Giannis is the 2019-20 NBA MVP favorite, but five others have strong odds | The Jump

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan discuss whether Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo can win the 2019-20 NBA MVP award after claiming the 2018-19 trophy. Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis and LeBron James all have 7-1 odds or better.
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  • Giannis will win MVP again if the Bucks get the #1 seed this season.

  • i dont get this Giannis obsession. it's like they are trying to give him the MVP already...he didn't make great strides last season vs the season before, they just added Budenholzer....Budenholzer had the 2014-15 Hawks win 60 games and make ECF without a player who is even a top 12 player...of course if you give him someone like Giannis Bucks would do well, it's the coaching, not Giannis. I dont get why everyone loves this Greek dude, any little thing he does, gets overhyped.

  • Curry 🐐 the real MVP

  • Curry 2020 MVP

  • As a bucks fan i would love to see Giannis win it two times n a row.. But thats kind of a tough task.. What i dont like is that Jokic is not in the conversation... The blazers robbed the nuggets.. The nuggets would of took golden state 7 games.. They probably would have beat them

  • Harden should have won 2019 MVP he had 1000 more pts. 1000.

    • James Harden had 265 3s in 2018 and won mvp and had 378 this year. He didn't win mvp again because ppl don't want the same person winning it twice. Giannis should play soccer or something, he's not a basketball player just a freak athlete.

    • @Milwaukee Savage OTF Giannis would jack up threes if he could actually shoot but he can't :D

  • It's so fucking stupid the whole 'to repeat you have to be even better the next year' but when Harden put up 36ppg after his mvp season they give it to a guy like Giannis with no jump shot, bad free throws, and an easy ass east conference.

  • Steph's winning it this time

  • JOKIC! 💪

  • Comments today that I always see in an NBA Video Stephs winning the MVP next season Russ and Harden wont workout Kawhi and PG will win the finals next season KD coming back strong Lebron and AD wont make the playoffs GSW wont make the playoffs and I forgot the other comments... NYK wont make the regular season

  • Yes let's just keep rewarding people who still don't got fundamentals if you still can't shoot you shouldn't get shut be 6'11 and only dunking is an average player just stop already ESPN we know y'all got a man crush on Gianni's and LeBron

    • So Giannis and LeBron are just "average players". lol

  • Yeah lonzo gotta take it this year

  • Season hasnt even started yet bro...y r we talking about this rn. This should be a mid-season segment, not when summer league barely finished

  • Jokic?

  • im goin for curry or giannis but jus wondering why ain't pg up there

    • He was product of Westbrook really. He wont have the same impact in LA

  • Gianni’s lookin like a demon on the thumnail

  • THIS IS STUPID Giannis dent need to be a 3 point shooter. He needs to get a real post game like Siakham and just make the midrange jumper consistently

  • Season didnt even start. Like wtf

  • Lebron wins MVP. Anthony Davis runner up first time ever teammates do it. 67 wins

  • You guys, obviously Donald Trump coined the phrase "prime the pump," didn't you hear him make that claim? You know He deserves credit for nearly everything Great America has ever done. Make America White Again 2020! I didn't graduate high school!!!!

  • My only concern with Steph winning mvp is the warriors record.

  • Nikola Jokic?

  • Man ignored the Sixers

  • If Giannis doesn't win a championship by the time his current contract is up he's joining the warriors. You heard it here first.

  • It will Be Anybody Except Lechoke James

  • Where PG13 at?

  • It’s funny how people think he should’ve won over Harden. 🚀😤

  • Dame might win it though if the blazers do really well

  • sleepin on jokic and denver...

  • Why is no one talking about Kemba Walker? He had a very good season with a bad time! Now he's on Boston who has good players!

  • Curry Kawhi Or kemba Walker(not joking!) Are my picks!

  • Is it me or does Rachel sound hot

  • If Denver do well. Jokic will be MVP

  • Giannis is getting better & better every season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he won the whole thing.

  • Curry averaged 36+ against Portland and 30 against Raptors while getting doubled and tripled without kd. Now imagine him in the REGULAR season where he isn’t doubled and tripled team often. He’s going to average 30+ with insane efficiency.

  • Steph is the favorite

  • Jokic will win

  • There's going to be seven MVP'S next season

  • I'd agree Giannis is the favourite cause he's gonna get better this season and become even more of a monster, but Steph without Klay or Durant is gonna be the sole scorer (I doubt D'angelo will be taking many shots from, that is if he even stays on the team) so he's gonna make himself a real contender. I also think LeBron has a real chance, you can just tell he's going to bring it this season.

  • Giannis MVP.

  • dumbass dude talking about "continuity" but doesnt mention the Rockets hahah. Come on cousin.

  • I got Steph or honestly PG. Steph without KD or Klay half the season will be a Monsta 🔥 even tho I don’t like Steph as a basketball playa (his team is my most hated team) and PG13 won’t have kawhi a lot cuz kawhi not playing that many games and he was a mvp candidate this year when Russ was actually letting him get the ball 🔥 🔥

  • Either Davis or Leonard

  • Dame gonna win it

  • Amin basically echoed what Brian just said.

  • Some darkhorse candidates imo: Joel Embiid, Victor Oladipo, Nikola Jokic, Javale McGee

  • Like I said before: "Looks like the MVP will be a 2-horse race with Steph and Yannis."

  • MVP prediction The time champion Patrick Mccaw

  • Anthony Davis is going to win it. Beast season is happening

  • What about the Knicks they have some really good players and a great owner 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • for curry to win it golden state has to go 20-0? wow the disrespect

  • Curry or lebron...for Curry, he's gonna shoot lights out with KD and Klay being there, for the GOAT Lebron, putting up big numbers in his 17th aught to be considered....

  • giannis antetokounmpo doesn’t want a mvp trophy he wants a championship

  • Bucks lost Mirotic and Brodgan. Lopez and George Hill are getting older. Only upside for bucks compared to last year is Giannis and Middleton are maturing. I don't think Bucks 2020 roster is better than 2019's.

  • Steph Curry??? You wouldnt give it to Harden because he doesnt play defense, so you back-up another shooter who doesnt play defense???? You guys are fools, it should be Kawhi

  • Steph Curry to average 30+ points and the Warriors get the 6th seed

  • they really underestimate Brogdon. he was 50 40 90 shooter with size who could defend wings. bucks gone miss him

  • Harden improved every year last 3 years no reward. Giannis didnt deserve it this year, if he wins 60 games again, I'll give him props

  • im sad rachel sounds sick😢

  • No PG-13???!!!

  • Statistically the best chance of MVP plays for Houston this next season.

  • I am pleading a case for jimmy buckets..when healthy 🔥

  • Damn they didnt even mention Jokic

  • A houston rocket gone win mvp

  • Players are more and more partners in the commercial venture that professional basketball has become.

  • Literally nothing to talk about

  • Steph is a b2b MVP Giannis is a fluke

  • Jokic.

  • Olidepo could force his way in to the MVP conversation as I could easily see the Pacers getting to 56/57 wins if they avoid major injuries. Would be an decent outside bet.

  • What about Giannis...Brother??...Why No Luv or Conversation???

  • Harden will win this year.

  • If you feel like any of these guys don't have a chance you're an idiot.

  • You are all disrespecting one man in the Brooklyn nets, In the absence of KD and what he had gone through in Boston, You all are in treat for the best iso offensive run ever. You all watch out for number 11.

  • I think embiid will win

  • If Steph averages 30 points a game or more and they have a winning season. It'll be Steph UNLESS Giannis averages something good and plays amazing defense on top of that. I don't see it being anyone other than those two guys though. At this point in their careers Steph and GIannis are the best players in the league. Lebron is at the tail end of his prime. Kawhi is an elite player but it doesn't translate in stats which is what matters for MVP. As for AD he's an elite player that will probably finish in the hall of fame first ballot but there's tiers to this and I don't think AD is in the top top tier with Kawhi, Steph and Giannis(maybe Lebron)

  • I don't know yet what the Pacers are gonna be like.....but I'm rooting for them in the East

  • Jokic is not on the list?

  • Lol

  • Rachel's outfit won't win mvp

  • Y'all really sleep on jokic 🚫🧢