you not see the people moaning about police brutality everywhere else? Are they blamed for not having human rights? You tell me, especially living in a country famous for police brutality, so stop crying about it when it affects your reputation. 4. 'They're fighting for the freedom and autonomy they were promised.' They were originally fighting for the extradition bill to be put away, which happened, then for democracy, then for government reform. The autonomy is there. Hong Kong is respected as an autonomous region, but China pushes itself onto them (don't say that Hong Kong should fight back, do you see Hawaii trying to leave the U.S.? China would obliterate Hong Kong.). Second of all, democracy. People can vote. People were allowed to get to the streets and protest 'peacefully', despite attacking people, police and recently, destroying roads, buildings, shops and more. What more do you want? Lastly. Government reform. What is that supposed to mean? As far as I know and as far as the news apparently knows, this 'nonconsensual' bringing in of a bill was unheard of in Hong Kong. Which means this has happened a total of 1 time. It doesn't mean it's going to happen again. If it happens again, then sure, down with the government, but you're just asking for too much here. Once more, what more do you want? 5. Rick Scott, you bald bold idiot, you may not agree with China but the NBA does. China pays for your paycheck. The NBA may be cowards for not pulling away from China but their budget would fall apart without more outside funding. If you don't like it then leave. And no offense, but to people in China that couldn't care less about basketball, Michael Jordan is just a dumb black American that butts into conversations he isn't involved in. To quote my Chinese mum: tYpIcAl AMerIcAnS. [not my opinion or standing about Americans and their military operations, etc.] I wish that you get therapy if you bothered to read this far down. Have a nice life. P.S. 0:46 Yes. China runs 're-education camps', as they call them. They are detention camps for minorities in China, namely Uyghurs (wee-gurrs lol), for heaven knows what. The fact that you needed to bring this into play shows that you have nothing else to try and defame China about. This discussion was not about China running these camps, not about their corruption, not about the fact that Chairman Xi will remain in power until death or resignation. It was about Hong Kong. Keep it on top and stop trying to sway the people that know nothing about this situation. It helps if you make sense when you're ParROTinG ProPaGAnDA (meaning to repeat mechanically, in which case, how is it propaganda? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

  • The Hong Kong protests are about extradition to China. The gov reversed its decision months ago but the protesters chose to become anarchists. Its like a hobby or a club for them now. It's definitely not about Chinese oppression or human rights.

  • Why say sorry for sing a song and say a word? You americans are focosing in the wrong things and leading the rest of the world in the same ignorance. Take power from what offends you not give it power. You look like harry potter, you can not say the name of you know sad of you

  • if i have to choose where to live i would always choose china over america xD you can use propaganda as much as you like but one of the countries is way damn safer to life in

  • For me if you are singing a song anything goes If not then ban the song ... u cant release a song and go only black people can sing it in public pfft

  • I was just about to watch the last episode of Jane the Virgin... now I can't anymore

  • The word nigga is not even a real word.

  • Shes singing! Why apollogize? Its the song. Its getting to far.

    • RoloHolland It’s the story before that because of her dislike for black people

  • China is bigger market than hong Kong

  • Gina is Latina white. She hated Mexicans. Lol...