GIANT Tennis Challenge!!

Pubblicato il 26 lug 2017
Uno ATTACK Challenge!! ➡
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Hey guys! What did you like the most about us hitting a giant crazy tennis ball? Comment down below what would you like to see next! If you haven't seen our Extreme Spoons Challenge, go check it out!
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  • 2020 anyone

  • 8:05 he touched the net so Bryan and Megan get the point

  • 7:00 yes Bryan, it’s in

  • 7:36 literally every person after I score

  • 1:06 Matt: I feel like a Jedi! Hit me! Bryan: (almost puts one through him) Matt: WOAH!! Also 8:29 I was done 11:21 Matt: good serve Megan: good return Matt: good hit Bryan : 💩 Follow through kids!

  • Matthias:you are now here by sentenced to death

  • Matthias went into golf mode

  • You are so close to 10.m subscribers

  • This is a Matt joke Mathias left handed Also Mathias that’s RIGHT

  • I love Megan's scream ❤️

  • J Fred: hit tennis and the ball start fire Matthia: MOOOOOOOONNNOOOOOO Megan And Bryan: YEET

  • I love how it's giant tennis but the court is smaller than usual and they use normal rackets

  • giant tennis wtf it is tiny tennis

  • Megan: WRONG SPORT!!!! Me: **flashback to when my classmate would shoot hoops with a volleyball** ya I feel you

  • i miss matt

  • 9:13

  • No., gorl

  • Joey should do a j joke every single video

  • i shall proclaim myself as superior: I played in school against 4 people and we had no experience and I held my own

  • Megan should work at team edge she’s so good at being mad

  • 8:10

  • Bobby is so hilarious bro I can’t Megan hit it at Mathias completely off Bobby aw so close3:28

  • Can you do a cricket challenge

  • Matthias is the med evil king

  • Vous réaliser que le tennis est la même grandeur

  • Matt is super funny

  • When Joey charged at Megan and the ball after she hit it completely freaking her out, I wish professional tennis players did that in real matches.

  • GIant teenis

  • I heard you fart go poo

  • Omg I felt like if my chest was gonna burst out because I was laughing do hard

  • Buz light commercial

  • Dont touch it, it's poisonous *proceeds to yeet it at Matt*

  • Coooooooooool and you all are trash

  • 10:38 that was obviously out

  • First in tennis when it hits the net no one gets a point it is called a net

    • First it's called a "let" and second that only applies on a serve

  • Play a game of baceball.

  • 7:15 is my favorite part😂😂😂😂 Look at Bryan when she failed to hit the ball 😂

  • You do know your not playing tennis right.

  • 6:00 why and also 10:24 why

  • So fanny

  • 8:29 this is my favorite edit ever I'm glad Corey recognizes good music, unlike the "music" made today

  • Lol count how many times mat said joey

  • This offended me as an actual tennis player! 👁❤️🎾

  • "Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey yes!"

  • 8:12 Joey's amazing jump and smash gets him a point

  • good job matt turns tennis into golf

  • U don’t follow through on volly’s

  • I feel like Joey likes Megan

  • Megan says she is a pro player but she didn't

  • U changing it like table tennis

  • 10:57 Megan being cute

  • keep.

  • Nice Video but 08:59 COUGHT THE LINE SO IT'S IN and it doesn't matter when the ball goes OUT and FIRST it bounces and THEN YOU TOUCH IT. It's only not legal when the ball didn't bounce and TJEN YOU touch it. 😉

  • I think this is mini tennis

  • i feel bad for bryan the girl was lowkey failing at her part bryan was doing good at staying calm bc i am competetive and i know i would not be pacient

  • Did any body else hear just along the riverbank is were I’ll be from a Disney movie 4:38

  • The court is smaller than normal!!! 😆

  • Why wasn’t bobby playing.🤔🤔

  • 8:10 one of my favorite moments of team edge haha

  • 4:08 Bryan: As you can see this is NOT a normal size tennis ball Matt: WHAT?!?!!?