Giannis doesn’t want to relax after winning MVP, admits he owns 4,000 pairs of shoes | The Jump

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Giannis Antetokounmpo sits down with Rachel Nichols as they recap his 2019 MVP season and new Greek Freak 1 shoes. Giannis says he now owns 4,000 pairs of shoes after he used to share basketball shoes with his brother growing up. Giannis continues to say he does not want to be called MVP as he is hungry for more outside of that award. He finishes by saying he has high hopes for the Milwaukee Bucks as they will learn from their mistakes.
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  • With him , Greece is going to be amazing in the World Cup in China.......ΠΑΙΚΤΑΡΑ ΜΟΥ !!!

  • this man will be in the finalS in 2020 who can stop him now?

  • Giannis the real goat

  • Who also thinks giannis will be a top 10 in history

  • Dude has more shoes than I have dollars

  • Giannis: I got over 4000 shoes PJ Tucker: Hold my beer...

  • 2:45 his accent dissappears for a min lol

  • I definitely see Giannis becoming the next king to come

  • I don’t think the east has a chance against giannis

  • He's gonna win AT LEAST two more MVP's

  • I would say he should probably give away the ones he doesn't use, but who the hell would he donate size 17s to?

  • Just imagine next season Giannis doing step back 3s

  • Molly are you taking notes

  • Giannis would trade in his mvp right now for a bucks championship

  • if Giannis was in my country, Zambia. he would have exactly zero pairs of shoes. am a size 11 and I have a hard time finding shoes now imagine a 7 footer and just to be clear are Americans giving their kids his 1st name or last name antetogjkxyshsxhuluhaslivesportsx1344avsnMPO😂😂🤣🤣

  • Giannis is a badass name ngl

  • Trully dunking alone aint gonna give u rings like casuals think

  • Sell all the shoes and give me all the money. Just do it................ For real. Not a joke. I scoot, I don't need shoes.

  • Giannis the next face of the NBA

  • His shoes ugly as fuck

  • Don't drink gatorade. It will quench your thirst.... always thirst to win... u fucking freakkkkk. That is a complement.😎😎😎

  • You are my new mamba.... Freak Mentality... it is a fucking freakkkkkk

  • Wait what he is playing with his brother?

  • Veliniatis discovered him when he was a kid 12-13ys old playing around near a basketball court but yet he hasnt given him any credit or money(except from his first nba interview). Thats who he is , a nike and overall sponsorship vessel.

  • he made greece proud country

  • It will be my boy AD to be the MVP.

  • I like Giannis but can we all stop saying “when he develops a jump shot tho, the east is his”. He hasn’t developed it yet so you cannot count potential. Just like if I say, “if Lebron shoots like KD, he the goat”. Doesn’t make any sense.

  • If he gains a persistent jumper yo He’ll be like the Most Dangerous on any court

  • He's better than me chuck - Shaq

  • yo them Nike's is fire🔥🔥🔥 to me better than the kyrie's

  • Jeezus and I though 3 pairs was a lot

  • how many pairs of those are Kobes?

  • I'm not give gone lie giannis is handsome

  • watch my mans shoot 30% from the three next year

  • I don't know did he won the title.. he only know one way to play dunking that too minus defender .. get him out of here

    • Hahaha watch the highlights bro

    • wdym he’s a great defender and he deserves the mvp.

  • And here is me, with 2 basketball shoes.

  • He can wear a different pair of shoes everyday for almost 11 years

  • Bron still the King of the East 👑

    • @Koh Smoger He was the last one who dominated for a long ass time.

    • CMcycle Bron aint even in the east anymore.

    • @Koh Smoger Until then, it's still Bron 🤷‍♀️

    • CMcycle Its gonna be Giannis next season

    • @Koh Smoger Who's the new King in the East then? Last time I checked Kawhi went to the West and Giannis didn't even come out of the East?

  • 2:49 *cough* *cough* Allen iverson

  • Giannis can literally become the current goat of the NBA, he needs to go off and just work on that jumpshot day and night, watch how dominant he will become

  • he deserves every single pair of those shoes!

  • I need to find me a Rachel...

  • Glad to be from Milwaukee 🦌🦌

  • He didn't deserve MVP. Facts

  • Just imagine this dude pulling from curry range

  • Dude could literally throw away a pair of shoes every day for ten years and still not have bare feet.

  • Giannis 🇬🇷 is a taller, and fastest version of Ginobili 🇦🇷!

  • WOW

  • Rachel is so sexy to me idk why

  • My auntie named her baby giannis but spelt it wrong because she let her son pick the name soo

  • I don’t like Giannis cause I’m a Celtics fan but I gotta admit he’s a beast

  • Smart guy, while some players (and fans) see MVPs FMVPs as something important this guys is only worried about the chip, which is what everyones playing for.

  • so he buy pair of sneaker every single day.

  • Bro why is it seem like one day he would be shooting like Curry and Kevin Durant cuz you know the height and the lankiness just way better at defense and everything else

  • My nigga is losing his accent

  • thanasis is more suited for NBA than euroleague

  • Bucks lost malcolm but they still the best team in the east

  • The next LeBron James

  • Be finals mvp!must!!

  • Be finals mvp!must!!

  • Is it me or is giannis loosing his accent

  • This off topic but dat nigga look sweet as shit in the thumbnail.PAUSE😂

  • he needs to stop being a movie star and get a jump shot

    • Cinnabar Analytics that why he turn down the space jam movie

  • I did not know the Bucks signed Giannis' brother - just put the Antetokounmpo bros AND the Lopez bros out on the floor at the same time against say, the Knicks or the Bulls- just to see what happens- be fun

  • My cousin named her baby Giannis

  • Can’t wait till you come to Cali

  • Fun fact did you know that Giannis in English means John

    • Nnamani Fam Antetokounpo means countertop

  • Hey I'm from Wisconsin and we can definitely handle two Antetokounmpos! It's a great time for us right now... finally! 💕

  • He just need to work on his free throw, he’s a big man and going to get foul every game the way he move

  • why he would relax?, he dident won a championship

  • Damn i thought my 20 pairs was a lot

  • giannis looks cocky and spoiled

  • Rachel can get it 😆

  • Really can’t believe these shoes look like this!!! Very very Satisfied and grateful!!!!!!!…I got them On buys9,Com

  • There's not one freak, there's four of them😱

  • I wanted to know more about the shoe problem xD

  • 4,000 lmao wtf

  • What a complete waste of money. There are better things to spend on than 4000 pairs of shoes. Like in a business or self-improvement class.

    • Most of them are nike bruh

    • TFTH_Stojanoski you know he only got one shoe sponsor right? Does he collect 4000 pairs of the same brand?!?

    • RunFor OurLives you know that most of his shoes arent bought right???

  • Ight no man needs that many shoes.

  • proud of the giannis. he deserves everything!